Best Way to Store Bikes in a Garage | 2021 Update

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Responsible bike owners know that one pressing requirement in taking care of 2-wheelers is to have convenient bike storage for them. This could be a challenge, especially it is hard to find bike storage that’s easy to use, safe, and maximizes space. The best way to store bikes in a garage is that where you don’t trip over them.

Aside from organizing your bikes to keep any accidents away, effective bike storages also allow you to reclaim those convenient spaces. They keep your bike from thieves at the same time protect them from damaging effects of weather conditions.

What is the Best Way to Store my Bike in a Garage?

Your garage, just like your room fills up rapidly than you can even imagine, especially when you’re with a family. This roomy space gets filled with car(s), outdoor equipment, workbench, tools, toys, and stuff to throw away almost instantly. So fast, that you don’t realize there’s no more room for your bike to stand on.

There are many ways to store your bike in a garage, but before we go through that, here are some things you may want to consider and think of first.

Bicycle Make and Size

To make a bike storage method effective, it should be in line with your bike’s size and make. Tire size, fenders, and disc brakes should be thought through as they may either get in the way of the storage system or may not fit.

When you are thinking of getting a bike storage system from the market, these factors should be considered particularly. Manufacturers have their storage systems limit the bike tire widths to accommodate. Specific storage systems fit in particular bike tires, with no standardized arrangement for tire width ranges. Here is what you need to take note of in getting a branded bike storage system:

  • Kids’ bikes – 2.3 inches wide
  • Adults’ bikes – 1.9 to 2.6 inches wide
  • Fat-tired bikes – 2.8 to 4 inches wide

Some specialized accessories, like disc brakes and fenders, cause the wheel hub to become wider than usual. While some storage solutions adjust to your tire diameter and width, they won’t with any disc assembly fixed on the hub.

Bike Storage Goals

Think about how much space from your garage you are willing to allow as bike storage. Are you looking at getting floor-level access? Wall stands could get you back some of that garage floor area but, will it work for your family members who bike, too? The best way to store bikes in a garage depends on whether how much space you have and the convenience in bikes’ access.

What is the Best Way to Store Bikes?

Bikes are one of the household items that are hard to store. They are large, odd-shaped, awkward, and are always in the way, especially if they don’t own a spot in your garage. But, for any hobbyist and enthusiast, nothing is impossible. Therefore, here are some convenient ways of keeping your bikes from being out in the open.

Kick Stands

Kickstands are very basic. They are attached to the bike itself. They are the most convenient solution for adults and the easiest to use, especially for children. But, they take up garage floor space. Kickstands are economical, and they come in handy when you need to park your bike anywhere outside.

[amazon fields=”B07J28FGHX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”kick stands” image_alt = “Seisso Bike Kickstand” image_width=”300″ image_height=”300″/]

Kickstands for Children’s and Adults’ Bicycles


Bike Sizes




Fansport Bike Kickstand

12 inches
14 inches
16 inches
18 inches
20 inches

> Waterproof and wear-resistant
> Top-quality construction with aluminum alloy material
> Easy installation
> Supports the bike to stand perfectly stable

> Takes garage floor space
> If ordered the wrong size, it could be too long or too short for the bike


BV Bike Kickstand

24 to 29 inches

> High quality, sturdy, and waterproof
> Reinforced foot
> Good for uneven ground with its spring design

> Won’t fit smaller bikes
> Takes garage floor space
> Takes a while to install

Floor Stands

Floor Stands as the name suggests, mostly stay on the floor and take up garage floor space. They take more space than kickstands, especially the horizontal floor stand. The vertical floor stand takes lesser space as it only consumes an area that is only for one tire. Either way, you will need to leave extra space around these stands to retrieve the bikes from them.

EasyGo Floor Stationary Single Wheel Rack

Floor Stands for Children’s and Adults’ Bicycles


Bike Size and Features it Can Work With




Delta Cycle Shop Rack Park

> Disc Brakes
> Fat Tires
> Kids’ Bikes
> Fenders

> Adjustable to securely hold any wheel size
> Wide base with triangulated arms holds bikes firmly
> Rubberized feet protect floors

> Takes garage floor space
> If stored outside, could be blown by wind


Feedback Sports Velo

> Disc Brakes
> Fat Tires
> Kids’ Bikes
> Fenders

> Free-standing design won’t leave marks on walls or ceiling
> Stable three-leg base can hold up to 80 pounds
> Anodized aluminum column with heavy duty steel arms construction

> Takes garage floor space
> Hard to assemble


Don’t feel like spending? Look at this DIY floor-stand over at BMX Museum and see if you can do it yourself.

For not more than $9.00, you will have enough stand for two two-wheelers. All you need are:

  • 1 – 10′ of 3/4 PVC pipe
  • 8 – 3/4 slip tees
  • 8 – 3/4 slip elbows

To do it:

Step 1. Cut your 3/4 PVC into the correct lengths using the PVC pipe cutter.

  • 2 – 8-1/2″
  • 2 – 7″
  • 4 – 5-1/2″

Step 2. Take and cut 2 of the tees with a hacksaw. They should look like this

hacksawed pvc

Step 3. Insert the 5-1/2″ PVC into each end of the tees to make it look like this

Inserted PVC into tees

Step 4. Take the 4 elbows and side them on the other end of the 5-12″ PVC like this

4 elbows on ends of PVC

Step 5. Insert the two 7″ PVC into the other end of the elbows on one of the completed sides like this

Attach other sides

Step 6. Attach the other completed side onto the other ends of the 7″ PVC.

8-1/2" PVC

Step 7. Put in the two 8-1/2″ PVC into the open spot on the top of the tees

Put two 8-1/2" PVC into open spot on top of the tees

Step 8. Take the 2 tees that were cut in half earlier and attach to the top of the 8-1/2″ PVC

Attach cut pieces on top of PVC

Make sure to test fit everything before resting those precious bikes on these DIY stands.

DIY Stand

Wall Mount

Hanging bikes on the wall is another preferred method especially when there are teens in the family who bikes too. They are low enough to the ground for the teens to access the bikes while keeping the floor clear. Mounting bikes on the walls can either be done by hooks or by racks.

Wall Racks

[amazon fields=”B004N9BUEY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”wall racks” image_alt = “Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack” image_width=”300″ image_height=”300″/]

Wall racks let you stand your bike on the wall by hanging them vertically or horizontally. Some wall racks include features that make it convenient for you to store your helmet, bike locks, and other accessories at an easy reach.

While wall racks help in giving you back that garage floor space, they can reduce convenience too. Such storage may be hard to access for kids. If you intend to get back more floor space, get the models that store the bikes against the wall. Otherwise, if the bikes stick into the room, even when they are hanging on the rack, they’ll still occupy that same spot.

Wall Racks


Bike Size




Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack

20 – 29 inches

> Holds 1 bike vertically on the wall of your garage, home, or office
> Rack swings to the side with bike loaded
> Brackets fold flat for compact storage
> Constructed of durable, ABS plastic and zinc-coated steel

> Won’t work with bike with fenders
> Could get flimsy and bends when bumped with any tool
> Not too easy to install


Feedback Sports Velo Wall 2D Rack

Any bike that weighs no more than 50 pounds

> Holds 1 bike by the top tube on the wall of your home, garage, or office
> Dual arms adjust to fit different bike styles and sizes
> Soft rubber cradles keep your bike’s finish from scratches
> Durable aluminum and steel construction

> Rubber ends weaken and cause bike to fall 
> Does not extend far enough away from the wall for handlebars to stay straight


Wall Hooks

[amazon fields=”B07BLG6LKH” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”sport bed truck cargo net” image_alt = “Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack Hook Hanger” image_width=“300” image_height=“300”/]

Wall hooks, on the other hand, are simplified wall racks. They are wide, deep, curved hooks with strong screws formed on one end. The only protection you get against scratches and scuffs are its rubber coating.

This type of wall mounting method saves more space than wall racks. They let you store bikes horizontally and flat up against the wall. You may also choose to store your bikes vertically, by hanging either the front or the back tire on the hook. Just be sure to get the hook that is wide enough for your bike’s tire. And, don’t forget about those bike disc breaks and fenders.

Wall Hooks


Bike Size




Delta Cycle Single Bike Storage Rack Hook

Works with tires up to 2.5 inches wide

> Space saving and quick storage. Vertically hang any bikes in seconds
> Simple installation. No tools required
> Includes tray that keep your walls against rubber marks

> Hook gaps are small some fat tires won’t fit
> Screws are not drywall appropriate


AIYoo Bike Hooks Heavy Duty Bicycle Storage Hooks

Works with tires up to 2.5 inches wide

> Constructed from heavy-duty stainless galvanized steel
> PVC Coated to protect surfaces
> Easy to install

> Hard to screw in
> Excessive force may cause the hook to break


Feeling artsy and crafty? Try out this DIY bike rack for under $90. Inspired by Velo-Grip Bike Rack, all you need are 2 to 3 L-Shaped frame, PVC or metal pipe, and some hooks. A few drillings on your wall, and your good to hang your bikes vertically.

Another DIY Bike Rack

Ceiling with Pulleys, Platform Lifts and Hooks

[amazon fields=”B0057IO5NS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”ceiling with pullets, platform lifts, and hooks” image_alt = “Racor Bike Rack Lifts Ceiling Bicycle Mount 2 Pack” image_width=“300” image_height=“300”/]

Hoist your bikes up to the ceiling for complete access to the floor space. Pulleys and lifts give you a pair of hooks to balance the bike prior to lifting, or a whole space of platform so you can rest the bike or other stuff you want to store above. Pulleys and platform lifts may either be manual or motorized.

Hooks are the same as the hooks discussed on wall mounts, except they are ceiling version. They are rubber coated and wide mouth. Hooks are not ideal on tall ceilings as it would be hard to put the bike up or retrieve it.

Ceiling Storage Solutions


Storage Type




Racor – Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift


> Easy installation Pulley System that frees up your floor area
> Solid and heavy-duty steel construction for durability
> Minimal effort to raise and lower down the bike

> Rubber coating on the bike holders make the bike slip as you raise it up


Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage

Ceiling Hook

> Bikes can be put up and down easily
> Easy to use and install
> Can hold up to two 10-speed bikes and a child’s bike

> Plastic hooks may feel too flimsy


Racor – Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift

Motorized Platform

> Easy lift – the pulley mechanism reduces weight by 8 times
> Safety Lock guarantees safety and stability
> Extra 16sq ft of space for your garage

> Lag bolts it came with may be too short causing to fail holding up to 250 pounds of weight


When There Is No Room

It happens. You have a garage, but there simply is just no space enough for you to store your bike. In this case, the best thing to do is to keep your bike in an outdoor shed. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A box that is simple to build can do. Just enough for it to be covered against harmful weather conditions.


Almost all household has a bike they use either occasionally or for the daily commute. This mode of transportation, although way too smaller than cars can take an awkward and bulky space in the garage. Still, you need to put them inside to keep them from thieves and damage caused by external elements.

There are more than a couple of ways we mentioned for you to store your bikes for the effective saving of space. You may check them out at your local stores or in Amazon. But, if you are truly inspired, you can always DIY your own!

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