Top 10 Best Motorcycle Dashcams | 2020 Reviews

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Whether you aim to document the scenic views as you drive your bike in the open air, or you think about having something to go back to as a reference in case something happens, a perfect dashcam can help you.

These CCTVs of automobiles have been marketed widespread. Mostly, as a gear to provide evidence in any untoward incidents. The technology of dashcam has evolved over time. From poor resolution to full HD, to GPS coordinate stamping ability, touch screen, integrated radar sensors and so forth. As dashcams gained popularity in recording evidence, they eventually drew opinions for privacy concerns. So, be sure to be a responsible dashcam user.

Whichever manner you need to use this piece of electronic, be sure to be in the lookout for a dashcam must-haves for total recording experience.

Should you really have a motorcycle dash cam?

Road rage has gone as normal as one beating the red light and is mostly faced by motorcycle riders. Check this video below:

Both riders didn’t have any recording device. Whether it is clear on the video which rider had the driving lapse, for sure both will still have their story to tell. It’s up to the guy who took the video to help but if not, how else can we end the “he said, she said” dilemma?

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Dashcams Review

#1. Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera 1080p Dual Lens Video Driving Recorder Motorbike Dash Cam Sports Action Camera 2.7" LCD Screen 130 Degree Angle Night Vision

Designed purposely for motorcycles, this dash cam attaches to your motorcycle and not your helmet. It performs with the powerful Allwinner V3 chipset and showcases a range of notable features.

Resolution: 1080p

Channel: Dual

Night Vision: Yes

Size: Display is 2.7”. The whole dashcam measures 9.4 x 5.5 x 4 inches and weighs 0.16 ounces.

Recording: This motorcycle dash cam is dual channel and records from both front and back camera. The front records 1080p while the rear, 720p. Both lenses are watertight making it a perfect recording device to get you that 130-degree viewing angle each. Its F2.2 Aperture lets the Blueskysea record clear footage at night. Blueskysea DV188’s system uses sophisticated H.264 video compression technology to deliver crystal clear image even in low light conditions.

Display interface: The 2.7”high-resolution b screen is LCD. It lets you in on a view of what it’s recording while on the road. Take note, however, that this display is not waterproof, unlike the dashcams. But, they are completely detachable so, in case it rains, you can fit it in your pocket or inside the bike’s trunk.

File Storage: Recordings from both front and rear camera are in .avi file format. They are collected in split folders arranged by date and time labels. Blueskysea DV188 uses loop recording. It means, the oldest footage is overwritten by the newest once the storage device fills up. Worried about getting accident footage getting overwritten? Don’t be. Its built-in G-sensor locks and protects such footage.

In the box: Package includes the main DVR, front and back camera, DVR holder, hardwiring kit, holder mount, wire controls, 8 cable ties, 2 screws, and gum paste. Memory cards are sold separately.

Loop recording, G-sensor ensure you never lose accident footageThe monitor isn’t waterproof
Easy to install and very durableNo instruction manuals included
Can be hardwired to the battery directly Not compatible with most standard dash cam mounts
Built-in battery provides power temporarily
Dual side loading capabilities

#2. VSYSTO 2CH Motorcycle Camera System DVR with Dual Separated Waterproof Lens Front

VSYSTO 2CH Motorcycle Dash Cam Camera Recorder with Dual Separated Waterproof Lens Front Full HD 1080P and Rear 720P DVR System, GPS Tracker WiFi Support

Another dashcam specially designed for bikers, this one has a two-channel system with a 2.5meter long cable. VSYSTO lets you capture unexpected accidents as evidence and amazing travel scenery to take you back to that mind-blowing experience.

Resolution: 1920*1080p, 30fps

Channel: Dual

Night Vision: Yes

Size: Display is 3.0”. The whole dashcam measures 7.3 x 5.2 x 5.2 inches and weighs 2.62lbs

Recording: This dashcam automatically powers on once the motorcycle’s ignition switch is on. It will prompt its 2-channel recording from the front and back with its SONY IMX323 CMOS image sensor that has a 6-layer lens and 140° wide angle. Its IP68 waterproof cameras allow you to record in any weather conditions so, you won’t miss on super sharp image quality, crystal clear videos. Recording stops at about 3 minutes after you switch off your bike.

Wi-Fi and optional GPS: Equipped with Wi-Fi connection as a feature, you can connect it with your mobile device for easy saving of your captured footages, effectively managing settings and usage, and fuss-free sharing over the internet. Its (optional) GPS lets you show your movement (with speed, coordinate, and route) in Google Map of GPS player.

File Storage: VSYSTO 2CH Motorcycle Camera System records in .mov file format. It continuously records small clips (1/2/3/5 minutes) and when the storage device is full, it will overwrite the oldest footage with the newest one, but still regarding those that were captured with G-Sensor Event Recording.

In the box: Main unit (1), Waterproof camera (2), 2.0 meters camera extension cable (2), Waterproof case + Handlebar mount (1), Wired remote (1), USB test cable (1), Y Split Cable (1), and User manual (1)

Easy to install and useInterference with bike electronics when recording
Smart controls such as cable power management
Video quality is affected by changes in speed
Wi-Fi phone app easy to set up
Completely weatherproof

#3. Tachyon 1080p BikerCam

Tachyon 1080p BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System

A dependable dashcam for every biker, Tachyon 1080p BikerCam will work for you until the sun comes down and there’s not much light. It claims to be the smallest and lightest of the dashcams out there. It mounts on helmets or handle bars, engine guards, sissy bars, or luggage racks – almost anywhere you find it convenient.

Resolution: 1080p Full HD

Channel: Single

Night Vision: Yes

Size: Display with integrated camera measures at 2.9 X 1 X 1 Inch and weighs 1.2lbs.

Recording: Documents your ride in full HD video as well as audio. No fish-eye distortion but still gives that wide-angle view. For a camera attached to your helmet, this one has not many jitters as most do. The lens and sensor it came in with work perfect to deliver amazing video quality for its price. Looped record allows up to 7.5 hours of recording before over writing.

Display interface: Display is integrated with the camera so, you will have to work with the buttons. The camera is easy to use and only has a few buttons so, it won’t leave you mixed up with all the settings and controls.

File Storage: You can instantly set your Tachyon 1080p BikerCam to Moto mode and connect it to your computer using a USB cord. This allows easy transfer of files with just a few clicks on the on-screen prompts.

In the box: Package includes HD BikerCam with Continuous-Loop Recording, Rainproof Cover, Charge while Recording; Quick-Release Handlebar Mount, Contoured Helmet Mount, and many other extras.

Switchable with or without Time & Date stampLots of mounting and wiring involved
Small and sleek
Insertion for 12v accessory plugs paves way for moisture
Can charge the camera while recording
Auto-Start & Stop Recording

#4. Sykik Rider ZR1 Motorcycle Action Camera

Sykik Rider ZR1, Fully Waterproof Dual Camera Motorcycle Camera System with Quick Release Mount and Smart Park Motion Activated Start/Stop

Directed to give bikers ease of use with the camera, Sykik ZR1 is waterproof and conveniently powers through your motorcycle battery reducing the need for it to be charged. With it installed on the bike rather than the helmet gives you the freedom to move your head without missing any footage in front that could be handy in time.

Resolution: 1080p

Channel: Dual

Night Vision: Yes

Size: Display measures 3.0″ TFT Screen. The whole dashcam measures 7 x 5 x 3 inches and weighs 1.95lbs.

Recording: ZR1s camera is designed to turn on and start capturing automatically once you start your engine. It also comes with a Smart Park module. This module has a sensor that can also start your gadget if it detects any movement from your bike or its surroundings.

Display interface: All functions are accessible on the on-screen buttons, Up, Menu, and Down. It also has LED indicators that mean the following; Red for power is restored, Blue LED for standby and ready to record, and Flashing Blue light for recording in progress. It also shows video resolution, recording speed, and SD card information.

File Storage: It comes in with a camera file browser where it allows you to watch previously recorded materials. You can toggle the playback from the front or back recordings. The files are all stored in a local album from where you can manage which files you keep or delete.

In the box: Package includes DVR screen, waterproof front, and back cameras, AAA-Grade waterproof glass, Smart Park Sensor, 17” standard camera cable for each Camera, and 77” extension cable for all fittings of motorcycles.

Bluetooth connectivity allowing a live voice-over during your rideConnecting it directly to the battery may cause a few corrupted files on the parts recorded
Wi-Fi connectivity for easier downloading of the footage right to your phone or computerThe plastic nut supplied for the mount could crack if over-tightened
Made from an aluminum alloy providing quality

#5. AUTOLOVER DV188 Motorcycle Dashcam

Bike Camera,AUTOLOVER DV188 Motorcycle Dash cam 1080p Dual Lens Motorcycle Recording Camera 2.7" LCD Screen 130 Degree Angle Motorcycle Driving Recorder with G-Sensor Function

A nifty but full of features dashcam for motorcycle riders. It has the same chipset as that of BlueSkySea DV188 also with advanced H.264 video compression technology. Recording your riding action with your dual camera mounted to your bike than helmet has never been easy.

Resolution: 1080P HD

Channel: Dual

Night Vision: Yes

Size: Display is 2.7”resistive screen. The whole dashcam measures at 3.9 x 0.8 x 2.6 inches and weighs 2.03lbs

Recording: Both front and rear camera have full HD dual lenses with 130° viewing angle. DV188 Motorcycle Dash cam records simultaneously with the feature of swapping images when playing on the monitor. Its F 2.2 aperture feature also brings you clear night vision footage.

Display interface: The 2.7” LCD screen has its buttons all set on the left with shapes and labels for each function. Take note that, only the cameras are watertight so you might want to keep your display inside the trunk during the rainy season.

File Storage: Using a stable chipset Allwinner V3 with advanced H.264 video compression technology, it loop-records and overwrites the older files when the storage is full. The G-Sensor however, protects sensitive files from being overwritten.

In the box: Package includes Motorcycle driving recorder, control box, buck line, lens, cable ties, buckle, magic tape, recorder base, bracket, a lens base, screw, nut, screwdriver, sticker, and an instruction manual written in English and Chinese.

Very easy to install and has good options for mounting. Cable lengths are perfect for both motorcycle or ATV
G-sensor is overly sensitive, causing the storage device to be filled up with footage that aren’t accident related
Cheap but effective for price
Cameras can be easily hidden

#6. DOD TECH Hummer Bike Cam

DOD TECH Hummer Hummer Bike Cam, 1.5", Black

One of the best dashcams for motorcycles, capturing rich details of your long bike trips. DOD Tech Hummer is a breeze to control, aside from it having a stylish look too. It is very easy to set up, you don’t have to be a dashcam expert to know how to utilize it effectively.

Resolution: 1080P

Channel: Single

Night Vision: Yes

Size: Display is 1.5”. The whole dashcam measures 3.8 x 2 x 2.2 inches and weighs 1.63lbs.

Recording: DOD TECH Hummer cam starts recording in full HD once the engine is ignited. The same way, it shuts off automatically when the engine shuts off. It records 110° view. Keeping up with the dashcam technology, it also has built-in G-Sensor that instantly detects hard braking or a collision.

Display interface: The 1.5” display is on top of the camera. Around the small display are the buttons to control the dashcam’s function. Since it is integrated with the waterproof camera then you won’t have to worry about harsh weather.

File Storage: Hummer loops-record the road ahead, using special processing to deliver a striking HD image. These footages are directly saved to a microSD (sold separately). Footage is also improved by built-in GPS that records the speed of your bike as well as date and time.

In the box: Package includes motorcycle bike-cam, 16GB microSD card, handlebar mount, 12V cigarette light/power adapter, 3′ coiled power cable, 8.5′ hardwire power cable, ATO-fuse tap with 2A ATO-fuse, Mini-fuse tap with 2A mini-fuse, 2 rubber rings, power-port cap, hex key, user manual, warranty card.

Built-in microphone for audio enabled-video recordingSmall display
HD waterproof bike camWhile it is connected to your phone, it will stop its recording functions
GPS-enhanced videoThe small buttons make it hard for bikers using a glove to control it

#7. Goluk T1 Wifi FHD 1080P Mini Car Dash Cam Recorder

Goluk T1 Wifi FHD 1080P Mini Car Dash Cam Recorder, with 16G TF Card, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor

Boasting a sleek and unique design, Goluk T1 although not particularly designed for motorcycle riders, are mostly used by them. It is lightweight and compact and its clever design keeps it from prying eyes of thieves.

Resolution: Full HD 1080p

Channel: Single

Night Vision: Yes

Size: The whole dashcam measures at 3.5 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches and weighs 0.7 lbs.

Recording: It comes with 152° wide lens that allows the dashcam to capture such view. Goluk t1 doesn’t just capture the entirety of the road but footpaths on the sides as well. It also gives you the option to choose the loop recording resolution from 1080P High or 1080P Medium. You also have the control whether you’d let it run as soon as the engine is run or not.

Display interface: Footages can only be played on your smartphone or computer as Goluk T1 is simply a dashcam.

File Storage: Goluk T1 app on a smartphone will let you know the available space for your storage device. Once it fills up, the earliest video will be overwritten by the newest one, of course sparing those that were recorded by G-sensor.

In the box: Package includes Goluk T1 Dash Cam, dashcam mount, 3 self-adhesive pads, wireless remote (magickey), car power adapter, USB cable, 8 cable clips, user manual, and warranty card.

MagicKey or the remote control makes it very easy to operateWill have to rely on your smartphone at most times
Sleek design that doesn’t obstruct biker’s view and attract thievesPoor battery life
Lightweight and compact

#8. Aokur Waterproof Motorcycle 140 Degree Camera

aokur Waterproof IPX6 720P Wide Angle 140 Degree Camera DVR Video Recoder Dashcam Rearview Mirror With Mount For Motorcycle ATV UTV Street Bike Adventure Touring Cruiser Bike Snowmobile (Right side)

Dashcams on motorcycles can be eye-candy to crooks. If you are really into dashcams but don’t like to attract burglars, Aokur is for you. Blending effortlessly on the bike’s mirror, no one will even know it is there.

Resolution: 720p

Channel: Single

Night Vision: Yes

Size: The whole dashcam measures at 13 x 5 x 4 inches and weighs 1.76 lbs.

Recording: Aokur starts recording as soon as the engine’s on and will stay on and recording for another 6 minutes after it turns off. At that point, it will run from its built-in 500mA lithium battery.

Display interface: Dashcam doesn’t come with the display but footage can be played through your phone or laptop. Settings can also be managed through your smartphone.

File Storage: Aokur makes 720P smooth loop recording of .avi format files. The micro port provides easy transfer of files from microSD to your computer.

Discreet camera
No G-sensor
Easy to install and LED light indicators let you
know they are functioning
Works well on rough and any weather conditions

#9. INNOVV C5 Black Camera

INNOVV C5 Black Camera with 1.8 Meter Cable

Engineered for rugged use, INNOVV C5 is the only system that rivals Blueskysea DV188. It has desirable features for powersports activities, specifically for motorcycle riders. Armed with waterproof lens and aluminum DVR modules, it surely can withstand any weather conditions you ride it with.

Resolution: Resolution has 2 settings; 1080p & 720p at 60fps; 720p at 30fps

Channel: Single

Night Vision: Yes

Size: The whole dashcam measures at 7.8 x 6 x 2.9 inches and weighs at 1.28lbs.

Recording: One the ignition is turned on and after a 10-second wait, INNOVV C5 starts up and then enters its default video recording mode as indicated by the red LED light flashing once per second. Manual recording can be done too. Long press the red button to turn it on (or off). Another feature it boasts is its motion detection mode and park mode. In motion detection mode, any motion detected when the motorcycle is parked automatically turns the camera on. The same thing happens in park mode except, the internal battery is utilized to record crash events.

Display interface: Connect your DVR modules and play your footages through your smartphone or computer. INNOVV C5 doesn’t have much control interface. This keeps the rider from being distracted.

File Storage: From the app on your smartphone, you may access your footages on the document icon. This is also where you can manage and playback your files. Motion detection mode and parking mode footages are also saved in a protected folder so even when the recording loops back to the earliest recording, you won’t worry about them getting deleted.

In the box: Package includes Main DVR device, video lens with 1.8m cable, DC 12V to 5V hardware kit, mounting bracket for the lens, mounting tools, mounting bracket for DVR, sticker for DVR mounting bracket, MicroSD card reader, user manual, and INNOVV stickers.

Video output comes sharper with the enhanced color balance from different weather and lighting conditions
Motion detection mode and parking mode settings are still sensitive, causing the storage to be full with footages coming from simple bumps and falls
Watertight, ruggedized, and IP68 rated lens
Unstable lens mounting brackets
Heavy-duty 12/5V DC power supply
USB-C interface for high data rate support

#10. HaloCam Motorcycle Recording Camera System

Motorcycle Recording Camera System by HaloCam, 1080P Dual Lens Dash Cam Dvr, Rear View Sports Action Camera, Waterproof Lens, Video Driving Recorder with WiFi&GPS, 2.7" LCD, 155 Degree Angle, 256G Max

HaloCam Motorcycle Recording Camera is a dual channel security camera designed particularly for motorcycles. Its build quality and durability work well with any weather conditions the motorcycle is up against with. The engineers who designed this system took into consideration the rider’s security – removing the part where they have to deal with plugging and unplugging the device to the power source, turning on and off. All the while making sure road scenery shots are not compromised.

Resolution: 1080p

Channel: Dual

Night Vision: Yes

Size: Display is 2.7” screen. The whole dashcam measures 3.6 x 2 x 0.9 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds.

Recording: Lenses are IP67 water and dustproof so, no matter the conditions are, the lenses will work steadily to record each second of your ride. The cameras have 155° wide views to capture not just the roads but the footpaths and sidewalks too. The output videos with 1080p resolution are guaranteed by its built-in Sony image sensor. Just like most dashcams, as long as it’s connected to the vehicle’s power source, once the engine is turned on, so is the functionality of Halocam.

Display interface: The 2.7” screen for viewing and playing back recorded footages also holds the menu for setting up. The top edge holds the power button while the long lower edge has the four buttons for other navigation controls. It is also on that part where you can insert your MicroSD.

File Storage: Resolution can be set for 720p or 1080p so that gives you an option to choose which setting you’d prefer that would not take much space from your storage device. Loop record is supported with up to 256GB of storage (MicroSD sold separately). Footages are recorded continuously in different lengths and overwrite the oldest clip once it has used up all space.

In the box: Package includes DVR module, 2 cameras, remote switch, GPS antenna, mounting brackets, power supply module, 3 extension cables, USB power supply adapter, magnetic mount for DVR module, 3M dual lock fastener pad, rubber cover for DVR module, and manual.

Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to manage your files even without touching the DVR moduleBrackets are too loose for the cameras and DVR modules
The smartphone app is easy to navigateBulky camera cables
Compact and lightweight DVR module
Easy transfer and sharing of footages

What to Consider When Getting a Motorcycle DashCam

Whatever you want to use the video you will capture on your motorcycle dashcam, it should provide you footage that is clear and obstruction free. Whether you are a blogger who rides a bike or a rider who wants to be secured with a tag-along CCTV, you must put a lot of thoughts into the dashcam you will pick. We’ve listed down some of the features you should focus on in looking for the perfect dash cam.

Video Quality

Dashcams are used mainly for safety footage. The higher the resolution, the better quality of the video it will have. A high-quality video is more convincing in case you need to defend yourself from an accident or collision. The most accurate video clips should not go below 720p resolution.

Power Supply

Most riders have resorted from motorcycle-designed dashcam than GoPros due to its capabilities of being powered by the motorcycle’s power source and not by its internal battery. Since it is difficult to charge your camera while riding, it is a lot better to get it connected to your vehicle’s battery. That way, you won’t have to worry about navigating it. Let it automatically function the same time your bike turns on.


Since most motorcycle rides happen on different terrains or weather conditions, it is a must that your dashcam is durable. Make sure they can’t be easily broken, cracked, or worst – stolen. It also isn’t much fun if even just a hit of a pebble breaks your cam. Accidents can happen no matter the weather so has one that functions in all weather conditions.


Motorcycle dashcams differ on placement – on the rider’s helmet or on the motorcycle’s dashboard. No matter where you’d like it placed, it is best to consider vibration and video quality. You also would want to have a view not just in front of you but behind you. You wouldn’t want to be clueless in case some vehicle smashes with you from behind.

Loop recording

You wouldn’t want your storage device getting full so, have a system that lets you find the last recordings and overwrites the first footages. It is also wise to have a G sensor, so your sensitive footages won’t be overwritten.


Dashcams are eye candies and can easily be stolen. You wouldn’t want to walk back to your motorbike only to find your security recorder is gone. Have a dashcam that is small in size so as to not draw attention.

Top Picks

If it is recording your riding experiences or just being safe from reckless drivers, only the best dashcam should be mounted to your bike (or helmet). Should it be blending with your gear and not drawing too much attention? Then go for Aokur Waterproof Motorcycle 140 Degree Camera. Are you looking for a durable and weatherproof recorder? Consider Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera. Whichever dashcam you choose, make sure it brings you peace of mind as you stride along the streets in the open air.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

✅ What is the best motorcycle camera for motorcycle vlogging?

There are a lot of them in the market but make sure that you look for one which placement doesn’t incur too much vibrations. Also, one that also records audio. Better if it has Bluetooth for connecting a wireless microphone. Check out Sykik Rider ZR1 Motorcycle Action Camera.

✅ What is the best dash cam for motorcycle long distance rides?

So much in the market offers to be the best camera for long distance rides but, to each, their own. Personally, it should be that one that can hold the most size of videos, power is supplied by the vehicle’s power, and weatherproof.

✅ Any legal predicaments I should be worried about? 

Legal use of dashcams and recording devices vary from every state (or country). I would urge you to research the proper use regulation of these devices for their local area before using them as legal evidence.

If you’re still with us, take a look at our guide on motorcycle panniers or motorcycle hitch carriers!

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