Yakima SupDawg Review | Epic Rack or Rip Off?

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Paddle boards are becoming hipper these days, along with surfboards and kayaks. These longboards can provide fun to anyone, and it’s suitable for everyone, from kids to adults. On the other hand, these are not convenient to bring along, especially if you’re commuting.

Most would rent paddle boards on the beach because it’s more convenient. However, to some, a paddle board carrier was their key to a more comfortable life. With this carrier, all you need is your car, and you’re all set. You can ride it anytime and anywhere you want to.

There are various paddle board carriers in the market, which can give you a hard time in deciding what to pick. Anyone would want a reliable brand for longevity. If you’re looking for the best one to consider, here’s a Yakima SupDawg Review.

Yakima SupDawg: Your Complete Guide

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Yakima is famous for providing quality roof and truck racks to customers around the globe. It offers a wide variety of mounts, frames, crossbars, platforms, and related accessories. It even sells spare parts and roof rack security accessories.  Regardless if you’re looking for a roof rack for your bike or paddle boards, you can never go wrong with this supplier.

Yakima offers a lot of products, and one of the outstanding creations is the SupDawg mount. It’s the best product to check out if you’re looking for reliable mounts for your paddle boards. If you’re curious to know more about this product, read this article further.


  • Dimensions: 40 inches (L) x 6 inches (W) x 6 inches (H)
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 2 Stand-up Paddle boards or SUPs or 66 pounds
  • Maximum Board Width: 36 inches
  • Minimum Crossbar Spread: 24 inches
  • Yakima Crossbar Styles: Aero Bars, Round, Factory, and Square Bars
  • Tie-down Length: 11 feet and 10 inches
  • Integrated Strap Length: 62.50 inches

Yakima began its journey in the industry as a machine shop until hardcore cyclists and kayakers acquired the business. From there, they started to provide different products to customers. Most of the products are roof racks for bikes and boards, where one of the top-selling products is the SupDawg Mount.

The SupDawg paddle board carrier earns its spot as the top pick because of its exceptional quality. The materials are high-quality. It’s also easy to use, making it very convenient for most surfers who bring their cars as they visit the beach. Moreover, it’s ideal for its minimalistic look, which makes the crossbar of any car look more attractive. Aside from the watch, here are the features of the product.


  • Adjustable slider to paddle boards with a maximum width of 36 inches
  • Completely assembled
  • Sleek black finish that suits any vehicle type or color
  • Inclusive 2 SKS (Same Key System) locks
  • For Board
  • For Racks
  • Built-in straps for security
  • Soft-padding frames to protect boards
  • Immediate Tool-free installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Integrated rollers for loading boards

Construction and Design

[amazon fields=”B00S1KJZ1Q” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“yakima” image_alt = “Yakima SupDawg” image_width=“250” image_height=“250” image = 2/]

The SupDawg paddle board carrier is one of the best racks for paddle board because it comes with a minimalistic design. It’s famous to a lot of customers for its saddle-type style. Moreover, as you install these on your car’s crossbars, people will barely notice a rack on it.

The black and red color combination are suitable for any car. It blends well on the crossbar’s color as if it’s a part of the vehicle.

The SupDawg paddle board rack also features a sleek black powder coating, which adds more appeal to its overall look.

Aside from the meek yet handy style, another edge of this rack is the integrated rollers. The wheels are not very visible in the overall design, which people will hardly notice.

This paddle board carrier comes with SKS or the Same Key System locks, which is a very competitive feature compared to other racks. Other brands exclude this feature from the mainframe.


The aluminum material for this pair of paddleboard racks makes it very durable. Customers love its versatility because it suits any bar style. Regardless of your car uses crossbars with methods, such as round, aero, or square, it’s the best fit. Furthermore, the all-out crossbar dimension it can cling to measures 3.50 inches by 1.69 inches. However, the crossbar should measure 24 inches.

The black powder coat finish secures the paddle board rack from corrosion, making it last for quite some time.

Capacity and Comfort

Customers admire the SupDawg paddle board carrier because it provides desirable convenience, from loading to securing boards.

This rack can hold up to two stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) without any fitting-issue. The weight capacity is up to 66 pounds, which is a viable reason to consider buying it. The integrated straps can also accommodate boards that measure up to 36 inches by width.

Aside from having an outstanding capacity, the SupDawg paddle board rack features integrated rollers to assist you in loading oversized paddle board. You’ll find it very convenient to lift your boards without the assistance of others with these rollers.

You can undoubtedly assure that your paddle boards are going nowhere with the SKS or the Same Key System of this carrier. You’ll be at peace even if you park your car in an open parking lot. It makes it more convenient to bring anywhere without worrying about its security.

When it comes to further safety, this rack comes with synthetic strips from quality-rubber material. It protects your boards from unwanted scratches or damages, as well as the roof of your car.


The SupDawg paddleboard rack comes with built-in straps to secure the boards during long trips. Moreover, part of its structure is the Tie-Down Anchor, which adds security to the boards since it connects the tail to the bumper of the car.

Another accessory of this rack is the adapters. The clamp-on advantage makes it accessible for users to install it on crossbars. Along with this feature are the adaptors that will keep the rack from sliding on bars.

Aside from the integrated accessory, you can also consider buying the Hood Anchor or RipCord for this paddleboard rack. Both of these accessories are ideal for the Tie-Down anchor.

[amazon fields=”B00S1KJZ1Q” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“yakima” image_alt = “Yakima SupDawg” image_width=“250” image_height=“250” image = 4/]


  • Comes with integrated rollers for easy loading
  • Tool-free installation
  • Can use keys to lock the rack
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • No other colors available
  • Tie-Down anchor hook on the bumper may cause a distraction to the driver
  • Can only hold up to 66 pounds
  • Only suitable for water activity-boards

Who is behind Yakima?

If you’re fond of paddle boards, you’ve possibly overheard about Yakima, and how it’s famous for being the top supplier for bike and board racks around the globe. It’s where most surfers or bikers go to if they need to buy new or replacement frames.

Before Yakima became famous, this company started in the industry as a machine shop located in Washington, United States of America. Hardcore cyclists and kayakers named Don Banducci and Steve Cole respectively acquired it in the year 1979.

In 1984, Banducci and Cole placed the company on the Summer Olympics’ map, which decks all race vehicles with different aerodynamic fairings. As the company endures to lead the market, they assisted in the open road.

Despite having a slogan; “Take it easy,” Yakima never fails to satisfy all its customers in every category it supports. They lead the market when it comes to safety, packing heritage, and design awareness. Furthermore, they work with respected partners to provide further satisfaction to every client.


There are numerous racks that you’ll encounter in the growing market. If you’re having a hard time looking for the best one for your car, Yakima has many options to consider. It doesn’t only offer exceptional bike or truck racks, yet also has impressive paddle board racks for you to find.

Yakima is one of the most popular brands in the racks industry, and it will undoubtedly have something to offer to people who visit the beach a lot. One of the brands you can check out is the SupDawg paddle board carrier. It never fails to satisfy customers, from security to comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

✅ Will these racks work without crossbars?

A: The SupDawg carrier will need a crossbar for installation. It has an adjustable mount on these bars, which separates the boards to the roof of the car.

✅ Are straps necessary in securing the paddle board on top of the vehicle?

A: It’s always necessary to use straps in securing your boards on the racks. Regardless if it’s a short or a long drive to the beach, your commissions can slip anytime. With straps, you can assure stability, even if you pass on bumpy roads.

✅ Can I take my car in an automatic vehicle wash?

A: Never take your racks inside a car wash. The brush system will damage your frames. On the bright side, the SupDawg carrier is easy to remove, thanks to its clamp-on installation feature.

✅ Aside from crossbar-types, what other roof type is the SupDawg compatible?

A: Raised side rails are also an option for installing the SupDawg paddle board carrier because the gap has enough size for the clamps of this rack.

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