Top 5 Best Scooter Baskets in the Market Today

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Scooter baskets are necessary when you want to go around carrying particularly bigger and heavier objects that your scooter can handle. They allow you to bring more stuff around in a secure and convenient way. With one, you can bring books, groceries, plants, and even your dog during scooter rides. They come in different styles and variations and it’s important that you know what’s available in the market so that you’d find the right fit for you and your needs. 

Top-Rated Scooter Baskets

#1. KneeRover’s Knee Walker Basket

[amazon fields=”B01N40NB61″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Scooter Baskets” image_alt = “KneeRover’s Knee Walker Basket” image_width=“150” image_height=“150”/]

Simplicity and functionality are what this KneeRover scooter basket is all about!  Weighing only two pounds, it’s the perfect scooter companion when you want to have extra carriage during your scooter rides.

KneeRover is a brand that specializes in scooters for outdoor exploring in the chill and relaxed way. It’s even regarded as the go-to brand for individuals who injure their legs and choose scooters as the better alternative in going around as KneeRover offers a variety of products that tend to different needs of scooter enthusiasts. Rightly so, you can be sure that it knows just what a scooter rider needs.

Highlighted Features

This scooter basket’s edge is its compact size. Measuring at 12 x 9 x 10 inches, you can be sure that it’s big enough to carry extra stuff but not so big that it affects the way that you want your scooter rides to go. It provides just the right amount of space for extra carriage. With its compact size, bags can be easily secured. The scooter basket also comes with a handle.

KneeRover really has its game going on because this scooter basket is but one of its 18 models. This is the best-seller because users commend how it stays in place and is easy to install and remove. It had bad reviews before because it used to retail without its own mounting bracket and users had to buy brackets separately. But that has been dealt with as today’s price already includes a mounting bracket.

It’s interesting to note that even if it didn’t have a mounting bracket that comes with it before, it still sold well as its mechanism is easily attachable and buyers were able to come up with their own unique ways of attaching it, one buyer even used Velcro and it stayed in place and did its job.

Retailing today, not only does it have a mounting bracket, but it also comes with a hex wrench that makes installation and removal significantly easier. 

18 models to choose fromConfusing installation instructions
Easy installationTricky brackets
Easy to remove
Stays in place
Good pricing

#2. Schwinn’s Quick Release Wire Basket

[amazon fields=”B0030RS5IO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Scooter Baskets” image_alt = “Schwinn’s Quick Release Wire Basket” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

Schwinn’s Quick Release Wire Basket is the least expensive scooter basket available in the market that packs a punch. Measuring 14 x 10.6 x 10.5 inches and weighing 2.09 pounds, Schwinn’s scooter basket has consistently been on the bestsellers’ list due to its friendly price and versatility.

Highlighted Features

Not only compatible with scooters, but Schwinn’s Quick Release Wire Basket is also compatible with adult bikes. As is its namesake, this scooter basket has a quick release mechanism. It’s perfect for scooter rides to the groceries as scooter riders can easily detach and carry it.

This scooter basket boasts of a removable handle. Having a removable handle is ergonomic as opposed to other scooter baskets with handles that are permanently attached. With Schwinn’s scooter basket, that is not the case. You can easily remove the ergonomic handles when you don’t need it. This effectively gives you more options when it comes to transporting carriage during your scooter rides.

Mounting and installation can be tricky for first-time users as this scooter basket does not come with instructions. The lack of an instructional manual is understandable as mounting and installing it is pretty straightforward for those who are already into biking and scooter riding. If it’s your first scooter basket and you have no clue at all when it comes to mounting and installing it, multiple resources are available online.

For its capacity to be able to carry as much as 9.3 pounds or 4.2 kilograms worth of carriage, it still receives negative feedback when it comes to its mounting brackets. Given its affordable price, its mounting brackets are not of a metal grade. It’s made of high-grade plastic and this fact had most of its users left doubting the material’s fidelity. It shouldn’t be a concern though as it still gets the job done as long as it’s not transporting anything that goes beyond its maximum capacity.

You can be sure that despite the affordable price, this scooter bike is of top-notch quality as it is manufactured by Schwinn. Schwinn is an American company that has been manufacturing bicycles since 1895. Schwinn is sensitive to riders’ needs so you can be sure that this scooter basket will get the job done.

AffordableCan be wonky
VersatilePlastic mounting brackets
Weather-resistantDoesn’t come with directions
Mounts easily
Removable handle

#3. Sunlite’s Standard Mesh Bottom Light-Off Basket with Bracket

[amazon fields=”B000YBHONG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Scooter Baskets” image_alt = “Sunlite’s Standard Mesh Bottom Light-Off Basket with Bracket” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

This scooter basket is perfect for when you want to bring your pet with you on your scooter rides. Its unique mesh bottom design is the very factor that allows you to do that. Most scooter baskets are made entirely of steel and such design is not ideal when you want scooter rides with your pet for it does not provide cushioning and can be uncomfortable for your pet. That very problem is what this scooter basket solved with its mesh bottom design. With Sunlite’s scooter basket, your pet can comfortably join you on your scooter rides as its mesh bottom is soft and airy which will provide a safe, relaxing, and restful pet ride. It’s a pet-friendly scooter basket. With its size, you can even bring your pet along together with his or her favorite toys. It easily spells of endless enjoyable outdoor play time with your pet.

Highlighted Features

Not only is the mesh bottom perfect for your pets, but it’s also altogether more convenient as it secures the object you’re carrying from falling. You can easily bring your wallet or your phone as the mesh bottom will secure it well as opposed to scooter baskets with entirely steel design with big gaps that don’t secure your objects as much. With its mesh bottom, small objects are sure to not fall out.

This scooter basket is also commended for its good size. It’s big enough for extra carriage and you’d really find it convenient during grocery errands. Its basket’s handles even have a coating which makes it ergonomic for carrying. It’s a grocery errand favorite due to its removable quick release bracket that makes moving about hassle-free.

A consistent bestseller, this scooter basket still received criticism as apart from the fact that it doesn’t come with an instruction manual, it can also get rickety and bounce on bumpy roads due to its mechanism. For installation, resources can be easily found online. As per the bounce on bumpy roads, it can easily be fixed by adjusting it properly to the design of your scooter or by using Velcro.

Measuring at 15 x 12 x 10 inches and weighing 3.3 pounds, this scooter basket is durable. It is powder coated and made of high-grade metal. 

Comes in 14 colorsTends to bounce
Easy installationTends to slop during ride
Mesh bottom perfect for petsMay scratch head tube
Removable basketHeavy
Good size

#4. Pride Mobility’s Scooter Rear Basket

[amazon fields=”B000N8RZLQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Scooter Baskets” image_alt = “Pride Mobility’s Scooter Rear Basket” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

If you want your extra carriage placed at the back of your ride, this scooter basket is perfect for you. Measuring at 16 x 16 x 15 inches and weighing 3 pounds, this rear scooter basket is your go-to choice if you have errands after errands and you need extra carriage at the back of your scooter.

This scooter basket is manufactured by Pride Mobility. Pride Mobility has been in the business of manufacturing mobility goods and accessories since 1986. Tailored for Pride Mobility scooters, this one is also recommended for all as it attaches to the universal accessory holder that most scooters have at the back.

Highlighted Features

Durable and sturdy, this scooter basket can do the heavy lifting for you while you’re on the go. It’s perfect for grocery shopping. It can even carry smaller pets provided that you come up with cushioning at its design leaves small square gaps that may be tricky for your pet. Its size is so good that it can even fit up to two small Pomeranians easily.

Considering its mechanism that attaches through a pin at the back of your scooter, this basket can really provide extra carriage as it can carry objects as heavy as 90 pounds without a problem.

It’s a favorite because it’s very easy to install and mount. It comes with an instruction manual but the directions can be confusing when it comes to the pins and bolts so it’s best to find resources online. Like all things that need installation, you’d be glad to know that it’s easy to mount and install after proper reading and understanding of the instructions.

The fact that it’s easy to load and unload makes it a consistent bestseller despite its price. Once installed, you’d be delighted and understand why users love it. It would really feel like you have extra hands with you wherever you go.

Easy to mountInstructions can be confusing
Good sizePricey

#5. Challenger Mobility’s Folding Rear Basket

[amazon fields=”B072N9NJHN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_title =”Scooter Baskets” image_alt = “Challenger Mobility’s Folding Rear Basket” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

What makes this scooter basket a top choice is the fact that it is foldable. Having scooter baskets placed at the back can make moving about inconvenient when traveling on tiny halls and smaller spaces. Challenger Mobility solved that concern by manufacturing this scooter basket.

Measuring 16”x14”x14”, Challenger Mobility’s folding rear basket is ergonomic for it does not even need to be removed once installed because you can easily fold it after use. You won’t need extra storage space when you don’t need it as it can just be conveniently folded. When folded, it ceases to take up space and you won’t even notice that it’s there. Its design makes folding and unfolding easy.

Highlighted Features

Not only is it ergonomic, but it is also versatile. With its size, it can pretty much fit almost anything that you can transport via scooter. It’s a grocery favorite for mothers as it can carry everything with no hassle. It can easily carry a week’s worth of grocery with its robust capacity. Some even use it for laundry. It’s an all-around aid for general errands when one is out and about in scooter. One user even commented that it’s perfect for when one goes out and about around Disneyland.

Given that it can carry significantly more objects, this scooter basket is heavy when compared to other scooter baskets available in the market. It’s the drawback considering that it’s made of high-grade durable material. Depending on the model and design of your scooter, this scooter basket can also seem to stick too long from the scooter. If you don’t prefer a heavy basket that may stick too long from your scooter, then you might want to consider other options.

It’s important to note that this scooter basket comes with its own mounting bracket so you can be sure that installation is easy. If you’re after a scooter basket that can do more than what is promised, this one’s for you. It can aid you in your all-around needs during scooter rides as it has a durable design and solid capacity.

Easy to installHeavy
FoldingCan stick too long from the scooter
Good sizePricey

Do I need a scooter basket?

It really depends on your lifestyle. If you ride your scooter and you really find no need for extra carriage, then you can go about and just have scooter rides while wearing body bags, sling bags, or backpacks. However, if your lifestyle requires extra carriage when you ride your scooter, then it’s best to invest in a good scooter basket.

Most scooter owners regret not buying scooter baskets from the head-on and end up realizing belatedly that having a scooter basket is really practical and convenient as it allows you to do more. Scooter rides are enjoyable and scooter baskets make it all the more so because of the function and utility that it brings. Having one is like having an extra hand with you that carries all your other stuff. And that’s ideal when you want to go about and do errands on your scooter rides.

If you want to get more out of your scooter, bring more things with you, and even bring your pet along during rides, having a scooter basket is a must. Owning one will be practical and add more fun and enjoyment as you can bring anything along with you. For the value that it brings, spending is justified. Besides, you don’t even need to spend that much as plenty are offered in the market and you can avail of one with good quality for as low as $18.96.

Features to Look for When Buying a Scooter Basket


Before availing a scooter basket, make sure that you know its size and dimension. This is particularly significant as scooters have varying styles and designs. You have to make sure that the one that you’d opt for will properly fit the size of your scooter. It must be so tailored to the design of your scooter that its size must not leave dents and marks on your scooter.

Mounting bracket

Make sure that the scooter basket that you’re going to avail comes with its own mounting bracket. Most users end up troubled when it comes to installation as they don’t consider this factor prior to purchase. You have to make sure that your scooter basket comes with its own mounting bracket so that it can attach in a secure and proper manner. You have to make sure that your scooter basket can be attached in a solid manner as owning and using one will be pointless if it does not even carry objects well. Mounting brackets come in different styles so you also have to make sure that the design mechanism of the scooter basket that you want is a perfect match for the design of your scooter.


Never settle for less when it comes to durability. As the objects that you carry are at stake, you have to ascertain that the materials used and the design to which they were applied is durable and sturdy. Most scooter baskets are pricey solely because of the high-grade steel material that is utilized. You can go for non-steel kinds but durability cannot be promised. You would want to make sure that you can use your scooter basket for longer years.


What objects will you need to be carrying in the first place? Take note of your lifestyle needs because it will ultimately dictate what scooter basket will be the best fit for you.

If you wish to be able to bring along your pet with you, you need to choose one that can not only handle your pet’s weight but will also be comfortable and safe. If you need heavy-duty extra carriage capacity, consider heavier kinds because it’s sure to be more durable and sturdily transport your things — may it be groceries, laundry, or baggage. Don’t make the mistake of buying something that’s too big or too small to handle your needs. Know what you need and start from there.


Pricing is often a badge of quality. However, when it comes to scooter baskets, being more expensive doesn’t always mean that it’s of better quality. Always compare prices. If you end up with two choices that end up basically delivering that same functions you need, choose one of the lower prices because what really matters is that it gets the job done. On the other hand, be careful with ones that retail for low prices for there’s always a drawback when it comes to quality.

Per our recommended scooter baskets, you can find one of good quality that can cost you less than $20 in Schwinn’s Quick Release Wire Basket. This model is sturdy enough and truly gets the job done. Given its pricing, it’s a consistent bestseller when it comes to scooter baskets. When you have more to spend, you can consider Pride Mobility’s Scooter Rear Basket that retails for quite a bit more. It retails for such a price because it has a bigger capacity and attaches at the back of a scooter. It’s also made of high-grade steel materials.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How do I attach the hardware if it doesn’t come with a mounting bracket?

Pins, bolts, and brackets are available in hardware stores. Just bring your scooter basket for perfect sizing. To avoid this problem, make sure that you avail of a scooter basket that comes with its own mounting bracket.

Q: What is the ideal depth for scooter baskets?

To give more value to your money, your scooter basket must at least have an 8-inch depth so it can carry common light objects that you can bring during scooter rides.

Q: What material can I use to further secure the scooter basket?

You can consider using Velcro.

Q: My scooter basket does not come with an instruction manual, what do I do?

Most scooter baskets don’t come with an instruction manual, and if they do, it still ends up confusing users. It’s best to look for resources online. There are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube.

Q: Any tip when it comes to attaching the hardware securely?

Make sure that the hardware is firmly in place each time the basket is being attached.

Q: Do scooter baskets come in different colors?

Yes. Most scooter baskets come in black but plenty of brands provide ones in other colors, too. A good example is Sunlite. Our recommended scooter basket from Sunlite comes in 14 colors. If the scooter basket you want to avail only comes in black, you can always just customize it through the use of paint, textile, stickers, and more.


The scooter basket that you want must be tailored to your lifestyle needs in order to give more value to your money. In deciphering if it suits you, always start with your scooter. Keep in mind that this is a scooter accessory. It must enhance your scooter experience and not the other way around. It must adjust to your scooter. Your scooter needs not to be the one to be adjusted.

Size, Capacity, Durability

Consider its size, capacity, and durability. When it comes to size, start with the size of your scooter first and move from there. Its size must not be so overwhelming that it affects the balance of your scooter. It must not be so small that it defeats the purpose of having one so that you may be able to bring objects along. The capacity factor entirely depends on your needs. If you’d be wanting to bring your pet along during scooter rides, buy ones that can aptly carry such capacity. Don’t buy one and wish that it may be able to carry your pet. Your pet’s comfort and safety are at stake. Durability is essential so make sure that the scooter basket of your choice is made of premium and high-grade material. Remember that you will be using it outdoors so it must at least be sturdy and be able to weather strong winds or rain.

Mounting Brackets

Lastly, make sure that the scooter basket of your choice comes with its own mounting bracket so that you can install it right away and there’d be no need for you to visit the hardware. Before purchasing, make sure that you’ve done your research and have compared multiple products at varying price points. Product reviews are available online and they’re full of valuable insights. You don’t have to spend a lot, you just have to know what you need and do good research.

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