Guide to Roof Rack Fishing Rod Holders

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Fishing is relaxing, invigorating, and thrilling in its own way that only true fishing enthusiasts can understand. Truly enjoying it requires that you know your game when it comes to transporting your fishing rods. Fishing rods can measure to as long as 8 ft., and private vehicles are not typically suited for storing such fishing rods. It’s a good thing that sound roof rack fishing rod holders are available in the market. Apart from roof rack fishing rod holders, you can also opt for hitch mount types that you can attach at the back of your vehicle. These hitch mount fishing rod holders can carry more than four fishing rods. These days, there is also the advent of DIY fishing rod pods made of PVC tube.

Before opting for the right fishing rod holder for you, know that you should consider the following factors: capacity, security, durability, and price.


If you’re just starting with fishing, you can opt for roof rack fishing rod holders that can at least securely transport a single fishing rod. When looking for a fishing rod holder, check its capacity. Apart from the number of fishing rods that it can transport, take note of the amount of weight that it can carry. Fishing rods vary not just in length but also in weight, so it’s best to take note of your equipment’s weight before considering the right fishing rod holder for you.


There are various mechanisms when it comes to securing fishing rods during transport. Some are by rubber straps while some are by screw locks. Regardless of nature, make sure that it’s adjustable and can be tightened to fully secure your fishing rods. It’s important that your fishing rod holder doesn’t wobble so that it doesn’t get damaged. Various designs available in the market provide differing protective means. If you’re looking to secure your fishing rod for longer journeys, we recommend a fishing rod pod. It effectively allows your gears to weather elements. Fishing rod pods can be on the expensive side, but you can make it DIY-ed through PVC tubes and conduit carriers.


We can’t stress enough the importance of having a good roof rack fishing rod holder that is durable. Fishing is an outdoor recreational sport. It entails ventures and long drives to places. Make it a point to check that the quality of the materials is high grade. Check the strength of its construction and design. Do a background check on the manufacturer and make sure that a warranty is provided. You also have to inquire if it’s certified for use at highway speed.


You shouldn’t have to break the bank when looking for the perfect fishing rod holder. Various products are available at different price points. If you see an expensive fishing rod holder look for a cheaper alternative without having to sacrifice on quality. You’ll be able to do this relatively easily because it’s already summed up here, regardless of the brand and the price. Just make sure that it can carry your desired capacity while effectively securing your fishing rod with durable materials.

With these factors considered, here are the top fishing rod holders that you should consider for your next fishing trip.

Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder

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True to its name, Rhino Rack’s Multi-Purpose Holder is a heavyweight when it comes to transporting outdoor gears because it can transport not just your fishing rods but almost everything that you can imagine. It can transport your kayak pedals, ski poles, and even shovels! If you really want to put more value on your money, this outdoor gear ninja is the one for you.

What Sets it Apart

Apart from the fact that it’s multi-purpose, what makes it stand out among roof rack fishing rod holders is that it has a unique rubber strap that is fully customizable and adjustable. This is very ideal as it supremely secures that your fishing rod doesn’t wobble and no damage takes place. You can set it to the right level of tightness that your fishing rod and other outdoor gears require. It’s fully compatible with Rhino-Rack roof racks, but it’s also easily attachable to other brands of roof racks with different designs.

However, of the many roof rack fishing rod holders available in the market, we don’t recommend Rhino Rack’s Multi-Purpose Holder for long fishing trips. If you’ll be on the road for long, say, a month-long fishing trip, it’s best to look for an alternative fishing rod holder that can keep your fishing rods protected and in a state where it can weather elements, like a fishing rod pod.

For a multi-purpose killer roof rack fishing rod holder, it only weighs 2 pounds. It measures at 10 x 4 x 4 inches and can carry capacity to as much as 7kgs. / 15.5 lbs. It’s made of glass-reinforced nylon which is highly durable. This gear is an ultimate go-to when you want a roof rack fishing rod holder that is actually an all-around outdoor recreation gear. With it, all you have to do is strap up and get on with your desired outdoor adventure. For all of its versatile functionalities, it retails for about $50.

Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount

[amazon fields=”B016MEFQU6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Roof Rack Fishing Rod Holders” image_alt = “Rhino-Rack 574 Roof mount” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

Another option on the more expensive side is the Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount. It comes with two pieces that have an arm locking mechanism. It is also waterproof and rustproof. Plus, they aren’t just for fishing rods but can also be used for a couple of skis and snowboards. You won’t have to worry about compatibility because this roof rack fishing rod holder is a universal mount, so it can fit most racks. It also has an easy locking and releasing mechanism. Both Rhino-Rack options are great, but if you ski, fish, and snowboard, then this option may be the one for you.

StowAway Swingaway Rod Holder – Hitch Mount

[amazon fields=”B000SL3JMM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Roof Rack Fishing Rod Holders” image_alt = “StowAway Swingaway Rod Holder – Hitch Mount” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

Next on our list is StowAway’s Swingaway Hitch Mount Rod Holder. This one is for the master fishing enthusiast because it fits not just one, but up to six fishing rods. If you’re on a fishing trip with friends or on a solo fishing adventure — both jigs needing multiple fishing rods, this fishing rod holder is for you. With StowAway’s hitch mount rod holder, you won’t need a roof rack because it attaches at the back of your vehicle with a handy swing design so that you don’t lose access to your vehicle’s trunk.

What Sets it Apart

This fishing rod holder is a solid big boy’s toy with its heavy-duty swing away frame. Made of high-grade material to match its simple and intelligent design, StowAway’s SwingAway Rod Holder is a dream come true for fishing enthusiasts. It transports fishing rods in such a tightly secured way that it’s impossible for damage to take place. Given that it comes with a hitch tightener, having your fishing rods wobble is absolutely out of the question — it should definitely stay in place. And it can deliver such kind of transport ease, security, and protection to not one, not two, not even three, but for six fishing rods.

StowAway’s hitch mount rod holder is not foldable and it weighs at 80 pounds. With it, your fishing rods will be placed inside anodized aluminum tubes. It comes with a hitch cargo rack where you can conveniently place your cooler and other fishing gears. It’s also multi-purpose because the tubes are detachable. You can use it even on non-fishing trips like camping and trekking. The swing-away cargo rack can be used as an alternative table or storage area during outings. It’s truly multi-purpose and it’s a superb gear for all outdoor enthusiasts.

With the capacity that it can hold and its practical swing-away function, StowAway’s hitch mount rod holder comes for a price, it retails for about $510. If you’re looking for its downside, then it’d have to be its price. However, it has all the right to retail at that amount for all the functionality that it delivers.

DIY Tube Fishing Rod Pod

DIY Fishing rod pod

For those looking for cool alternatives that are easy on the budget, we highly recommend a DIY fishing rod pod. It will fully protect and secure your fishing rods and other fishing gear. Fishing rod pods can effectively protect your fishing rods from damage. It can truly weather elements given that it places your fishing rods in an air-tight and water-tight pod. A specialized metal fishing rod pod can cost up to $500.00 that would need a technical and laborious installation. With a DIY fishing rod pod, you can save up to $400.00 because constructing it will only cost you $100.00.

What You’ll Need

A DIY fishing rod pod just needs two essential elements — a PVC tube and a conduit carrier. For starters, fishing rod pods are ideal for vehicles with roof racks. But with it, you won’t need to buy a separate roof rack fishing rod holder because you have the conduit carrier to handle that function.

It’s very easy to make a fishing rod pod. All you need is a PVC tube and a conduit carrier. With your conduit carrier, you can make a pod out of the PVC tube. Doing so will effectively seal both ends of the tube. It’s as simple as that.

A fishing rod pod is fully customizable. You can paint it and design it in any way you want. For capacity, it will all depend on the size of the PVC tube that you’d avail. A PVC tube with a six-inch diameter can conveniently carry one fishing rod. It can carry more but it will definitely wobble and can cause damage. As a nifty solution. You can opt to buy four (or even five) smaller PVC tubes so that you can store four fishing rods separately without having to worry about damage. Given that you’d be the one constructing it, you can fully customize its length. With it, you can effortlessly fit fishing rods that range even up to 8 ft in length.

The down-side with a DIY fishing rod pod is that you have to build it. Construction-wise, it’s not really complicated. But for people who don’t have the time and patience for DIY projects, fishing rod pods may not be the ideal fishing rod holder.

Our Recommendations for Your Needs

Our top three recommendations reflect the current trend of design and availability of roof rack fishing rod holders in the market. If you fully know your needs and the kinds of fishing trips that you go to and wish to embark on, it will definitely be easy for you to choose. You just have to remember the important factors when it comes to choosing the right fishing rod holder: capacity, security, durability, and price. Add all the factors up and choose the functionalities that you want to prioritize.

Clearly, if you’re after a mid-range priced multi-purpose roof rack fishing rod holder, you should choose the Rhino-Rack’s Multi-Purpose Holder. It can easily secure the transport of your fishing rods and all other outdoor gears like kayak pedals and ski poles. But if you’re looking to transport multiple fishing rods with a multi-purpose roof rack fishing rod holder, you definitely have to opt for the top gun StowAway’s Carriers Swingaway Rod Holder with its hitch-mount design and functional swinging frame. It comes for a price but it’s the best one in the market. But if you’re looking to save money and still wanting the prime security and ease when it comes to transporting your fishing rods, you can opt for a DIY fishing rod pod that will only require a PVC tube and a conduit carrier – both available at your nearest hardware store.

Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose HolderFishing, skiing, kayaking (paddles)Nylon, Rubber straps, waterproof, 15.5 lbs capacity, weighs 2 lbsOn-top of car
Rhino-Rack 574 Roof MountFishing, skiing, snowboardingArm-locking mechanism, waterproof, rustproof, universal mountOn-top of car
StowAway Swingaway Rod Holder - Hitch MountFishingHeavy-duty frame, up to 6 rods and 2 coolers, attaches at back of vehicleHitch mount

Our Top Choice Overall

With the essential factors considered, an easy top choice is Rhino-Rack’s Multi-Purpose Holder. Its multi-purpose intelligent design and ease of use are prime. Retailing at a mid-range price, it puts so much value in your money. With its high-grade fully adjustable rubber strap, it can securely transport your fishing rod and your essential outdoor recreation gears. This rubber strap is a godsend. It can be easily tightened to fully secure that your fishing rod won’t be wobbling. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Overall, Rhino-Rack’s Multi-Purpose Holder has a solid capacity, provides security, and solid durability at a sound price. It will fit most of your needs, and we have no doubt it will be the best roof rack fishing rod holder for you.

We hope you enjoyed our buyer’s guide and recommended products for roof rack fishing rod holders, and be sure to check out our other article on all the other types of car storage methods!

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