Top 7 Best Headache Racks (MaxxHaul)

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Headache racks, also known as the truck racks, keep the rear window protected. When the right headache rack is being used it will keep the cargo and loads protected while shifting. These are especially helpful to tie the extra load. This will be making it safe to shift things like lumber, extension ladders, and piping. Every headache rack provides a variety of built-in and adjustable tie-downs and top rails.

Top 7 Best Headache Racks

  1. MaxxHaul Headache Rack
  2. Backrack Three Light Headache Rack
  3. Aries 111000 Headache Rack
  4. Aries 11101 Commercial Steel Headache Rack
  5. Backrack 12300 Headache Rack
  6. Backrack 10500 Headache Safety Rack
  7. AA racks Model X35-W Headache Rack

#1. MaxxHaul Headache Rack

[amazon fields=”B00IOES0YW” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =”Headache Rack” image_alt = “MaxxHaul Headache Rack” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

There is no doubt about it that MaxxHaul 70234 is the best adjustable rack if that is your preference. It is made with industrial-grade steel. One of the surprising factors remains that these are very light in weight and easy to install. Usually, people say that it takes around half an hour for a complete installation. Additionally, the material that it is made from is durable and is resistant to any kind of wear and tear that might be caused because of damages. The headache rack has also been designed in a manner of the screen, therefore there won’t be any kind of hindrances for visibility. These have been made for fitting the most pickup trucks. There is also no necessity for drilling either. This is the best choice if you are going to buy a headache rack for the first time and shall give you a perfect start.

Specific features and technical concerns:

Several unique features offer benefits with this one. First, it is a light weight of about 30 pounds and simple. The top-quality steel is used for making it and this is a wire screen rack. This is the perfect choice if you are searching for a rack that is durable and has good strength. It has been designed in a manner that there is no need for drilling. The installation process is very easy and the rear visibility remains open.

There are very few technical concerns one can face with this one. One of the things is that the rack does not line well with all of the truck beds and in such cases drilling can be a requirement. This won’t be an issue in case you don’t have a show truck. Another small issue that was noticed is that it can rattle a bit when it hits the window back at the time of heavy hauls.


  • The good quality material that this is made with ensures an easy installation process.
  • Because of the no drilling feature installation becomes very easy.
  • The entire back window will remain protected with this.


  • The rack does fit most of the pickups, although at times it might need drilling.
  • Some of the users have felt that it does hit the back window when some heavy chain or wood is against it.
  • This rack might not provide complete protection against the major damages that comes from off-road automobile or bikes that push up against it.

#2. Backrack Three Light Headache Rack

[amazon fields=”B0100L4OYG” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =”Headache Rack” image_alt = “Backrack Three Light Headache Rack” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

This is the perfect headache for giving protection to your truck if it’s used for heavy-duty loading. This will be adding to the rear window visibility and also provide all of the normal function of a headache rack as well. One can use it with or without the covers. For higher convenience, it also has added oval lights that are six in number and are placed three one each of the sides. This rack will remain rust-free as it goes through a 12 stage coating process that is electrostatic and after this its coated with black powder as well. It does not need any drilling and comes with a lifetime warranty on the structure.

Specific features and technical concerns:

The rack comprises of 2 inserts that are fastened in the steel frame that is rolled and is well oiled. Also, there are steel cap screws that you will be able to see on each of the sides. Usually, on racks plastic caps are used on tubing ends, a bit here there are completely welded and buffered with steel ends so high durability can be expected from it. The center of the rack has been left open that will be of great benefit if you have a sliding window at the rear end of the truck. Purchasing the mounting box and the light separately surely makes the purchasing process a bit more difficult. But once installed, this will look perfectly.


  • The installation process is easy and does not require any drilling.
  • It also adds to the look of the truck and makes it stylish.
  • Comes with lifetime structure guarantee.
  • It is a durable and quality material that will last for years.


  • You will have to purchase the light and mounting box separately with this one.
  • Some people have noticed that some screws etc were missing, so make sure you contact the seller before making the purchase.
  • It weighs 48 pounds so a bit on the heavier side, still installation with this won’t be that difficult.

#3. Aries 111000 Headache Rack

[amazon fields=”B001FCOTCW” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =”Headache Rack” image_alt = “Aries 111000 Headache Rack” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

This is one of the head racks that gives complete protection and can be the best choice in case you will use your truck for carrying the kids as well. Rack center has been designed like a louver that will give a complete protection to your family. This rack is built with a steel tubing of two inches that makes everything incredibly strong. Additionally, there is a finishing done with a coat of black powder that will be keeping the rack safe from any kind of rust and chipping. These also block the sun and will keep the truck cooled and comfortable to sit in.

Specific features and technical concerns:

This has metal tubing made of heavy metal and makes the rack so much stronger. This is perfect for use in the family. If your truck is being used for a lot of heavy carrying this will be a great fit for that as well. Also, there is a sun-shield bar on the rack top. This keeps people inside cool and cozier feeling. The center of the rack is directly louvered so there are noise reduction and higher stability.

One of the technical concerns with this rack is that being about forty-five pounds it does get heavier and can even take a longer time for installation. Then there is a need for drilling for the installation as well. Some of the buyers have faced issues about the fit. There can be a need for additional clamps for stabilizing it. This can be the case when the truck bed is of smaller size.


  • Most of the pickups will be easily fit with these racks.
  • The frame of the rack is solid and heavy in construction.
  • There is resistance to chipping and getting damaged with rust.


  • The installation time can take a bit longer.
  • Drilling requirement is necessary with the installation process.
  • There can be a need for clamps for stabilizing in some cases.

#4. Aries 11101 Commercial Steel Headache Rack

[amazon fields=”B004QJXWII” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =”Headache Rack” image_alt = “Aries 11101 Commercial Steel Headache Rack” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

This is a heavy-duty steel constructed headache rack that will help in protecting your vehicle. It is also worth a try if you are looking for something that will be compatible with the toolbox. It is made for fitting in the cross bed tool box easily. Although it is a bit on the heavier side than the ones that we had mentioned in the list above, still installation remains easy with this one. It can fit with different truck beds and the rack center is completely louvered. Some of the customers have noticed that the packaging of the product is done in a poor manner and this can be solved by talking to the seller before purchasing it so that you don’t stress afterward.

Specific features and technical concerns:

One of the striking features of this specific headache rack is that it has a brilliant shine. The finish is glossy and will surely add some style to your truck. It also has nice functionality because of the cross bed toolbox space. The rack has high durability and has been crafted with steel tubing that gives extra strength.

The technical concerns as mentioned above is that it’s heavy. To be precise its 55 pounds in weight but this adds to durability feature. The customers that have complained about the poor packaging have mainly had issues with cosmetic damage but not with functioning at any point. There can be a requirement of slight modification with this one as well. This includes drilling some more holes so that the installation remains proper.


  • The body of the truck is made with heavy-duty steel.
  • It will be a great fit for all kinds of the truck be it with or without the toolboxes.
  • It comes with an installation kit.


  • Because of the bad packaging, it might arrive in a damaged condition.
  • The tack is heavy.
  • There can be a requirement of additional holes drilling for the perfect fit at times.

#5. Backrack 12300 Headache Rack

[amazon fields=”B00JPJU822″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =”Headache Rack” image_alt = “Backrack 12300 Headache Rack” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

If you are looking for amazing style this should be your top pick for sure. The rack goes through a dipping process that will be preventing any kind of damage on the finish. For maximum corrosion resistance, the rack is coated two times. It will be providing the best protection to the rear window of the vehicle and is not too heavy in weight. If you have a show truck this will be a great headache rack for you. It will also work well if you just want to make your truck look good. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the installation kit does not come with this one either and you will have to buy it separately.

Specific features and technical concerns:

There is no doubt about it that dipping it twice for the best corrosion protection makes this one a durable and low maintenance option. The rack does look beautiful and will surely add to the look of your show truck will performing very well. This is also one of the lightest headache racks that we have mentioned in the list. And because of this installation is easier and won’t take you more than an hour to do that.

Again, this one does not come with a hardware kit. There is also not much information on the kind of metal that this rack has been made with. Another concern for people can be the rack being on the slightly expensive side. But overall the reviews of this rack has been amazing and customers that have bought it seem to absolutely love this one.


  • This headache rack will give complete corrosion protection.
  • It will add to the look of almost all trucks.
  • The weight of the rack is light.


  • There is no installation kit included.
  • They should give more information on the material the rack has been made from.
  • This is one of the expensive choices and everyone might not be able to afford it.

#6. Backrack 10500 Headache Safety Rack

[amazon fields=”B009F4V6C8″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =”Headache Rack” image_alt = “Backrack 10500 Headache Safety Rack” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

This is one of the best racks for stability feature. So in case, you had been a lookout on the rack that will not be making any more noise than this will be a great option. This headache rack has a design consisting of metal mesh that is not just strong but also brings a reduction in the rattling sound. There will be no stress on you about an additional ply piece that goes through the back window either. A lot of headache racks don’t have a mesh design because of which small debris easily get inside but that doesn’t happen with this one.

This is again light in weight and easily installable. It needs a tool process that includes three steps. You need to keep in mind that the hardware kit with this one is sold separately. And for some customers, this can be disturbing, but you don’t need to worry as the price of the rack itself is very affordable so you will be able to make room for purchasing the hardware kit while being in your budget.

Specific features and technical concerns:

This headache rack has been med a bit more stringer with the use of metal wire that also provides high stability. Because of this specific feature, the headache rack remains way quieter than other available in the market at a similar price range. Its lighter in weight but still very strong. The weight of this rack is 35 pounds which are easy for installation.

Although, this is not a technical concern kit for installation is being sold here separately. This makes the customer unsure of the mounting kit they should be using. You will have to check on the website of the manufacturer for getting accurate details. Then there can be some problems being faced with the packaging of the product as people have faced some issues with that as well. Therefore before you purchase this rack make sure that you are consulting the seller before you make the purchase.


  • The headache rack is quiet and made with good design and quality material.
  • Light in weight that makes installation easy.
  • It offers complete back window cover because of the mesh design.


  • It does not come with a hardware kit and one has to buy it separately.
  • Numerous consumer is not satisfied with the packaging that it comes with.
  • Customers do get confused on the mounting kit that they should buy.

#7. AA Racks Model X35-W Headache Rack

[amazon fields=”B0716ZZ8PS” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =”Headache Rack” image_alt = “AA Racks MOdel X35-W Headache Rack” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

This rack is great if you had been looking for something that has multiple utility and functionality. The rack is made with a steel frame and has a wired screen. It will also provide you with the rear window frame. Also, whenever you want you can remove the screen. This is going to be the best headache choice for you if you are looking for carrying heavy loads. Because the rack is made from heavy-duty commercial-grade steel, it will be protecting your truck from the weight of any load that is on the heavier side. This rack is powder-coated so will be preventing any kind of damage due to rust.

It has best features of different rack design as it comes with a screen and also a frame protector. It is made of high-quality material and will fit on most truck beds. There is two-color choice available black and white and the complete installation kit has also been included when you purchase the rack.

Specific features and technical concerns:

There are so many advantages to this rack. As this one is a combination rack multitasking becomes easier with it. The screen of the rack can be removed and because it’s made from quality commercial steel works perfectly if you use your truck for heavyweight carrying. If you own full-size pickup truck this will have the perfect fit and the installation isn’t that bad. The weight of the rack is 44 pounds and comes in two color choices that are great.

It will not be befitting the soft truck bed cover. There can be a probability that the customer might not receive the complete installation equipment with it. But let the seller get informed on this and any such issues might get resolved rather instantly. Then this again a bit expensive option but honestly it is worth every penny spend and you must buy it if you have the budget.


  • It offers protection to frame and window both.
  • The rack comes with commercial steel construction for the frame.
  • You can easily remove the wire screen.
  • It will fit most of the truck beds.
  • The headache rack also gives protection for a large amount of pressure.


  • If you one a soft bed cover truck this will not fit.
  • There can be rare but probable issues of not receiving all of the important hardware for the installation.
  • It is an expensive product, but the cost does seem fair as the quality is amazing.

Our Top Pick

Although you should buy a headache rack as per your specific utility requirements, here we have for you our top pick, that will fit the needs of most consumers. It should have been clear with our list above as it’s the MaxxHaul 70234 rack. It provides amazing adjustability. And because it is made of commercial-grade steel the weigh the headache rack is lighter.

The installation process doesn’t take any time with the one and no drilling is needed that makes the entire process simpler. The driver also won’t have any issues with visibility and is great if you are a beginner. Because the body of MaxxHaul 70234 is made of steel, chances are that there won’t be any rust or damages caused and will last for years easily.

Types of Headache Racks

Certainly, the truck that you own also delivers a brilliant performance when it comes to shifting the load from one place to another. But when you add some good headache rack to it this will be leading to the definitive utilization. Here are the varied headache racks as per the engineering design for your specific needs:

Over cab racks:

These have the capacity for transforming the truck into double-decker. This will also offer optimized space if you are going for a trip They are made of lightweight material but are durable as well. They assist by maximizing the space of the rig roof and there will still be enough space left in a truck bed.

Racks that can be Side-mounted:

You can make use of side-mount racks for outfitting the pickup trucks that will be allowing you for making the shifting of long gear such an easy and hassle-free work. This can help with the accommodating carpet rolls, pipes, and even a full-sized ladder. Mainly this kind of headache rack will be upgrading the truck’s pickup carrying capacity. These are also good as they won’t be taking away space from the floor of the truck. Similar to the ones mentioned above these are made from light material but is sturdy.

Overbed racks:

A medium-sized truck can normally accommodate gas cans, coolers, and toolbox. But even the pickup truck that is the longest won’t be able to take the extra load. SO the over bed headache rack will be adding a capacity of around 100 pounds to you’re the truck. Again made from tough material this will provide a sturdy space for the heaviest loads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

✅ What benefits does headache racks give for safety?

The three main benefits for safety that headache racks provide are: giving, protection for the passengers from the payload that is on the truck bed, added brake lighting offers enhanced visibility in the night time, and additional security because it blocks the rear cab window.

✅ Is there a need for drilling hole on the truck for headache rack installation?

It depends completely on the specific rack that you have bought. You should consult your seller for complete details on the rack.

✅ Spending on a headache rack, is it worth it?

Having a good headache rack can save you so much of your money in the long run because it prevents and accidents that might occur because of bad visibility. Also, the thefts that might happen from the rear cab window won’t happen and there will be nobody damage due to payload shifting.

✅ Can my old headache rack fit on the new truck?

It can. In case the new truck that you have bought is of the same model, there shouldn’t be any issues. In case the vehicle is changed frame size can vary in size then. The vital part is that installation on the new truck needs to be done in a proper manner. In case the frame is bigger for the new truck, there might be a need for drilling new holes. But if it’s too small, a new one may have to purchase. Also, a frame that’s too big or small will have a negative impact on the look of the truck.

✅ What is the normal length of toolbox brackets?

Usually, the standard Tool Box length is 21 inches.


Hopefully, the detailed guide that we have provided you must have helped you in choosing the right headache rack as we have tried our best to make it as detailed and informative as possible. Is this your first time buying a headache rack? Do you use your truck for heavy load carrying? Are you searching for something that will be perfect for family usage? Regardless of your requirements, you will surely be able to find the perfect one for your specific requirements.

After considering the options carefully, one can get the right one. Most of the headache racks that we have mentioned in the list do come with a manufacturer’s warranty so you won’t have to be stressed about anything at all. In case you are facing any issues make sure that you contact the seller as soon as you can. We must have optimistically helped you so that you can go for a well-informed choice.

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