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A roof rack is the most efficient way of transporting outdoor gear. If your car doesn’t come with a roof rack, you can add yourself. Roof racks are commonly used by people who love outdoor sports.

But that’s not the only thing roof racks are used for. It also comes in handy if you want to move to another home. Since it is impossible to fit everything inside the car, a roof rack is the best way to go. Apart from boxes and camping gear, roof racks also hold other outdoor equipment.

A roof rack can hold a kayak, a bicycle, or a set of skis. It is made of metal which is strong enough to fit almost anything. Roof racks come in different shapes and sizes. You can find one for every occasion.

Roof racks are popular amongst campers and bikers. They attach all their gear onto the roof rack without worrying about space. It is impossible to fit a bicycle or a set of skis inside a car, which is why roof racks are helpful. Some people also prefer camping on top of their vehicles.

A roof rack is gigantic. It fits perfectly on the top of your car. Roof racks are big enough to fit tents. Whether you plan to go kayaking or want to help a friend move into a new place, roof racks are for you!

But roof racks alone are not enough. If you want to add more value to your rack, accessories are necessary. Companies that manufacture roof racks also offer roof rack accessories. You can buy these accessories from the store or online.

So, what are these accessories, and how do they work? Let’s take a look at a list of high-end roof rack accessories.

1. Roof Boxes

Roof Boxes for Cars

Roof boxes are great for prominent families. People who travel often can also benefit from a roof box. A roof box is an enormous box that you can attach to your roof rack. It provides extra space and security for your luggage.

Roof boxes come in different sizes ranging from 340L-595L. The safe aerodynamic roof boxes keep your luggage secure. Roof racks are an excellent investment for people who do not want to compromise on indoor car space.

By storing your things in a roof box, you can make extra space in the car. You can buy roof boxes in various shapes and colors.

One of the best features of a roof box is the Super Latch Security. You can also purchase one with a dual side opening. Roof boxes have an array of features. Some are ginormous, while others are petite and light.

You can choose one that suits your family’s needs. Roof boxes are also helpful for storing traveling equipment. So, if you have a travel bug, then the roof box is for you.

2. Snowboard or Ski Holder Kit

Snowboard or Ski Holder Kits

If you love winter sports, then the ski holder kit is for you. This kit also allows you to attach a snowboard to your roof rack.

Sliding down snow-clad mountains has never been easier. With the robust design of the ski holder kit, you can attach any winter sports gear to the roof rack.

The high-tech design allows you to carry 2-4 snowboards or 3-6 skis. Whether you are into snowboarding or skiing, the ski holder kit is for you. The kit comes with rubber cushions that protect your gear and prevent it from moving. This kit boasts a firm grip and the ability to hold your skis in place firmly.

The two rubber holders keep your gear from falling off. Participating in snow sports has never been so convenient. The stylish design of the ski holder kit enhances the ruggedness of your car.

It is sturdy and is built to last for a long time. Durability, strength, and style are the three main features of the snowboard/ski holder kit. It also provides additional space on the roof. It allows you to attach extra luggage onto the roof rack.

You can seamlessly attach the snowboard holder kit to the roof rack. It is easy to fix and even easier to use. Snowsport lovers often use the snowboard/ski holder kit. This kit will be a fantastic roof accessory for you, whether you are a professional skier or a recreational snowboarder.

3. Bigstock

Bigstock Roof Rack

The Bigstock is a perfect roof accessory for boating enthusiasts. It allows you to attach up to four boats onto your roof rack. You can attach the universal mounts and the HullGuard Padding to almost any crossbar.

The Bigstock contains a steel tube frame. When you are not using the Bigstock, you can easily fold this frame. The Bigstock also comes with tie-downs and heavy-duty straps. Boats are heavy objects. But with the superior quality strength of the Bigstock, these boats will not budge.

Whether the roads are bumpy or winding, your boats will be held tightly in place. The Bigstock comes with an integrated ramp. This ramp makes it easy to load your boats and even unload them. It makes sure your gear is unscathed.

The Bigstock also holds boats of all shapes and sizes. Its durability and sturdiness make it one of the best roof rack accessories. The next time you and your friends want to go for a boating trip, attach your boats to the Bigstock and drive away.

The Bigstock is built for convenience. It solves your boating issues in no time. You can also attach oars to the Bigstock. Just make sure they are appropriately attached to the boats.

4. Crossbar Pads

Crossbar Pads For Roof Rack

Crossbar pads are specifically designed to protect your gear from damage. They are made out of wide foam and are specially designed to provide flexible configuration. If you are a water sports geek, then crossbars are perfect for you.

They provide space and protection to your water gear. Once you attach cross pads to the roof rack, you are set for a fantastic adventure. Crossbar pads can hold everything from surfboards to stand-up paddles.

Anything you can put in water, you can mount on the cross pads. They keep your gear safe and prevent it from falling off the roof. If you love water sports, then crossbar pads are for you.

Crossbar pads protect your equipment while driving and during loading and unloading. Surfboards often get scratched while mounting. With cushioned crossbars, this mishap can be avoided. Crossbar pads work well with other accessories too.

You can attach accessories like a Kayak stacker, Heavy Duty Straps, and Bigstock along with the crossbar pads. You can purchase them online or go to a roof rack accessory showroom.

Crossbar pads are easy to attach and even easier to remove. You can attach them to the roof rack yourself or take help from a professional. Either way, crossbar pads are a great addition to the roof rack.

5. Alloy Trays

Alloy Trays For Car Roof

Alloy trays are massive structures that can be mounted on your roof rack. The alloy trays make plenty of space for your luggage. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some alloy trays are also custom-made.

You can purchase an alloy tray depending on your needs. These mega trays come with a custom-designed slat clamp. This slat clamp allows 10 degrees of rack-level variation. The fill-in-channel extrusion reduces wind noise.

Alloy trays can be attached to most roof racks. If your gear is too big for the back seat, then alloy trays are for you. They are bigger and broader. It provides more space. You can conveniently mount your gear onto the alloy trays. And the best part is any equipment can fit on these trays.

A roof box is suitable for delicate stuff, but an alloy tray is good for heavy things. You can mount anything onto the alloy trays. Their tray-like structures keep your gear secure. It holds your gear in place and allows you to drive peacefully.

Knowing that your equipment is safe is the most important thing. Outdoor gear and equipment often get damaged during transportation. With the alloy tray, You can quickly solve this problem. You no longer have to worry about stuffing your luggage in the backseat.

Just tie it to the alloy tray and drive away. Nothing is more annoying than damaged goods. Especially if you know, it has happened while you were driving. The alloy tray was built to keep your stuff safe and secure.

6. Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing rods are too long for the backseat and too light for the roof rack. The Fishing Rod Holder was invented to solve this problem. The Fishing Rod Holder holds your fishing rods rightly in place.

You can tightly secure your rods onto the holders. The rod holders are made of high-density foam. They cushion the fishing rods while holding them tightly in place. Fishing rods of all shapes and sizes can be attached to the rod holder.

The holder comes with two zip strips and two fishing rod cradles. You can attach several fishing rods to this holder. It can carry multiple rods at one go. Whether you like to go fishing alone or with your family, the Fishing Rod Holder is an excellent addition to the roof rack. Fishing rods are incredibly delicate.

A slight bump can cause it to break. You can protect your fishing rods from any damage using the Fishing Rod Holder.

These holders are readily available. You can buy them from a roof rack dealer or purchase them online.

Make sure to buy the best quality one. You don’t want your Fishing Rods sliding right off the roof. Most Rod holders are made out of solid materials. But it is essential to compare a few before buying.

7. Roof Rack Shade Awning

Roof Rack Shade Awnings

The Shade awning is an add-on roof rack accessory. As its name suggests, the shade awning is handy for creating a shady area around your car. Car campers most commonly use it.

The Shade Awning is excellent for outdoor adventures. It protects you from the sun and provides your family with a nice spot to relax. The high-quality roof accessory protects you from sunburns and harmful UV rays. It is made out of the weather-resistant canvas. It also protects you from rain and other natural elements.

The Shade Awning is also made out of heavy-duty reinforced PVC casing. The top-notch aluminum hinges allow you to adjust the height of the shade. You can make it big or small as per your needs.

Height adjustment is just one of its many features. The Shade Awning is durable and promises longevity. The mounting brackets of the shade awning are zinc plated. Powder coating prevents the brackets from getting rusted—the canvas measures 2mx2m.

With dual channel extrusions, you can quickly assemble or repack the shade awning. It is easy to use and even easier to attach. The Shade Awning is helpful for people who love a little shade while outdoors.

Sunburns can damage your skin. No amount of sunscreen can provide as much protection as a shade. So, if you are prone to sunburns, then this shade awning is for you. You pull out the shade, place a few chairs under it and enjoy the outdoors.

8. Windshield

Windshield For Roof Racks

The windshield is a simple accessory that enhances the roof rack. This essential accessory comes in four different sizes. You can attach it to the roof rack with minimum effort.

The whole point of the windshield is to improve the aerodynamics of the roof rack. It is also useful in reducing noise by improving the airflow that goes up and down a roof rack.

The windshield compliments your roof rack and enhances mobility. It is commonly used by people who prefer going on long road trips.


Roof Rack accessories are readily available. There are so many choices available today. Whether you want to mount a boat or snowboard, there is an accessory for everything.

This list will help you pick the right roof rack accessory for the right occasion! Roof Rack accessories make it convenient to carry your gear anywhere.

Packing a kayak or fishing road in the backseat can be difficult. That is why you need to pick the perfect roof rack accessory for your amazing outdoor adventure.

These accessories have made outdoor activities even more convenient! You no longer have to worry about the safety and security of your equipment! Mount it onto your roof rack and zip away to your next adventure!

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