Best Hard Tonneau Cover

best hard tonneau cover

The pick-up truck is America’s favorite vehicle by far. But in its standard format, it’s not the most weather-practical of ways to get from A-B. While a limited number of people ride upfront, most of the action is in the back. Which is fine until you’re carrying loads in the misanthropic rain of a Boston … Read more

6 Bike Rack from Monkey Bars Review

6 Bike Rack from Monkey Bars Review

If you’re a frequent cyclist – whether you commute daily or simply cycle for pleasure on the weekends with your family – you’ll know how important it is to have sufficient storage space for your bike(s). Whether you need to store several of your own bikes, or your entire family’s, a bike rack is the … Read more

Best Thule Bike Mount

Best Thule Bike Mount

When it comes to the business of moving your bike or bikes around by car, the quality of your mount is the whole game. If your mount is strong, convenient, and thought-through, you’ll carry your bikes easily and well. If your mount is ill-conceived, over-complicated, or poorly constructed…bikes. Evvvverywhere. Possible accidents. Possible bike destruction. All … Read more

Best Kayak Trailers

best kayak trailer

Kayaking is an exhilarating water sport that involves a small boat and the nearest body of water you can find, although maybe try to aim higher than your local pond. Rivers, lakes, and out on the ocean are all popular places to take your kayak, but how do you get it there? Some people opt … Read more

Best Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Best roof mounted bike racks

There is nothing better than grabbing your bike and heading out on an adventure, is there?  Feeling the wind rush around you as you hit new speeds or uncover new trails is an adrenaline rush like no other. If, like us, you are always searching for a new track to head off on a new … Read more

Best Kayak Storage Racks

Best Kayak Storage Racks

Going out into nature and adventuring seems to be a part of human nature. Different sports cater to this search for nature, and one of them is kayaking. There’s no denying that the feeling of being in the middle of a lake or river, or even the sea, can be thrilling. Kayaks are small and … Read more

Swagman XTC2 Review

Swagman XTC2 Review

If you own one or more bikes and are constantly going on cycling adventures that require you to drive some distance first, the likelihood is that you will find yourself in need of a bike rack. Those that aren’t lucky enough to have adequate space to house one or more bikes in the back of … Read more

Yakima Rack And Roll Trailer Review

yakima rack and roll trailer

If we were to have a Rack Hungry award for best-named rack then the Yakima Rack and Roll would be the winner (with a landslide victory).  With such a good name, we understand that it’s tempting to buy the product without knowing anything about it. Obviously, that is not something we would recommend. Particularly, when … Read more

Best Bike Repair Stand

bike repair stand

A bike repair stand can be a real game changer when it comes to doing maintenance on your bike. Instead of having to hunch over to reach certain parts of your bike, or move it at awkward angles which could potentially damage your frame, a bike repair stand will hold it off the ground for … Read more