Top 6 Best Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

If your next road trip needs you to haul along heavy trailer at the back of your vehicle, your trip checklist should start with ensuring your fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches are compatible.

Fifth wheel hitch and gooseneck both do the same job. They allow your tow vehicle to drag your cargo conveniently. However, their mechanical assembly is different, therefore, making them incompatible.

Their incompatibility lies from your tow vehicle having a gooseneck hitch while your travel trailer has a fixed fifth wheel hitch. These structures make them impossible to use together. This is due to the trailer kingpins and gooseneck hitches basically not linking together.

One logical solution, and probably the first that will come to your mind is to completely replace the gooseneck hitch with something like a slider hitch. Then again, doing so comes with significant snags. First, especially if your tow vehicle is a truck, is giving up your truck bed space and versatility. The other is having to take your truck to a professional garage to safely dismount your gooseneck hitch.

Rather than going through so much effort and financial expenses, a sound approach is to simply put in an adapter. Hitch adapters will help modify your trailer kingpin to allow it to lock securely in the gooseneck hitch.

Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters Table

Product Name  Current Price
1. EAZ LIFT 12 Inches 12" Gooseneck Adapter
Eaz Lift 12 inch gooseneck adapter
2. T Built 12" Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter HitchT Built Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch
3. Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter w/ OffsetConvert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter
4. Anderson Ranch Hitch Universal 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler AdapterAnderson Ranch Hitch 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Coupler Adapter
5. Reese Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and TurretReese Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin
6. Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel ConnectionAndersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter

The cheaper and easier solution to your gooseneck hitch and fifth wheel incompatibility is a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter. Aside from the hassle and costs, its most convenient feature is its removability. Mount it when you need it, take it off when you don’t.

No need to get a fifth wheel hitch. These adapters mount and stay linked to the pin box of your trailer leaving your current gooseneck setup the same, without any alteration.

Some of the unique advantages of going with a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter rather than changing your setup altogether are;

  • You get to keep your cargo space that a fifth wheel hitch would normally utilize
  • You get to hitch other gooseneck trailers you may have
  • Cheaper and easier to install. Effortless than replacing the gooseneck with a fifth wheel hitch.

Gooseneck trailer and fifth wheel hitch? You’re looking at the wrong review. You need to take a look at this article instead.

What You Need to Know about a Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter

You probably had a lot of hits when you typed in on your search bar “fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters.” The results which may offer many models and types could overwhelm you. Knowing the factors to consider in picking the right adapter will get you the appropriate one. And, not the “nice to have” adapter.

Some essential factors you need to go through in choosing a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter are listed below. These criteria are brought by gauged and recognizable components.

With so many models in the market, it’s hard to spot whether one is what you need. No adapter is perfect all around, each kind has its own style to tailor to your exact need and vehicle configuration.

Picking a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter is not an overnight decision. Ask yourself the following questions before shelling out that money.

  • What adapter size do I need?
  • What manner of setup do I need?
  • Do additional features matter?
  • How much is my budget?

Adapter Sizes

The adapters we are looking for come in three sizes; 12, 15, and 17 inches. The unwritten rule is that 12-inch adapters are for 11 to 12-inch measurements, 15-inch adapters for 13 to 14-inch measurements, and 17-inch adapters for 15 to 16-inch measurements.

MeasurementSuggested Adapter Hitch Size

You want to make sure you have the correct measurements. A common error is measuring the distance from the truck bed to the kingpin plate on an even or level trailer. Always measure from the top of the gooseneck ball to the kingpin plate. This is because the height of the adapter measures how high the trailer is lifted from the top of the ball, or from inside the hole from the bottom of the adapter to the top).

The following steps help you to properly measure;

  1. Set the truck under the camper
  2. Level the trailer or camper
  3. Measure from the top of the ball hitch down to the bottom of the king plate on your camper

Note that the measurements of the adapter are not adapter hardware’s total height. So, do not try to measure the outside of the adapter or you will get a measure larger than its rating.

Do not go for a fixed height adapter if you are unsure of the measurements. There are adjustable height models that allow you to modify your clearance, but they could be pricey. In the end, your preference between fixed and adjustable height adapters will depend on how much you are planning to spend.

Setup Types

Not all fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters are created identical. As a matter of fact, how the adapter is fitted can have a direct effect on the level of security when you drag an altered fifth wheel connector to a gooseneck ball truck hitch.

The three main setup types are;

  • Adapter completely replacing the trailer pin box
  • Adapter replacing the fifth wheel hitch
  • Adapter bolts over the kingpin lube plate

You will get a better understanding of each type as it gets discussed ahead.

Common Features of Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapters

Any fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter allows you to tow a serious load of weight, but as an added value for your money, manufacturers have added features that make their products stand out. Consider security, safety, and cushioning as the main areas to look out for.

Parking your truck and trailer and leaving it unattended, shouldn’t make you feel unsafe that one might tamper with your setup, or worst drive off with your important goods. Couplers that locks with a padlock are convenient security features to have if you want peace of mind.

Putting together and rigging your RV trailer and your truck can be risky, so you must have your full attention while doing it. Some adapters come with remote release features that let you disconnect from the hitch without needing to climb into the bed of the truck. The remote release uses a handle attached to a steel cable and helps avoid accidents and injuries.

Driving around with reduced noise and minimized hardware wear and tear is ideal, right? Thanks to cushioned adapters, this experience can be achieved. Cushioning may either be mechanical or pneumatic. This technology makes for a smooth ride as it helps eliminate destabilizing 360° or up and down shaking.

For total security, more than a few state laws require safety chains for gooseneck hitches, but not on fifth wheel hitches used on-road. Although, there is no particular mention of which adapters, you can’t go wrong with having them.

Retail Price

The factor that potentially stamps the deal when picking your fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters is the price tag. An average adapter runs between $400 to $500. Anything below is cheap as well as anything above is expensive.

Being the critical link between your towing vehicle and the trailer, hitch adapters need to be strong, durable and made of heavy solid steel. This justifies the price. There may be some that go beyond $500 mark, but surely, they offer top-quality performance.

Best Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

Understanding What Makes a Great Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter

A number of brands may prove to be a good choice for a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter, but for unbiased scrutiny, here are some criteria we used to identify which adapters should make it on our list.

Towing Capacity

One of the significant characteristics of any fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter is the towing capacity. This is the maximum amount of weight that the adapter can safely tolerate. Make sure that the adapter you are getting has a greater towing capacity than you need to avoid damage.


The three main types of fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters vary in their manner of mounting and installation. Here’s a table of their basic characteristics for your easy reference.

Setup AAdapter replacing the trailer pin box
Safety LevelSuperior
Setup BAdapter replacing the 5th wheel hitch
Safety LevelExcellent
Setup CAdapter bolted over the kingpin lube plate
Safety LevelAverage

The first setup is the most secure option from where the adapter replaces the trailer pin box. It is all in all easier to install than the two other setups but usually needs the most maintenance.

Setup B offers a secure connection by replacing the fifth wheel hitch. This gives an excellent safety level, but it may use up more space than the others. This is ideal for six foot or longer truck beds.

An average safety level is what the third setup offers. This type has the adapter bolded over the kingpin lube plate. This results in it being the most compact among the three.

Product Dimensions

Details about the adapter’s dimensions are significant for a number of things. Not just so you know how much space it will take up on your garage when you dismount it, but even more so on your truck bed when you use it.

Maximum Tongue Weight

This factor is completely different from the towing capacity. The maximum tongue weight is the greatest extent of downward force your hitch can handle.

Your maximum tongue weight should be less than the towing capacity, like 10 to 20% of that number. Load your trailer efficiently by having 60% of the weight located in front of the axle. A trailer with well-distributed weight assisted with correct tongue weight makes the rig form a straight line leaving your camper entirely horizontal.

Product Weight

These adapters are considerably bulky and can weight up to 160 pounds. If you are planning on mounting and removing them often, better go for a lighter model. Also, consider that driving around with it without an attached trailer can make it a dead weight and just increase your fuel consumption.

#1. EAZ LIFT 12″ Gooseneck Adapter – Ideal for flatbed with recessed ball

Eaz Lift 12 inch gooseneck adapter

The Brand

EAZ-Lift was born when MH Mathisen retired from Universal Studios in 1946. It was a brainchild of his love for trailering around the country. Since then, they have become one of the largest weight-distributing hitch manufacturers in the world, with market extended as a result of them being acquired by Camco Manufacturing.

The Product

Convert your standard fifth wheel trailer to a gooseneck trailer. With EAZ Lift Gooseneck Adapter, it will even allow you to have the convenience of dragging two types of trailers with just one truck. No more worrying about having a large hitch using up all the space up to the bed of your truck.

Its 30,000-pound towing capacity is its biggest draw. It can outpull other expensive and sophisticated adapters. The tongue weight is equally impressive too.

Carrying it around without the trailer wouldn’t be as fuel consuming as other adapters since it is relatively lightweight. With such characteristics, it is quite a value for your money and is ideal if you are on a tight budget.


  • Adapts 5th wheel trailer to fit gooseneck trailer hitch
  • Rated up to 30,000 pounds
  • Easy to install


  • Type: Adapter bolted over the king pin lube plate (Setup C)
  • Towing capacity: 30,000 pounds.
  • Maximum Tongue Weight: 4,500 pounds.
  • Product Weight: 47 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 15.1 x 14.6 x 11.5 inches
A huge deal of tongue weight, enormous towing power, and relatively lightweight
Installation can be challenging with holes not lining up at kingpin
Spring-loaded feature works as intended
No height or offset adjustment
Easy to connect and release coupler
Priced reasonably

One reviewer said that it was the perfect choice for a CM flatbed with a recessed gooseneck ball. Making the fifth wheel with 48″ from the ground and 40″ high bed even was made possible by this 12” adapter. The rigs were observed towing nicely and the buyer has had no problems since purchasing it.

#2. T Built 12″ Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch – Bolt n’ go

T Built Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch

The Brand

T-Built is a family-owned and operated company and over the years in the towing industry have worked to produce quality products at an affordable price.

The Product

If you are looking for an easy way to drag your fifth wheel without all the extra gears in your bed, then it is T Built 12″ Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch you need. This adapter can instantly convert your RV trailer to be towed with a gooseneck ball.

T Built 12″ Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters are built to handle anything that you encounter down the road.


  • Attaches to most standard king-pin boxes
  • Coupler can be locked
  • Self-Centering locking plate
  • 2 5/16″ Ball pocket


  • Type: Adapter bolted over the kingpin lube plate (Setup C)
  • Towing capacity: 20,000 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 13.5 inches
Comes with all hardware for convenient installationInstallation is harder than it looks
Durable material
No height adjustment
Works as intended

One reviewer said that the product has a good concept, however, it was hard to install. When you do, as he advises, you should be able to fully access the top of the actual fifth wheel hitch. He ended up welding it on and drilling it from the bottom.

#3. Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter – Product backed up by good customer service

Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter

The Brand

Convert-A-Ball takes pride in their product lines that include their original interchangeable ball system, fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters, and cushioned ball mounts. They also market specialty hitches, step gates, and fire dancer.

The Product

Make use of your gooseneck hitch to tow your 5th-wheel trailer by hooking them up with this coupler adapter. Simply bolt it to your trailer’s kingpin and connect to the gooseneck ball.

Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter has poly materials that serve as a cushion that effectively absorbs shock for a smooth ride. Its adjustable height fits multiple applications. Not to mention its offset design that is perfect for short-bed pickups.


  • Durable, cast steel construction
  • Safety chains included
  • Coupler bolts to your trailer’s king pin and connects to gooseneck ball
  • Fail-safe king pin adapter has integrated positive-lock feature to lock the trailer to hitch ball


  • Type: Adapter bolted over the kingpin lube plate (Setup C)
  • Towing capacity: 20,000 pounds.
  • Maximum Tongue Weight: 4,000 pounds.
  • Product Weight: 51 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 11.5 inches
Poly cushioning reduces bounce and vibration
Not for less than 6 ft beds
Durable material
Relatively heavier

One reviewer said that this product is a well-built and durable choice that gives excellent value for your money. No difficulty in installation experienced, as long as you have a torque wrench and some really basic hand tools.

#4. Anderson Ranch Hitch Universal 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler Adapter – Solid and well-engineered

Anderson Ranch Hitch 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Coupler Adapter

The Brand

Since 1965, Andersen Manufacturing has been growing from its single room shop into a 102,000 square foot manufacturing and fabrication compound. They specialize in custom metal machining, manufacturing and fabricating works. Over the years, they have shifted their primary focus to innovating their increasingly popular towing industry products that are being distributed all over the US.

The Product

Need more of that space from your truck bed? With Ranch Hitch Universal 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler Adapter, you won’t lose that room. Offering 24,000 pounds of towing capacity, all you need is to bolt it to your kingpin on your 5th-wheel pin box, as it attaches to the gooseneck cup of your truck.

The package includes a straight adapter with the remote cable latch and bracket, threaded collar assembly, spanner wrench that is used to tighten things up, and other mounting hardware you need to install it.


  • Remote coupler release allows you to easily engage and release coupler as simple as standing alongside your truck
  • 3-inches Vertical adjustment allows towing with multiple vehicles
  • V-19 Certification of Vehicle Equipment Safety
  • Heavy-duty adapter allows 5th-wheel camping trailer to be towed with a gooseneck hitch


  • Type: Adapter bolted over the kingpin lube plate (Setup C)
  • Towing capacity: 24,000 pounds.
  • Maximum Tongue Weight: 6,000 pounds.
  • Product Weight: 42 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.4 x 12.3 x 12 inches
Convenient with remote coupler release
Better with 8-inch offset stinger
All-inclusive installation kit
No safety chains included
Decent tongue weight

One reviewer said that this hitch has exceeded his expectations with flared flange making a huge difference in docking with his vehicle’s fifth wheel ball. It helped that the ball didn’t have to be lined up perfectly unlike other hitches. Installation was a good experience too with setting up covering only less than an hour.

#5. Reese Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin – Get rid of horrible chucking

Reese Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin

The Brand

Reese, a family-owned, Midwest-based business has been specializing in trailer hitches and towing products since 1957. They have grown to become an ISOn9001-2015 certified company and is now a leading supplier of hitches, trailer parts, and truck accessories all across North America.

The Product

Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin switches your fifth-wheel trailer’s king pin and modifies the pivot point of your rig, allowing you to easily make up to 90-degree turns. This product does a great job of sort of hitting two birds with one stone.

Its all-in-one system has also included a built-in air shock right up to the adapter’s top part. This helps reduce chucking that we get from front or back movement by close to 60%.


  • No more getting out of your truck, throwing a switch, pushing a button or mounting the 5th-wheel slider
  • It has trailer’s pivot that allows you to make 90° turns, even with a short-bed truck
  • Entirely enclosed into a custom-tuned air spring / air ride trailer coupler – cushions and absorbs shock


  • Type: Adapter replacing the 5th wheel hitch (Setup B)
  • Towing capacity: 16,000 pounds.
  • Product Weight: 159 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 46 x 18.5 x 17.2 inches
Trailer trails more closely to the truck for better driving experienceSome 5th-wheel hitches may require custom wedge which are sold separately
Very heavy item
Reduces vibration inside coach, protecting its contents
Very heavy
1-Piece streamlined construction

One reviewer said that it entirely eliminates chucking as compared to other gooseneck adapters. It was an easy installation for him as he was able to do it all by himself. There was no problem with his short truck as it gave him his much-needed space to maneuver. No more backing up and almost smashing up camper.

#6. Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection – Logical approach to fifth wheel and gooseneck incompatibility

Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

The Brand

Since 2000, as Andersen has shifted their focus on towing products, they have been servicing North America with a complete line of innovative products that have scored many of industry’s firsts. Their Alumistinger ball mount was the first of its kind to be offered to the public and has been successful so far.

The Product

Andersen Fifth Wheel replaces your dense and heavy fifth-wheel hitch with a lighter frame that is easier to put up and remove and a raised gooseneck ball. It easily converts your kingpin into a gooseneck coupler.

It conveniently includes a remote release that you can activate with a cable, allowing you to latch the coupler to the ball without climbing into the back of your truck. It is made of powder-coated steel and the whole adapter is resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • Uniquely engineered 5th-wheel hitch system that is a lightweight alternative to standard 5th-wheel trailer hitches
  • Well-made and tough base supports a raised hitch ball
  • Includes coupler adapter that attaches to 5th-wheel trailer’s kingpin
  • Remote release allows you to easily engage and disengage coupler on trailer without climbing into your pickup truck bed


  • Type: Adapter replacing the 5th wheel hitch (Setup B)
  • Towing capacity: 20,000 pounds.
  • Maximum Tongue Weight: 4,500 pounds.
  • Product Weight: 40 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 32.5 x 13.5 inches
Includes an all-purpose cleanerPossible corrosion risk
Extremely lightweight
Three height adjustments

One reviewer said that this adapter helped him pull smooth, absolutely quiet, and the perfect 90° turn with no trouble. Checking his truck after a 500-mile drive, surprised him with nothing loosened up, not a screw, not a bolt. No re-tightening required. It was also found to be easy to install and removed.

Our Top Pick

The adapter that received high praise due to its well-built and durable frame is Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter w/ Offset. It has been commended for giving drivers more clearance for sharp turns even with the amount of load it pulls from the rear. Installation was fairly simple but be sure to have help as it nearly 60 pounds.


A lot should be taken into consideration when deciding on a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter. The most important to be considered is the trailer riding in level. Adapters are sold indifferently. Some have a fixed height, and some are adjustable. While the adjustable ones seem to be more flexible, make sure it is the perfect fit for your towing vehicle. This feature, as well as the many others mentioned above, may add up to the price tag. In the end, it is really your budget that will let you know which fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

✅ Are safety chains needed in using a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter?

Yes. There are state laws that require you to use safety chains when towing any haul. Most adapters have two hook ended chains that can be fixed to the safety chain loops in the truck bed. Such a safety feature keeps your RV trailer attached to your tow vehicle even when the adapter mechanism miscarries.

✅ Will my trailer warranty get voided with using a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter?

This is still a gray area; therefore, you should really think hard before getting this gear. There are trailer frame manufacturers that imply that adapter use for hooking up to tow vehicle will void the warranty.

A legal standpoint argues otherwise. Warranty can only be legally voided if and when the adapter directly causes damage. This is based on FTC’s Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This act indicates that hinting that a warranty is voided simply by using an adapter will not stand up in court.

✅ Is owning a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter high-maintenance?

As with most gears, maintenance is constantly essential. The simplest way yet the biggest part of this regular maintenance is checking your adapter for marks of wear and tear, or damage that might result in failure.

Some adapters may require to be greased and oiled every once in a while. This is to reduce the friction of moving parts when going over rough roads.

There are models of fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters that have internal airbags. Such designs need to be re-pressurized every time you need to hitch or unhitch. This may be a little inconvenient as you may have to pull up at gas stations to make use of their air machines.

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