Kuat NV 2.0 Review: Epic Bike Rack? [2021]

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Hitch-mounted bike racks offer a lot of convenience in carrying multiple bikes on your vehicles. These racks have many distinct advantages over roof-mounted racks and also over the trunk-mounted racks. Hitch mounted bike racks are available in multiple styles and facilitate very easy loading and unloading of bicycles.

There are many sellers offering easy to use high-quality bike racks. Kuat is one of those brands well known for its range of quality racks including the roof-mounted, trunk-mounted, and hitch-mounted bike racks.

Some of the bike racks like the Sherpa 2.0, the Transfer and the Beta are its highly popular models. Besides, the NV series includes the NV 2.0 Base/Add-On and the NV 2.0/Add-On-bike transporting racks.

The Kuat NV 2.0 is one of its highly feature-filled models and has created a lot of waves since its launch. Here, we would look at some of the key features of the NV 2.0 along with its pros and cons to understand the reason for its high popularity.

Kuat NV 2.0 Review: Your Complete Guide

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Kuat is a maker of stylish hitch mounted bike racks that are super easy to use. The Kuat NV 2.0 surpasses all its previous models in showcasing these key qualities by offering some unique features in the rack.

It has taken extra care of its already excellent security features. Besides, the integrated work stand takes the rack at an altogether different level. And the aesthetics of the product put the final stamp of Kuan which is known for its super finish bike racks.


  • Weight
    • 2-Bike
      • 1.25”: 56lbs
      • 2”: 56lbs
    • 4-Bike: 91lbs (Available with 2” only)
  • Carrying Capacity
    • 2-Bike: 60 lbs/bike
    • 4-Bike: 40lbs/bike
  • Wheelbases: 50”
  • Tires: 5”
  • Wheel size: 20”-29” (Adapter needed for 20”-24” size)


  • Hitch sizes:  1.25” & 2”
  • Folding hitch
  • The Pivot System is foot-operated
  • Highly secured with long seamless integrated cable locks
  • Very user-friendly integrated repair stand for easy maintenance
  • Intuitive front-wheel ratchet clamp
  • Co-molded tire strap for easy manipulation
  • Hand-tight hitch cam mechanism does not need any tool for tightening
  • High durable powder-coated metallic gloss finish
  • Front tire cradle system is very easy to adjust


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A bike rack can be a burden if it is loaded with multiple complex systems requiring many tools and tackles for loading and unloading the bicycles. It can be even more encumbering, if it requires many adjustments to make while performing these activities.

The NV 2.0 is a dream rack for those who do not like playing with their tools, for those who are not the DIY type. It is a simple and easy-to-use bike rack, equipped with every mechanism that keeps the rack highly user-friendly.

Part by part examination reveals the fact that the model has been very thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the convenience of the users. For instance, if you look at the ratcheting arm, you can observe the ease in releasing and fastening it. Then the rear wheel straps are designed in a manner that requires no effort in adjusting them.

The main mast on the rack has a long lever for easy lowering and raising of the rack. Besides, the foot-operated system makes it easy to bring the rack to the loading position. You do not need to bend down to do that.

However, you still need both your hands in operation to lower the loaded rack to the tilted down position.

Moving further to the ease of storage, the NV 2.0 has a very simple attachment for the purpose. You just need to turn the knob on the other side of the receiver arm and you have a cam system expanding within the hitch receiver and it’s free of any wobbling whatsoever.


The NV 2.0 is a versatile hitch-mounted rack. It can hold different types of bikes and carry them to distances. The road bikes or the downhill bikes carry almost all bicycles without any trouble or a mishap whatsoever.

The rack is also highly suitable for the racers who need frequent repairs. The integrated work stand helps them to perform their on-the-go repairing tasks in a much convenient manner.

Lastly, those who give high value to the aesthetics, the NV 2.0 is the perfect bike transporting rack for them.

Excellence in Design

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Some simple designing features can do wonders in the mechanical world. Holding bikes at tires makes all the difference in enhancing the utility of a bike rack. With this type of holding arrangement, the change in the designs of the frame or the axle does not interfere with the loading of the bikes on the racks.

The NV 2.0 has moved one step further by designing it to carry bicycles with tire sizes as big as 4.8”. The design, in addition, can accommodate the wheel sizes between 20” to 29”. The wheel sizes of 20” & 24” require an adopter which is provided free on request.

The continuous improvement in the design helps a great deal in keeping Kuat contemporary. The improvement in the design of the wheel tray over the previous version has helped in eliminating the possibility of contacts between the bikes. The adjustable front tray can now be adjusted to three different positions. You can adjust the tray vertically or angularly to prevent contacts between the handlebars of the two bikes loaded on the rack.

Trail docs at first instant do not look so useful however; it shows its utility on many occasions on more frequent long-distance movements. Well, the trail doc of the NV 2.0 is a tools free system. You just need to hand tighten the clamp to quickly secure it in position. It is a wonderful feature for those who need occasional trailhead repair. However, you need to arrange for its security as it does not have locking arrangements to make it theft-proof.

Assembly Made Easy

The assembly instructions are pretty simple to follow. Besides, there are all the required tools to assemble the rack. Keep them secured for the long term as they would be your best companions every time you store or remove the rack. Yes, they are essential and very useful.

You may need a helper to assemble the rack if you want to do it neatly and in a quick time. Working alone on the assembly may test your patience. However, if you’re one of those DIY types, assembling the rack is like a cakewalk for you.

You only need to align everything with a few holes and secure them together with a few bolts. It has a mainmast that acts as a pivot to the whole assembly. You have to bolt through both the sections of each tray to this mast.

Security Ensured

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A heavy-duty locking arrangement is what makes it ahead of many hitch-mounted racks in the market. The locking system comprises two big and strong cables with large diameters. Both of them are fitted at the back end of the trays to lock the bicycles.

The size of the cable is very impressive and gives a lot of confidence about the security of the bikes. The mechanism of locking is also pretty robust. The cable forms a loop through the rear triangle of the frame portion of the rack making it a highly secured locking arrangement. The arrangement also deploys a magnetic system when the cable comes back to the trays to complete the loop. The cable clicks in position through this magnetic system.

This enhances the safety of the already secured locking mechanism.

High Durability

What makes a bike rack durable? The quality of moving parts used in making the rack, the exterior paint finish, and the jerk-preventing assembly & fitting.

The NV 2.0 scores high on all these aspects. Firstly, it uses high quality moving spare parts in building the rack. You can check this by observing the rack after a long-distance trip. The mast, clamps, arms, and trays- none of the parts show any signs of wear & tear.

Secondly, the exterior- the powder-coated finish is simply superb in terms of durability. It protects the rack from the scratches and keeps it almost as glossy as at the time of unboxing.

The assembly in itself is pretty tight. Furthermore, fitment design and shockproof properties of the rack ensure that the jerks while moving does not cause any damage to the rack thus, keep it functioning for a long duration.


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The NV 2.0 falls in a higher price bracket. However, with higher costs, it also provides value to its product. High durability in itself is one of those important qualities that would convert an expensive product to a cost-effective one.

Now, the nature and frequency of use would decide its value to the individual user. If you are using the bike rack in moderate to high frequency or have to use it in harsh conditions, the NV 2.0 would be a perfect choice for you. However, if you use the rack once in a while, you might be tempted to buy a cheaper bike rack with limited features.


  • Highly durable due to quality moving parts and powder-coating
  • Versatile
  • Integrated work stand
  • Impressive Aesthetics
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Easy to store and remove
  • Simple and jerk proof assembly
  • Excellent security features


  • A shade Bulkier
  • On a higher price bracket
  • Assembly may require assistance
  • Trail doc does not have any locking system

Kuat: A History of Excellence

The year 2008 a few adventurous individuals, including a few cyclists and a few fine ale gourmets gathered together to find out a better way to carry and transport bicycles.

The informal meeting of these experts of their respective fields culminated in a company for manufacturing premium, high-quality, most efficiently designed bike racks and their accessories.

The racks included hitch-mounted racks, roof-mounted racks, and the trunk-mounted racks. From here the journey of innovation in the area of bike transportation began at Kuat, the company started by these optimistic dreamers.

The amazing designs, the high-quality of the product, and excellent customer support & services are the results of these individuals belonging to highly diversified fields.

The team’s objective is to offer its customers a highly stylish product that is lightweight and user-friendly. The cyclists in the team know what exactly the athletes want in transporting their racks. And the designing and manufacturing experts in the team know how to create those racks.

And this is the reason for Kuat unmatched popularity in the segment of rack transporting products. They endeavor to achieve perfection in designing simple-to-use products through constant innovation.

Kuat is also in the making of racks for snow-sports, watercraft, and cargo. It has its headquarters at Springfield, MO, USA.


If you are a cyclist enthusiast and need to frequently transport your bike to distances, the Kuat NV 2.0 is a wonderful hitch-mounted bike rack for you. There are very few racks that offer so many features in their single models as NV 2.0.

Be it the ease of use or the high-quality of material & workmanship, or the durability, NV 2.0 tick all boxes of high performance in style. By providing a highly efficient security system and the integrated-works-stand, it ticks even those boxes that are usually ignored by even the best of manufacturers.

So, if you are looking for a high-end bike rack and willing to pay a little extra for its wonderful features that would eventually pay back your investment over time, you would never be disappointed by Kuat NV 2.0.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What are the different accessories available for Kuat NV 2.0?

There are many accessories for the NV 2.0. A few of them include integrated bike stand, integrated locking cables, included Tri Doc stand, and keys with special key chains, etc. Besides, Add-on with 2” model, E-bike ramp and Phat bike kit are also available as the accessories.

Can I fold the NV 2.0 up if there isn’t any bike to mount on it?

Yes. You can fold the rack when there are no bikes to mount on it. This would reduce the length of the vehicle.

Is the NV 2.0 rack safe if the car is parked outside while traveling?

Yes. You can park the vehicle out while traveling. The rack is secured as it has the hitch locking pin and the locking platforms.

Can the 1.25” model of NV 2.0 accept NV Add on?

No, only the 2” model is compatible with NV Add on.

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