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You’d instantly notice when someone from your cycling group is missing at your weekly bike rides. I do. Recently, a friend has been a no-show at our usual route. Turns out, he couldn’t figure out which bike rack to use for his newly bought Tesla Model S.

Such a bummer to miss stretching your legs and missing your friends, just because you don’t have the proper gears. For this reason, I researched about best bike racks for Tesla Model S. To help not just my buddy, but other cycling groups who are missing their pal due to the same reason.

Bike Racks for Tesla Model S

For an environmentally conscious motorist who like riding bikes for that thrill in twisty sideroads and dirt trails, dragging your bike along on a really expensive car sounds risky. Sure, you don’t want to clutter up your trunk space or damage your fashionable interior. The same way you don’t want your exteriors to be scuffed and scratched.

Here are some bike racks to get your Tesla Model S involved. These will surely open your Tesla Model S to a whole new world of possibilities.

  1. Kuat NV 2.0 4-Bike Platform Rack
  2. Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack
  3. SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike Rack
Product Name  Current Price
1. Kuat NV 2.0 4-Bike Platform RackHollywood Racks Platform Racks for Fat Bikes
2. Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike RackSaris Freedom Platform Rack for Fat Bikes
3. SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike RackSwagman G10 Platform Rack

#1. Kuat NV 2.0 4-Bike Platform Rack – A Premium Rack

Kuat 2.0 4-Bike Platform Rack

The Kuat NV platform-style rack allows you to bring along 4 bikes of nearly any size, shape, or frame style with no frame contact. Its adjustable wheel hook sets down pressure on the front tires into the front wheel cradle. These hooks work well with tires with sizes from 20 inches up to 29 inches.

Never worry about you’re the rack losing grip as even at the back, it has a wheel strap that is also adjustable along with the platform. This strap goes over the wheel and secures it in place. Its design is adaptable to fit any bike regardless of its size, weight, brake style, suspension, or frame design.

Being attached to the hitch, it has hitch and cable locks that use the same key, so you don’t have to worry about losing it as you park for a while at a gas station. If your bike adventure is done and you need to take it off from your Tesla Model S, it folds flat for compact storage.

Aside from the bike rack’s ability to slant down to gain easy access to the rear area of the car, another great feature is the integrated bike repair stand. This part allows you to perform on the go maintenance to your bike with no difficulty. You can use the adjustable height wise for the ideal bike positioning.

What makes it ideal for Tesla Model S

This rack was tested on side-to-side action such as turning corners or shifty maneuvering, twisting actions like hitting curbs and potholes as well as uneven pavements. It only resulted in the rack’s up and down the action and there was never any contact between the Tesla Model S and the bikes hanging on the bike rack.


  • Hitch-mounted, platform-style rack that allows you to transport up to 4 bikes at the back of your vehicle
  • Removeable 2-bike add-on allows you to simply alter the rack to a 2-bike carrier
  • Hand-tightening cam technique offers tool-free installation in your hitch
  • Front-mounted foot lever allows for a single person to easily tilt and fold the rack
  • Integrated repair stand lets you carry out on-the-go repairs
Unique mechanism that prevents shakingMore expensive than most brands
Durable and sturdyHeavier than other racks
Easy to assemble

What Tesla Driver Say

One picked up a Kuat NV 2.0 4-Bike Platform Rack and claimed that using this rack with his Tesla Model S was indeed a pleasure. Getting it on and off the car didn’t take more than 20 seconds. Almost the same amount of time to put up and put down their bikes.

#2. Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack – Make your Tesla Model S an adventurous car

Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack

This dual-arm rack cuts down the requirement for a bike frame adapter bar that is usually sold separately, to mount a kid’s, women’s, or alternative frame bicycle. It comes standard with anti-sway cradles, and it tilts down to give way for your access to the back of your car. It can also be changed between the 2-inch receiver and the 1 ¼ – inch receiver.

Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack is simple. It has a bushing that works in a 2-inch receiver. If you need to convert it reversed to 1 ¼ -inch for Class II receiver, there’s just a bolt you need to undo below. The package comes with all the tools that you need to assemble the bike rack.

Installing the bike rack is as easy as lining up the hitch pin holes. Simply thread them in to get it started.

Yakima DoubleDown features a button that you can use to fold the arms down. It is the same one you use to fold the arms back up. The cradles can tilt from left to right and you can move it from front to rear. Only half of the cradles have the anti-sway part.

Inside the cradles are a couple of trenches that hold the bike up away from the cradle a little bit. This makes room for a cable, so the bikes don’t get mashed up by the frames. One random feature about this bike rack is its built-in bottle opener. Perfect to end the long ride, don’t you think?

What makes it ideal for Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S driver won’t notice the bikes at the back, except when he sees them on the rear-view mirror. It does not wiggle, no noise, and no contact with the car at all.


  • Vertical bar tilts forward, away from the vehicle
  • Go well together with 2 and 1 ¼ -inch hitches
  • Superior (TriggerFinger) release buttons
  • Long-lasting (RocSteady system) hitch tongue offers carrier stability
  • Convenient, in-built bottle opener
Strap saddles allow you to fasten around the down tube or seat postSome threads don’t match so screw can’t go through
Sturdy and heavy-duty, but just right for small cars
Does not sit snugly in the hitch
Hitch adapts to two sizes

What Tesla Driver Say

Someone wanted a rack that could fold and tilt, at the same time with a hitch and bike lock. As Tesla Model S car is already an eye candy to robbers, having such security features leaves you worry-free.

#3. SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike Rack – The Game Changer

SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike Rack

As the name suggests, SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike Rack attaches itself by drawing itself to the roof. Before installation, the mounting surface should be clean. Once you put the rack on, pump multiple times until the orange part of the bar disappears.

SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike Rack is the perfect option for cars where traditional roof rack might just not work. Since it mounts straight to the roof, it is one versatile rack. It can work on virtually any vehicle. The only limitation you have is if the space you are mounting it is not smooth.

Its looks can make you feel skeptical at first, but these vacuum cups can actually withstand highway speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. This is because its vacuuming mechanism voids out all of the air rather than trying to push all the air out. That makes a very strong seal.

These cups are so tough it can handle a pull rating of 210 pounds. That means that even when you try to pull it out by yourself, you’ll move the car too!

SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike Rack vacuum cups are made of thick rubber material, so they won’t cause any damage to your car’s finish when attached. This system won’t leave scratches or abrasions at all.

This bike rack is fork mounted and is not different from most of its kind. It has the 9-millimeter skewer that clamps down the forks. Adapters can be purchased separately if you have different sized axles. It comes with a strap that secures the pedals to the frame leaving you worry-free that it could damage the surface of your car.

To release these racks, simply lift up the tabs on the sides of the vacuum cups. This action will release the pressure and allow the air to go back in. Once done, you can pick them up and stow them inside the vehicle.

What makes it ideal for Tesla Model S

We all know how precious all-electronic cars are so as much as possible, we don’t agree with having it altered or modified just to give in to an additional purpose. This type of rack will work on your car, Tesla Model S or not without any modification. Just put the bike on your roof and retrieve that extra space of your Tesla Model S Trunk.


  • Fork-mount carrier that allows you to transport 1 bike on your vehicle’s roof, trunk, or back glass
  • Features HUSKE universal fork mount, 9-mm thru-axle adapter, and quick-release skewer
  • Package includes 5g lube tube for vacuum pump maintenance, 1 spare vacuum cup, and 1 crank arm strap for pedal stability
  • Attaches to vehicle body with (4) 6″ vacuum cups that won’t scratch or dent your car’s surface
  • Small rack can fit in a bike bag or carry-on luggage
Easy installation and gets lots of compliments on the looks
Suction cup covers are solid and strong but are a bit tough to get on
U.S. made with a limited 1-year warranty
Skewers need to be really opened up to get the forks in
Fits any car

What Tesla Driver Say

While Tesla Model Ss enjoy that extra trunk space, putting the bike in there becomes a pain, over time. SeaSucker was impressive and a game changer for one Tesla Driver. The suction cups are rock solid, and his fears of his bike being flown off the roof is easily dismissed when he tried to do a 100mph test drive. No, the bike didn’t fall off.

He swears he’s recommending it to any car owners especially Tesla ones, who don’t want any modification on their cars.

Our Top Pick

Even when Tesla Model S can accommodate our bikes, it still would be convenient to have that extra space for other gears you need for your next biking adventure. At the same time, you sure wouldn’t want to worry about scratches on the interior of your Tesla Model S brought by the bike transported from the inside.

Still, you may be pessimistic about any modifications on your car.

Thus, the SeaSucker Talon Roof Bike Rack is our top pick for this review. This is due to having to require the least amount of installation or additional accessories as possible. And, SeaSucker Talon is just the perfect one. Another model from this brand could have come in on the list had it not been out of stock for quite some time now.

What to consider when purchasing a bike rack for Tesla Model S

Any driver would love the convenience of easily attaching an accessory and to be able to carry a couple of bikes without losing any of the interior space of the car.

As with most bike racks, there are a few things to consider such as security. Tesla Model S alone is attractive to robbers and thieves. Having something popping out of it is an instant target for them.

Bike frame compatibility should also be well-thought of. Sure, it may work well with your Tesla Model S. But, will it for your 2-wheelers?

Most of all, aside from the ease of use and style, one must consider a rack that prevents damage to your bikes even more so on your Tesla Model S. Have that rack that has qualities designed to stop bikes from bumping against each other. Make sure they have stay-put cradles too, so you won’t have to worry about them causing scratches to your car.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

✅ Do I need to have a hitch installed on my Tesla for bike racks?

A: As much as possible, we recommend bike racks for Tesla Model S that require fewer installation procedures and accessories. If modification can be excluded, that’s a good plus. However, some racks require a traditional hitch for the bike racks to be mounted to. Rest assured that the bike racks we reviewed that are hitch mounted are well-researched to work perfectly with your Tesla Model S.

History of the Tesla Model S

If you own a Tesla Model S, chances are that you are stylish, dynamic, and environmentally conscious. There is also a high probability that carrying a bicycle along with you is a must at times.

The Tesla Model S introduced in June 2012 by Tesla is an all-electric liftback car and was the first of its kind to make it to the top of the monthly new car sales ranking in any country just a few months after it was launched.

Codenamed WhiteStar, Tesla Model S was the top selling plug-in electric car worldwide in 2015 and 2016. By the later part of 2018, it still maintains its sales by being the second most-sold electric car in history, after Nissan Leaf. This is even when the December 2017 Consumer Reports owner satisfaction showed the numbers of Tesla Model S beating all the other all-electric cars.

Tesla Model S is engineered and designed solely with and electric powertrain. It is far different from other vehicles whose engines have just been swapped with an electric motor from the original internal combustion engine.

This technology has allowed Tesla to offer distinctive features like front trunk (in addition to an already spacious rear trunk) and a significantly enlarged front crumple zone put side by side with the typical combustion engine powered cars.

Tesla established a network of fast-charging Supercharger stations where it allows the driver to rapidly and swiftly fill-up the charge of their Model S. On the original 85 kWh Model S, it takes about 20 minutes to charge it to 50%, 40 for 80% and 75 for 100%. Tesla rates the range between 22 to 310 miles on a single full charge.

The extraction and refining of nickel and cobalt have been identified by the EPA as a high potential for environmental impact due to toxicity. This is what drove Tesla to be optimistic about their Gigafactory 1 since their lithium-ion batteries contain small amounts of such elements.

Gigafactory1, once fully functioning will be able to recycle a significant part of the elements from old batteries approaching closed loops. The process that will run will turn old batteries into new ones.


Summer is not yet over. So, if you are just like my friend worries about his Tesla Model S getting scuffed and scratched then this list above should make your next trip more adventurous. These bike racks will allow you to change your biking experience with your Tesla Model S to new and unexplored locations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just at the city park you are driving to or the rough terrains in the countryside, having a bike rack on your Tesla Model S is a great addition to pump up the nature lover in you.

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