How to Reduce Noise on a Roof Rack

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If you are moving or planning to transport some things with your car, the roof rack basket is your best friend. These durable crossbars are placed at the top of your car for a reason–to help you carry your things conveniently and without any hassle.

Luggage, bikes, some pieces of furniture, or surfboards… You name it. A roof rack can carry them all. As much as we adore this life-saving item, there might be instances that we find ourselves struggling while using roof racks.

One of the problems that we face when we carry stuff around is the noise it creates. If you mean to travel a short distance, this may not bother you as much but a longer distance may prove to be much more than a nuisance. This can be very frustrating since not only does it sound annoying, it may also mean that there is a potential problem.

So, the question now is… how can you reduce the noise that your roof rack makes?

How to Reducing Noise on a Roof Rack

Here are some steps that will help you deal with this concern:

  1. Check the base roof rack of your vehicle. Make sure to keep the support towers secured by tying down its straps and mounts to the vehicle. Pull side to side on the crossbars to examine if the base rack is stable. Remember: The base rack connects the vehicle and your gear.
  2. Examine if there is any contact made between the rack or its accessories and the surface of the vehicle. It is possible that the noise may come from the rubbing of these parts. To avoid this to happen, place rubber weather stripping to the contact points and make sure to cut them to its right size. Even if there are no points that create noise, it would be better for you to apply a piece of weather stripping in an area where there is contact.
  3. You have to adjust a specialty mount that is attached to the base roof rack such as mounting points of cargo carriers, bike racks, and roof baskets. Making adjustments is actually very easy. You may opt to adjust the mount by pulling a strap, tightening an Allen screw, or turning a knob.
  4. To reduce the noise, check the mounted equipment at the top of your vehicle to make sure that the gear is attached properly. Transporting some equipment like bikes or kayaks means that the gear has been placed firmly to avoid any movement. To make sure that the gears are not loose, adjust the straps and mounting points probably.
  5. Even if you have already tied the cargo properly, you may actually still hear a noise if the gear is moving. Aside from its straps, you can use zip ties, cord, or duct tape to make your gear secured.

What is the Solution?

Even if you already know a proper technique in reducing the noises on a roof rack, this may not be enough. There are products that will actually help you with your concern. One of which is a wind fairing.

A wind fairing’s goal is to reduce the wind noises which are brought about by the roof rack you have placed in your vehicle. Although wind fairings do not eliminate the noise 100 percent, it does minimize it significantly to prevent you from being distracted while you are driving. Aside from its functionality, this item displays a sporty look whenever you are using your vehicle’s roof rack.

On top of that, improving a vehicle’s mileage and promoting fuel efficiency are two things that a wind fairing can do for you, too. With its aerodynamic features which give this item the ability to deflect wind, you can go against the wind without using a lot of gas.

With the efficiency and functionality in noise reduction it provides, a wind fairing is a product that you really need.

How to Choose the Right Wind Fairing

Since noise reduction among vehicles when transporting items using their roof rack has been a concern for a lot of people, it is not a surprise to know that there is a wide selection of wind fairings in the market. Whether you know little or much about this item, having to choose from a lot of brands and types of wind fairings may still be overwhelming for you. To avoid making the wrong choices, the best thing to do is to know what the right product for you is.

  • In choosing a wind fairing, this is very important. Certainly, a good one is made from high-quality materials. There are various types of materials that wind fairings are created. Manufacturers use acrylics and, due to its affordability, ABS plastic to create a sturdy and durable wind fairing.
  • While most people may think that the design of a wind fairing is just all for appearance, it actually has an impact on the overall functionality of the item. Wind fairings Manufacturers of good types of wind fairings make it a point to have these items faintly tinted to minimize glare.
  • One reason why people use wind fairings is that it helps enhance the contours of their vehicles. With that being said, you have to be aware that not all wind fairings will work for you. Compatibility is one thing you must always look into as you buy this item since noise reduction will only take effect if the wind fairing is compatible with your vehicle.

Top 4 Wind Fairing Choices for You

#1. INNO Universal Mount Fairing for Mid-Size Cars and SUV’s

[amazon fields=”B079TR3QR9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Wind Fairing” image_alt = “Inno Universal Mount Fairing” image_width=“300” image_height=“300”/]

Ideal for all sizes of vehicles, the INNO Universal Mount Fairing can lessen wind noise even at a high speed. With its universal mount system, it is an ideal choice in securing most crossbars. Made from ABS plastic, this item has durability and style. Better mileage is an assurance if you are using this kind of fairing.

Easy to install
Some bolts come loose over time
Great designMay not work on some vehicles

#2. Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing

[amazon fields=”B00E5TI74S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Wind Fairing” image_alt = “Rhino Rack Wind Fairing” image_width=“300” image_height=“300”/]

If your goal is to reduce wind noise while you are driving, this product is for you. Hearing wind whistles can be bothering so Rhino-Rack is giving you a solution with this wind fairing. Made to fit various kinds of vehicles, the Rhino Rack Wind Fairing has a universal mount system which makes it easier to secure crossbars.

This model is not only functional but also very stylish. With its design, it easily puts emphasis on the look of your roof rack which makes it appear more fashionable.

Improves mileageMay require longer bolts
Highly functional
Easy to assemble
Has a stylish look

#3. Rage Powersports 38″ Wind Fairing

[amazon fields=”B004IU8NV6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Wind Fairing” image_alt = “Rage Powersports 38″ Wind Fairing” image_width=“300” image_height=“300”/]

Easy to install, the Stingray Roof Cargo Basket Wind Fairing possesses a sharp and edgy design that adds more style and appeal to your vehicle. To avoid the hassle of traveling, this item minimizes noise and cargo rattling by deflecting the air up and around the carrier. With its mounting hardware included, the installation of this item will only take you a few minutes.

Easy and fast to install
Has a large logo on the fairing
Visually appealingMay not work on all kinds of vehicles

#4. Rage Powersports Wind Fairing

[amazon fields=”B000TLSR3C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Wind Fairing” image_alt = “Rage Powersports Wind Fairing” image_width=“300” image_height=“300”/]

This wind fairing is an effective solution if you want to lessen the noise and wind resistance in your roof rack. With its easy installation feature, you can place this item in your roof rack in just a few minutes! Its sleek design gives a stylish look on your vehicle.

Easy and fast to install
Warps a little when tightened due to plastic
Very easy to cleanMay not work on all kinds of vehicles

Finding the Right Wind Fairing for You

Traveling becomes fun and easy if you do not have any nuisance on your journey. The noise of the wind can be very annoying and for sure, you do not want to be bothered by this. It may always be a struggle for you as a vehicle owner to look for the best wind fairing models available. However, choosing the right one for your vehicle, regardless of the brand or type, will help you go a long way. Check out our comprehensive guide on wind fairings for more information!

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