10 Best Truck Bed Cargo Nets | 2020 Reviews

You’ve seen them on playgrounds and on military obstacle courses, but as the name suggests, they are intended for holding in cargoes. They are the military’s most useful way to secure and ship loads and has later been the trend in keeping your truck bed organized. The best truck bed cargo nets aid you whether you are driving to the campsite or treading down the highway. Making sure your cargo isn’t moving around and is held in place.

Top 10 Best Truck Bed Cargo Nets

We have carefully searched and scoured the market to find the best truck bed cargo nets for you to consider. These have been researched and considered with judgment in hopes that we can make it easier for you to pick exactly what you need.

Product Name ImagesCurrent Price
1. LT Sport Bed Truck Cargo Net
2. Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net for Truck BedGrit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net for Truck Bed
3. Powertye Cargo NetPowertye Cargo Net
4. Rakapak Truck Bed Cargo Net
Rakapak Truck Bed Cargo Net
5. ProGrip Cargo Net for Mid-Size Truck BedsProGrip Cargo Net
6. SNBLO Cargo NetSNBLO Cargo Net
7. CARTMAN Cargo NetCARTMAN Cargo Net
8. Thule Cargo NetThule Cargo Net
9. Gladiator Cargo NetGladiator Cargo Net

#1. LT Sport Bed Truck Cargo Net – Universal Fit bed truck cargo net

Since 2010, LT Sport has been making its name be known in the field of outdoor accessories for vehicles. Their line of products includes roof rack crossbars, window visors, cargo baskets, bike racks, car covers, and floor mats.

Why Is This on This List?

LT Sport Bed Truck Cargo Net is a durable truck bed cargo net with a hook design that nicely keeps gear organized in its place.


Constructed with thick bands made of elastic nylon that will last a long time, LT Sport cargo net helps to hold gears in its place. With dimensions of 86 x 65 inches, it will fit a wide range of trucks seamlessly.

6 longer straps with hooks at the end aids in keeping the items down. This can be used on the roof as well.


Ideal for preventing clutter at the back of your truck, this cargo net boasts universal fit and it sure helps in keeping your cargo lying flat at the back. Certainly, no moving around.

Made from durable net materials with hook designMay only fit certain models of pickup trucks
Effectively secures cargo in place
Thick bands in the net keep gear in place
Hooks easy in place and is easy to use
Made from an elastic nylon

#2. Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net for Truck Bed – Non-tangling cargo net for pickup trucks

Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net for Truck Bed

Grit Performance took their passion for rugged weekend adventures to provide world-class off the road and automotive accessories. Their focus on customer satisfaction has also abled them to launch new products regularly based on customer feedback and needs.

Why Is This on This List?

Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net for Truck Bed ensures that even the smallest item kept underneath it will remain in place no matter how bumpy the road is.


Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net for Truck Bed is a full-sized heavy-duty cargo net with outstanding durability to keep you load secure. It is manufactured with extra thick bungee webbing, easily making it the thickest in the market.

Intended with 4×4 inch mesh squares, it keeps even the small items from slipping through the net. Its smaller mesh adds more strength and protection when extended over bigger cargoes compared to cargo nets with a less dense pattern. Grit Performance features adjustable metal ring carabiners that let you tie down your loads smooth and manageable.


If you love road trips and you bring along a bunch of luggage, then this is ideal for you. Grit Performance Cargo Net holds very well in its original size as well as when stretched to double the size. It has 12 hooks on the sides for that tangle-free tie-down. Storing it away after use? No fuss, because it comes with storage back for easy stowing.

Proudly US-made, it comes with lifetime guarantee assuring you, they are the best in the market.

Constructed with tough webbing for maximum elasticity
Carabiners don’t have the spring-back closure system
Holds smaller items securely in place
Metal hooks break over time
Close knit design measuring 4 x 4 inches
Contains 12 D-clip carabiners to keep the net secure
Perfect for taller items

#3. Powertye Cargo Net – Great oversized net for trucks

Powertye Cargo Net

Powertye has been proudly making American made tie-downs since 1991. They lead the industry in terms of design, creativity and innovation.

Why Is This on This List?

The PowerTye Cargo Net introduces a dense 2″ x 2″ web to ensure your cargo stays put, even the smallest of them.


Perfect for safeguarding any items in trucks, Powertye Cargo Net has the innovative 2×2 inch mesh net which makes it the tightest in the market. Crafted from 4.4mm latex and bungee blend for total strength and toughness. Powertye Cargo net holds itself well when stretched and easily goes back to its original form. Carefully designed with durability, resiliency, and elasticity.

Includes 10 tie-down points making the cargo net perfectly secure. It has durable ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic hooks that allow easy loading and unloading of cargo.


PowerTye Cargo Net’s 4.4mm bungee straps, crafted with the 2×2 inch mesh innovation aids completely in keeping even the smallest items from falling out. Carefully made to be durable, resilient, and elastic.

PowerTye Hook Guarantee – PowerTye will replace any hooks broken in normal usePlastic hooks can’t endure cold well and may break in more extreme temperatures
Thick webs don’t stretch out of shape
Can be used even on motorcycles
Net looks high-quality and heavy-duty
Comes in black and orange

#4. Rakapak Truck Bed Cargo Net – Ideal for full-sized pickup trucks

Rakapak Truck Bed Cargo Net

Rakapak is a brand from Puerto Rico that is under MarketFleet Group. Since 2017, they have been involved in a business that provides products such as cargo carriers, storage bins, trailers, interior organizer bags, nets, and trays – anything cargo management related.

Why Is This on This List?

Rakapak Truck Bed Cargo Net is one of the most durable and resistant cargo nets in the market today. It is packed with features and functionalities that holds your cargo securely with not much effort.


Truck bed cargo net from Rakapak are built to last. Its large dimensions will leave you not worrying about any coverage problem. It can wrap up the while truck bed.

It features corner tie-downs, so you can be sure your items are held down securely. Its nylon straps are double stitched, and its steel grommets are durable enough to latch to your elastic net.

Never worry about the messy net after use as it comes with a carry bag you can store it with.


Rakapak Truck Bed Cargo net is one of the most resistant in the market. It is so elastic that no matter how many boxes you are going to stack, the net cargo can still grip them tightly. In addition to the roughly stitched nylon straps are the steel grommets that fastens easily to the net. Its strong D-rings allows you to hold your tie-downs in place as you drive along even on bumpy roads.

Lightweight and stretchable
Too wide for small trucks
Rugged and long lasting
Can be used even on motorcycles
Carry bag included

#5. ProGrip Cargo Net for Mid-Size Truck Beds – Perfect for keeping bulky cargo secured

ProGrip Cargo Net

ProGrip has been in the market for accessories that support active lifestyle. Their line of products includes accessories for motorcycle, snow world, bike, sportswear, and vehicle gears. They started in 1960 in Cassano Magnago, in the old factory in Via Roma only specializing in production of handlebar handles made with buffalo horns. Since then, they have tried to manufacture more and more products that is well accepted by consumers.

Why Is This on This List?

ProGrip Cargo Net for Mid-Size Truck Beds is ideal for construction, truck, and SUV use.


Designed with multi-attachment loops, ProGrip Cargo Net allows quick tie-downs without scratching or damaging your cargo and your truck bed. This net is constructed with polyester webbing that is sewn together with double stitches for that strong and adjustable heavy application.

ProGrip cargo bungee nets are crafted with molded nylon hooks that feature finger hooks, letting the installation to be quick and easy.


Its heavy-duty bungee net has multi attachment loops that measure 60 x 46 inches with a breaking strength of 1,200 pounds. Having said that, this is ideal for construction workers or truck owners who haul large and odd shaped products daily.

Used on different applications, such as kids’ hammockCan only be used for mid-sized trucks
Tough Net
Easy and fast to put on
Strong stitching
Very sturdy

#6. SNBLO Cargo Net – Most affordable cargo net in the market

SNBLO Cargo Net

SNBLO has been active in the market since 2017. Their product line includes apparatus for vehicles land, air or water.

Why Is This on This List?

The cheapest in the market, this cargo net won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Its universal size will fit almost any truck.


SNBLO trunk cargo net comes with a net and mounting hardware screws as well as its hooks. It also contains bonus items such as 4 climbing hooks and a traveling pouch with a zipper.

With dimensions of 25 x 41 inches, its length can be stretched up to 56 inches which can fit even the largest truck beds. Constructed from black elastic mesh, it is durable and tear-resistant.


SNBLO Cargo Net is made to be extremely durable a truck bed cargo net. You can rely on it to hold the clutter on bumpy roads as well as when you slam on those brakes. Its mesh net made from elastic and long-lasting fabric can stretch across the truck and around large and bulky items to fit.

With a cheap price tag, it is a solid performer overall and great for everyday use.

Includes storage pouch
Mounting clips may require replacement
Stretchable mesh net
Long-lasting material
Thick mesh keeps things in
Large size

#7. CARTMAN Cargo Net – Alternates as organizer and truck bed cargo net


Cartman specializes in manufacturing practical and convenient car organizer for your stuff like balls, toys, handbags, first aid kit, groceries, bottles, cans, etc.,

Why Is This on This List?

CARTMAN Cargo Net is flexible, stretchy, and tear-resistant and is suitable for almost any passenger vehicle, not just pickup trucks.


Made from high-grade polyester, Cartman Cargo Net universally fits almost any vehicles. With fabric pocket net made from a synthetic material called elastic polypropylene, it is more convenient to store smaller items.

It comes with 4 mounting hooks that are self-locking and attaches to the bungee straps to stretch across the truck bed.


Cartman Cargo Net is a reliable cargo net made of resilient and sturdy materials. These are intended to last for years of use. It is very malleable and can stretch around large and oddly shaped baggage without breaking.

It is practical and can also act as an organizer for the trunk of your car. With a price of just below $10, it offers way too many things for you to utilize.

Affordable price tag
Tangles easily in storage
Can work with almost any vehicle
Extra support fabric pocket
Sturdy material
Stretchable and flexible

#8. Thule Cargo Net – Functional cargo net for Trucks and SUVs

Thule Cargo Net

Thule Group’s history of making the active outdoor life simplified, dates way back to 1942. With the love for outdoors, Thulin family founded Thule group. This company started selling fishing traps under their own designs. Realizing the need for other outdoor gears, they ventured into other products such as car-related items and sporting gears, including cargo nets for trucks and SUVs

Why Is This on This List?

Thule Cargo Net is a great aid that you can use on any cargo carrier or possibly even some small truck beds. With this net, you can cover up light to bulky objects that you don’t want to roll around or fly out as you drive.


The Thule Cargo Net features large hooks and durable shock cord construction for securing all your cargoes. It helps keep all luggage, camping and cargo gear tucked down either on your truck bed, roof basket or trunk.


This cargo net attaches quickly with impact-resistant hooks that are large enough for easy fastening. The net itself is expandable and firmly and steadily conforms to carried loads.

Long-lasting hooks good for any weatherRelatively expensive than most cargo nets
Easy to use and fits truck beds and roof boxes
Net stretches according to the load dimensions

#9. Gladiator Cargo Net – Perfect Solution to so Many Tie Down Problems

Gladiator Cargo Net

Gladiator Cargo Nets has been around since 1989. Built out of love of adventure, the founder needed a cargo net to safely secure his hiking gears. Since then, he has, through trial and error come up with different innovations in tying down cargos. Gladiator Cargo Net’s reputation has made them a brand that a lot of companies trust, including NASA.

Why Is This on This List?

Gladiator Cargo Net is the ultimate aid in heavy-duty hauling. The perfect option if you’re planning to haul a lot. This is one cargo restraint that is load certified and rated. Durable and versatile for all your cargo needs.


With Gladiator Cargo Net’s high number of connection points, it gives you great versatility for transporting large and oddly shaped cargo. You are guaranteed your load is secured. Materials used to manufacture this net are water-proofed and ultra-high strength.

It has an integrated ripstop meshing that prevents snags and helps secure the smallest box on the load. No more needing those ropes and tarps.


Every Gladiator Cargo Nets product are independently rated and tested. This ensures you that you are getting a high-quality net. These have been certified by BSI (British Standards Institution0) Group and are being used by DOT (Department of Transportation) and NACSS (North American Cargo Securement Standard). Gladiator Cargo Net’s durability is almost unmatched.

Versatile considering the connection pointsNet itself may be too heavy for your car

Why Should You Get Your Truck a Cargo Net?

Cargo nets are useful for open truck beds in keeping the loads tied down. They are the ultimate tool to keep your truck beds free from clutter, so you can have that space for more effective storage options. Aside from that, you may also consider getting a truck bed cargo net for the following reasons:

  • Cargo nets are flexible. Because of which, they are ideal in keeping in place those odd-shaped and uneven loads. Need to haul boxes of different sizes? It won’t be too difficult to strap them down with cargo nets.
  • Cargo nets are transparent. Since these are nets, it lets you see right through them, allowing you to check what’s within easily. Similarly, the spaces in between the straps allow easy slipping of items under the net without having to untie or unfasten it.
  • Cargo nets are convenient. Cargo nets are easier to use than ropes, bungee cords and other materials to strap down your haul. No need for extra skill in knotting, putting ropes together, attaching, and detaching. Still, you can be sure they are secure.
  • Cargo nets are heavy-duty. Most cargo nets in the market are made with the strongest materials. They are designed to be tough and durable to hold against such maximum load. For the record, the strongest cargo net can hold up to 1,968 pounds. That means, they don’t just keep your items in place, you can also use them as a basket to carry things around.
  • Cargo nets are UV-protected. Plastic ropes and rubber bungees deteriorate from too much sun exposure. They could even melt if left under the sun for too long. Cargo nets have its straps UV coated to be protected from disintegration caused by the sun.

Cargo Nets’ Pros

  • Cargo nets are practical and straightforward. It fastens down and disengages quickly and easily
  • They fasten all loose items at once without needing separate tie downs for each item
  • They are bendable, stretchable, and shape compliant.
  • It lets you cover all cargo on your truck bed even if they are spread out unevenly
  • Most of them come load-rated, so they can be used to its full potential without worrying about how reliable they can be
  • They are available in various sizes to meet your luggage needs

Cargo Nets’ Cons

  • Most are designed for light-duty use
  • It can’t keep your cargo against weather hazards such as snow, rain, and dust
  • They have limited to carrying cargo on the truck bed with no further application

Our Top Pick

Whenever you load any item at the back of your truck, the last thing you want to happen is for them to fall off or roll around the truck bed. Thankfully, cargo nets are designed. They help keep our items in place without much effort.

The cargo nets we have selected all work well based on customer reviews and ratings from retail stores. The one that stood up the most, however, making it as our top pick is Gladiator Cargo Net. With all the recognition from trusted brands under its belt, you will have no doubt it will serve you for a long time.

Buyers’ Guide to the Best Truck Bed Cargo Nets

The market for truck bed cargo nets offers a lot of options for your hauling needs. It can be confusing especially when you are trying to figure out the difference between each item. With a lot of choices out there, be sure to have clear criteria to base your decision with. Or, you may want to consider the following:


The first thing to consider in choosing a cargo net is the size. Its dimension should be smaller than the truck bed, but not too short. Otherwise, it might not be able to go over the cargo and secure the whole of it. If the cargo net is wider than the truck bed, it could be loose and may just become a difficulty during transportation.

It would be best if you check the vehicle owner’s manual to find the size of the truck bed, then ask the brand or manufacturer of the cargo net whether their product fits your truck’s make and model.


Fixing the cargo net to your truck bed is uncomplicated. They come with hooks, screws, and snaps so you can easily set the cargo net across the trunk. Some manufacturers now tend to use adhesive attachments. While they require almost no effort in snapping those nets in, the dust may settle in over time causing the adhesive to lose its capacity to hold.


There are a lot of colors in the market for cargo nets. But, it’s wiser to pick black. Not just because it can go well with any truck color. Bright colored nets could reflect the sunshine and may cause blinding for the other vehicles right behind.

Strength and Durability

The reason that you should get a size a tad smaller than the dimension of your truck bed is for the net to be able to stretch just enough. This allows the net to be pulled down to make it tighter. It should as well not break from heavyweight items. Check for the working load limit of your cargo net. Some nets can hold up to 100 pounds, while the others are less than it. Ideally, you should get one that is stronger, especially when you plan on a trip that may include bumpy roads.

What makes the cargo net stronger is the material used to construct it. The thicker the straps are, the better.

After Use Storage

As useful as cargo nets are, they can be a mess after use. Get the one that includes straps to keep it together or a zipper bag for proper storage.


Cargo nets are a great way to secure your load to the truck bed. With its cords made into a net, it allows fitting of awkwardly shaped items and restrains them in a fixed place. They are excellent in keeping your load from jumping or flying around when you are driving at high speeds or bumpy roads.

These gears are perfect in securing luggage and gears. Simply lay them over the truck bed and tie it down using the hooks that it came with and you’re good to go.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

✅ What do I need to haul large loads? Are these nets enough to secure them?

You may want to add straps to secure the net and tie everything down. This is advisable especially if you are hauling oversized or awkward-shaped loads. To keep anything from getting loose, tie down the load at all four corners and 2 other points.

✅ My items are heavy. Do I still need a cargo net?

People think that the weight of the load alone is enough for them to stand still while being at the back of the truck being driven. No. It is important to secure every item carried at the back of the truck properly no matter how heavy or light they are. So, yes. Make sure you have a truck bed cargo net plus some straps to hold the weight of your haul.

✅ What is the Working Load Limit (WLL) For A Cargo Net?

This refers to the measurement that determines which cargo net is the strongest and the toughest. It is measured through testing and formulated by the Safety Factor Ratio. Maximum WLL is the amount of weight or tension any net can endure before breaking.

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