Best Ceiling Bike Racks for Any Bike

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Bikes are the most efficient and healthy way to get from one place to another. But, they are the most awkward thing to store. You can let them stand inside the garage on a bike stand, but with its handlebars and pedals sticking out, there’s a huge possibility they’d get knocked over. That’s when ceiling bike racks come in handy.

What Are Ceiling Bike Racks?

Figuring out where to store your bike is the inconvenient part of having it. Especially when you are short of space. You may also have a spacious garage but having them off the floor is often ideal, not to mention clutter-free.

Ceiling racks are a space-saving storage option where you can attach the rack to the ceiling. It allows you to free up your floor area and utilize the space over-head. They are cheap and easy to install and can get your bike up off the floor and out of everyone’s way.

Why Should I Get a Ceiling Rack?

While they aren’t an important purchase when you have a bike, they can be of big aid depending on your living situation. Leaving them out in the open is an option. That is if you don’t mind them being exposed to outdoor elements, extreme weather conditions, and thieves.

Bike racks don’t just store your bike in an arranged manner. They are the basic yet useful tool that saves you an awful lot of space overall. And, you will never trip over a bike that sits on the floor.

Ceiling Mounted Bike Racks for Hanging Bikes in Garage

Hang your bikes onto these different ceiling-mounted racks. Check out the products we reviewed for each type of ceiling-mounted racks:

Ceiling Mounted Bike Hooks

Ceiling mounted hooks are fixed to the ceiling. They are a safe way to hang your bike by the wheel. You may use either one hook to hang the bike vertically (on a vertical rack) or two hooks to hang it horizontally. Check out the following ceiling-mounted bike hooks and see if any work with your garage.

1. Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage

No. 1
1. Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage
9.5/10 Our Score

Specifications and Features

  • High-quality, durable plastic construction
  • Can hold bikes up to 50 pounds
  • Spinning lever lock can be used to secure it to Gladiator Wall Systems
  • Easily installs to hang bikes from the ceiling

Intended to have your bike stored by hanging from the ceiling, freeing up your floor area. Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage is an easy-to-use wall hanger, you just need to use the push-to-open/close-claw system. It clutches your bike’s wheel in fluid mobility, and lets go of it just as easy.

  • Up to two 10-speed bikes and a child’s bike
  • Easy to use and install
  • Bikes can be put up and down easily
  • Plastic hooks feel too flimsy

2. TEKTON Heavy Duty Bike Hooks

No. 2
2. TEKTON Heavy Duty Bike Hooks
8.9/10 Our Score

Specifications and Features

  • Constructed with heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Soft non-marring non-slip coated finish makes sure your bike’s paint won’t scratch off
  • Can carry up to 100 pounds per hook

These heavy-duty multi-purpose storage hooks by Tekton can hold up to 100 pounds per hook. It is a great aid in decluttering your garage not just from your bikes but other household items too. Look at how it works as shown by this video uploaded by Tony Marchand.

  • Other household items can be hung too
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Threads are too thick and don’t drill effectively
  • Plastic finish tears after a few uses

3. Saris Cycle Glide

No. 3
3. Saris Cycle Glide
8.3/10 Our Score

Specifications and Features

  • Allows 6 bikes hung by the wheels from the ceiling of your garage
  • Hooks adjust along rails to house a vast array of bicycle wheelbases
  • Rust-resistant aluminum construction that is lightweight but strong and sturdy

Saris Cycle Glide allows you to hang up to 6 of your 2-wheelers by the wheels suspended from the ceiling of your garage for convenient and out-of-the-way bicycle storage. It has gliding rails that allow you to retrieve each bike individually, or you can just slide them together for compact storage. Its sturdy aluminum rack is rust-resistant. The tracks are also securely anchored to your ceiling beams. The package includes hardware to guarantee your bikes stay safely suspended overhead.

  • Won’t get in the way of your floor space and head area
  • Can hold up to 60 pounds per bike
  • Easy to get the bikes up and down
  • Difficult to install, especially if your garage has a high ceiling


4. Wallmaster Bike Ceiling Mount Lift

No. 4
4. Wallmaster Bike Ceiling Mount Lift
7.8/10 Our Score

Specifications and Features

This one is also a quality wall mounting lift system that is more suitable for standard or larger bikes, i.e., those larger than 2×6. The rope that you’d use to lift bikes is not the most durable one but will serve for months and years.

Setting it up is a bit more complex than, say, TEKTON’s Heavy Duty Bike Hooks above. However, once set you are looking into a long-term space saver on your floor. If you don’t have a too high ceiling make sure to set them up as close as you can get to a wall so that you don’t hit your head on bike tires while trying to get some work done in the room.

All in all, a valuable choice for us. For the money, they are great with very few caveats.

  • Strong and durable, allowing you to pick up even heavy bikes up to 100lbs
  • Great locking mechanism that prevents accidental releases
  • Fitting for up to 12 feet high ceilings
  • Brackets are too long for some smaller bike types (i.e. 2×6)
  • Difficult to attach to bike saddles if they don’t have a suitable ‘lip’


5. RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount

No. 5
5. RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount
7.5/10 Our Score

Specifications and Features

For our #5 contender here we have RAD’s rail mount. At first sight, it might look a bit flimsy since it is made to be lightweight for transport. This might be disconcerting, but it’s great when ordering from abroad and need to pay shipping expenses.

The hooks are rubber coated to protect your bike from scratches. They attach to the front set and the saddle. If your saddle is not fitting to be hooked you should avoid buying this product, as you’ll have a lot of trouble trying to attach it.

On the other hand, it is very easy to pick up your bicycle once you do manage to hook it on.

It is a great product for sure, even if it doesn’t broadcast a lot of confidence at first.

  • Rubber coated hooks to protect your bikes from scratches
  • Easy raising mounting system
  • Sturdy—allows for bikes or ladders of up to 75lbs
  • Your saddle needs to be suitable to be hooked
  • Could’ve been a bit sturdier


Bike Storage Pulley System

Pulley systems for bike storage are another ideal way to declutter your garage floor by using up free wall space above. They are cheap, easy to install, and can get your bike off the floor easily. The pulley system lessens the effort required to lift your bike. This means that even your child will be able to lift and stow their bike away.

Racor ceiling mounted bike lift is a pulley system rack designed to be used for 2-wheelers weighing up to 50 pounds. Ideal for rooms with ceilings of 12 feet or less. Its secure locking system prevents accidental release plus, the pulley system results in a 4-to-1 weight versus lifting ratio. Look at how John Smith uses it as shown on his video uploaded on YouTube:

Hydraulic Ceiling Bike Storage Lifts

If you can shell out a few more dollars for the ultimate garage storage, check out these hydraulic-mechanism lift options.

Flat-bike-lift is a ceiling hydro-pneumatic overhead bike rack for use in a house garage or any place where we park our bike. Load your bike to its holder and give a slight upward push to activate its lifting system.


  • Quick lock of the bike
  • Hydro-pneumatic lifting system lifts your 2-wheelers safely
  • Made of high-grade steel
  • Stores flat on the ceiling, therefore, giving extra headroom
  • Beautiful, functional, and well-built product
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Manufactured in Italy, so shipping may be expensive

Motorized Ceiling Mounted Storage Lift

For a more multi-purpose lift to store not just your bike horizontally, but other things too, with a slight touch of a button.

Create 16 square feet of additional storage space without compromising the floor with Racor – Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift. It provides a convenient storage system for all your bulky items, not just for your bike. Its unique pulley system lets you load and lift or lower down up to 250 pounds of items.


  • Houses almost anything overhead
  • Frees up floor for other needs
  • 250-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Steel construction epoxy finish

Bike Rack Buying Guide

ceiling hook

Before getting that bike rack, consider the following questions.

Will I keep the bike inside or outside?

Keeping the bike outside clears up floor space. However, the bikes will be exposed to external factors such as dirt, grimes, and thieves. Weather conditions could also affect them too. If you have enough room inside, definitely think about it.

Can I put nails on my ceilings or walls?

If you have your walls and ceilings or your landlord is tolerant, the options for you are endless. You can have single bike hangers, wall mounts, or simple hooks drilled for a steady hold.

What do I want for a bike storage rack?

Keep in mind that bike storage solutions differ not just in shape and size but how they are mounted too. In-ceiling racks alone, there are 4 types of them. Storage racks have different types that depend on their construction and mounting.

There are some on which you attach your bike by the two wheels, some by the front wheel only or the rear wheel, and some on some other part of the bike.

Get one that offers secure storage without obstructing your access to the bike when stored while at the same time keeping your space clutter-free.

Also, keep durability in mind. A fully mounted rack should not fall off your ceiling. Instead, it should hold the load evenly and be sturdy. Therefore, no creaking or loose parts here and there.

What are these racks made of?

Racks differ not just in shapes and sizes but how they are manufactured too. Galvanized racks provide the best value out of all construction. They are dipped in a heated zinc bath to give them a coating that makes them durable and corrosion-resistant. The galvanized finish also offers the rack a gray and minimalist appearance that adds up to its aesthetics.

Powder-coated racks give dry powder coating that was applied electrostatically. They are heated to the point where they can offer a tough and protective outer layer. This makes them look glossy as well as making them corrosion resistant and durable. A huge variety of colors are also there to choose from.

Stainless-Steel is still the most durable of all. Involving a low carbon steel construction with a fair portion of chromium, it gives distinctive corrosion-resisting properties that no other construction can offer. They are not bare-looking as they can be coated with plastic and thermoplastic. Best of all, they are extremely resistant to any weather conditions.


Getting yourself a bike rack is neither a luxurious nor a complicated purchase. And, with a lot of different options offered on the market, it helps to understand what those choices are. Hopefully, the reviews that we conducted give you an idea of what to look for, no matter what your living situation is.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What height ceiling can be used?

It all depends on your ceiling height. These ceiling racks can be used with any ceiling height, from 8-feet up to 22-feet as long as you have the space under it for lower ceilings (8 ft). Higher ceilings are more challenging over 12-feet because then you will have to use a step ladder to get the bicycles down, which may be dangerous without assistance.

✅ Are these possible to put up in a New York City apartment as opposed to a garage?

Yes. For as long as you can screw it into joists, you can put it up anywhere. They can hold up your road bikes as well as mountain bikes. They are sleek looking, so it is not going to be an eyesore. Don’t try to fix them on drywall, though!

Can these be installed by one person?

Ideally, you would want a professional to set it up, as it includes stepping up the ladder and fixing them up to your ceiling. But, if someone is very handy, then they might just be able to. Better yet, have an extra hand to help you, just so you won’t climb up and down to get what you need.

Is there an alternative to ceiling bike racks?

Yes, of course, there is. However, ceiling racks are the best solution if you have some free space above your head and you want to solve the clutter on the floor.

For example, check out Delta Cycle Michelangelo for a great floor-based rack. It still leans against the wall and uses gravity to hold the bike(s). But it is a great solution if your landlord is not very understanding of your DIY handiworks.

Then you have Steadyrack. They offer a vertical wall-mounted solution that saves space by raising the front wheel against the wall. There are some freestanding solutions as well.

But if you are into constructing a rack yourself, you can always build one out of PVC. It will be cheap, durable, and good looking too (if you choose good looking material, that is).

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