Buyer’s Guide to the Best Inflatable Roof Racks

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You know you’re into outdoor recreation when the first thing you consider is the cargo capacity of a vehicle. It’s a simple rule. If you go out and have fun, you better have the space to carry everything around. That’s where roof racks come in handy. Both inflatable roof rack and traditional roof racks effectively extend the cargo capacity of any vehicle in the easiest way possible.

When it comes to roof racks, inflatable roof racks are the way of the future. They are simple, portable, and convenient. Outdoor recreation and cargo transport have never been this easy. Gone are the days when you have to be extra careful when it comes to installing roof racks because now you can buy any of the available inflatable roof racks in the market and they can fit almost all kinds of vehicles in one go.

Traditional roof racks

There are different kinds of traditional roof racks. Primarily, you have clip fit roof racks, side rails, track or fixed-point towers, rain gutters, and camper tops. All vary when they come to style, mounting technique, cargo-capacity, and dimension but they all boil down to ultimately their effectivity when it comes to extending your vehicle’s cargo capacity. Traditional roof racks are permanent. Once they’re installed, they stay atop your vehicle.

What to keep in mind

When purchasing a traditional roof rack, you will have to do extensive measuring for optimal customization. Be fully aware of your car model, its roof-type, and the precise angular measurements required, depending on the kind of traditional metal roof rack that you desire. You must also be fully aware of its installation process as one small mistake can lead to a roof rack that doesn’t really secure your roof cargo leading to ultimately defeating the purpose of installing one in the first place. This is where it gets disadvantageous.

Purchasing and installing a traditional roof rack is time-consuming. Given that their permanence, they also take up space forever on one single vehicle. Your one vehicle with the installed roof rack becomes the designated vehicle for extra cargo transport for always. If you want to use a different vehicle, you have to install a brand new and separate roof rack anew. However, you can move inflatable roof racks from car to car with ease.

Benefits of Inflatable Roof Racks

Optimum ease with inflatable roof racks

The availability of inflatable roof racks ushered in the era of greater ease when it comes to travelling with extra cargo – whether it be for outdoor recreation or furniture transport.  Inflatable roof racks are mostly made of tough high-grade nylon. As their name suggests, they are inflatable and require an air pump to be fully functional. Most inflatable roof racks in the market take on the style of a traditional camper top roof rack. Plus, inflatable roof racks are not made of metal and are installed with ease.

Inflatable roof racks are perfect for on-the-go individuals who don’t have time to spare when it comes to researching, purchasing, and measuring the perfect fully customized metal roof rack. Inflatable roof racks are ideal when you’re after a hassle-free, quick, and reliable product with prime on ease-of-use and convenience.


The only down-side with inflatable roof racks is that they are not permanent. Compared to traditional metallic roof racks that stay atop vehicles for all days as long as they’re not detached. An inflatable roof rack is mobile. Though impermanence is their downside, they also serve as their top advantage. If you have a household with multiple cars, any vehicle can be used for the inflatable roof rack. You can easily attach inflatable roof racks from one vehicle to another. Gone are the days when only one vehicle can be utilized for cargo transport or outdoor recreation. With inflatable roof racks, any vehicle can be used because compatibility and installation are no longer issues.


Inflatable roof racks are space savers. Compared to traditional roof racks that take up absolute space upon installation, inflatable racks can be easily deflated after use and stored with minimum space required. Given that they’re portable and handy when deflated, you can bring them anywhere and even have other people borrow them. Ultimate outdoor enthusiasts can even bring them abroad to secure that a vehicle with extendible cargo is always available regardless of one’s location around the globe.

Vehicle compatibility

With inflatable roof racks, you don’t need to double-step when it comes to making a choice. Meticulous measurements aren’t required because most inflatable roof racks are compatible with all two-door and four-door vehicles. You don’t need to worry if you get the wrong roof rack as inflatable roof racks can be easily adjusted and made to fit any vehicle.

Hassle-free installation

All you need is an air pump and you’re good to go! Pump them and then clip them and you can drive straight to your next outdoor destination. It’s as easy as plug and play. Compared to traditional roof decks that require a particular step-by-step installation that is sensitive to mistakes, installing an inflatable roof rack is quite a breeze. You won’t need to call a mechanic or a roof rack expert, you can install it all by yourself straight out of the box. It’s absolutely hassle-free!

What to Consider When Purchasing

An inflatable roof rack is the way to go for the modern outdoor enthusiast and practical vehicle owner in you. However, you must still factors to be considered when choosing among them. When choosing the inflatable roof rack for you, always check the material, the equipment that comes with them, and the capacity that they can hold.


Durability is essential when it comes to looking for outdoor essential gears. To be durable and give value for your money, make sure that the material of your inflatable roof rack is made of tough high-grade nylon. A good inflatable roof rack is water-resistant and able to weather extreme elements; They are also secure, unable to leak during heavy rains. You also have to check if they’re certified for use up to highway speeds.

Easy installation

A good inflatable rack comes with its own air pump and an expandable cargo carrier that imitates a traditional roof rack. It’s best to choose an inflatable roof rack that comes with the following for installation to truly be easy. This way, you can really install and use the roof rack straight from the box. Product parts’ compatibility will not be a concern as well.

Cargo Capacity

As roof racks are ultimately for the transport of your cargo, you must be particular when it comes to the carrying capacity of an inflatable roof rack. They must at least be able to hold at least 50 kg of cargo. Take note of the items that you would transport with it and make sure that there is compatibility. A person who frequently carries a kayak has different needs compared to a person who frequently transports a bike. Not all inflatable roof racks are made equal. Choose wisely.

Some of the Best Inflatable Roof Racks

Numerous inflatable roof racks with varying functionalities are available in the market. We recommend these following products. They fit the important functions required of an inflatable roof rack and help you to find the best inflatable roof rack for you:

  • HandiRack’s Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars – made from high-grade nylon. They come with its own air pump and an expandable cargo carrier. They can carry up to 80 kg of cargo and are certified safe for use in highways. Plus, they work with both 2-door and 4-door vehicles.
  • Rakapak’s Inflatable Universal Car Roof Rack – inflatable in seconds with one-way inflation valves. They can carry up to 80 kg of cargo. They are made of soft material, 420-denier nylon, that does not scratch vehicles. It also comes with five D-ring anchor points, allowing it to be installed on virtually every vehicle. Perfect for storing your paddleboard, surfboard, kayak, or snowboard.


Just always remember that the goal here is to expand the cargo capacity of your vehicle to match your outdoor activity or moving needs. To give more value to your money, just consider the top points given:

  • make sure the material is high-grade and durable,
  • that they come with its own air pump and capacity-expanding accessories, and
  • that they have a solid cargo capacity.

Opting for an inflatable roof rack is the smart choice because their very inception considered the needs of today’s demanding modern outdoor lifestyle. They remove the worry about meticulously procuring vehicle measurements and complicated installation requirements. If you have no time to spare and you live your life in the edge, an inflatable roof rack is the one best inflatable roof rack suited for you. They will not eat much of your time and will not take up any space when you’re not using it. You can bring them anywhere and use them in almost all kinds of vehicles.

Just be aware of your personal cargo needs because some specialized inflatable roof racks cater to particular outdoor sporting gears. Know what you need and start from there and then choosing the best inflatable roof rack for you shouldn’t be a problem. You may want to choose an on-the-go lifestyle and opt for an inflatable roof rack so that you’re always ready for the next hassle-free outdoor adventure.

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