Bike Rack Covers that Bikers Will Love

Bike enthusiasts go with the gears that will ultimately protect their bicycles as they transport it with them. Bike racks, as essential as they are in transporting your 2-wheeled vehicle may just not be enough. Storage is another factor in owning a bike. Sure, they are easy to store and cover while immobile in the garage. How about when transporting them? The challenge in keeping them safe and secure comes in as there are a lot of elements to protect them from at this point. It is important to shield your 2-wheeler in the open air. Even more so at wind gusts from your driving speed. That’s what Bike Rack Covers are for. Bike rack covers leave you and your most valuable bike at peace on a hitch carrier during long drives. As you read on, find out which one suits your style and how to decide which Is the best bike rack cover for you.

Comparison Table

Product Name ImagesSuitable For Current Price
1. Let’s Go Aero BikeBag Let's Go Aero B01571 BikeBag 2-Bike Cover with LED Cars, RVs, and SUVs
2. Hideout Bike Transport System Let's Go Aero Hideout Bike Transport Package with BossHog Carrier BossHog cargo rack (if not purchased with it), cars, RVs, and SUVs
3. Formosa Bike Cover for Bike Racks Formosa Covers Bike Cover for Transport on Car, Truck, Suv, RV Rack or Home Storage, Reflectors, fits 1-3 Bikes Bike rack of 1 to 2 bikes, RV racks, SUVs
4. Velosock Full Bike Cover for Bike Racks VELOSOCK Bicycle Bike Cover Orange for Indoor Storage - Keeps Floors and Walls Dirt-Free - Fits 99% of All Adult Bicycles Car trunk racks
5. Thule Bike Cover for Bikers Thule Bike Cover for 2-3 Bikes Bike racks for RVs and SUVs
6. OVERCOVERED Heavy-Duty Bike Cover OVERCOVERED Heavy-Duty Bike Cover for Hitch-Mount Bike Racks Bike racks for RVs and SUVs
7. Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage - Large 1, XL 1-2, XXL 2-3 Bikes - Heavy Duty Ripstop Material, Waterproof & Anti-UV - Protection from All Weather Conditions for Mountain & Road Bikes Swagman RV Approved Traveler XC2 with Bumper Adapter
8. Widras Bike Cover Widras Bicycle and Motorcycle Cover for Outdoor Storage Bike Heavy Duty Rip Stop Material, Waterproof & Anti-UV Protection from All Weather Conditions for Mountain & Road Bikes Indoor storage but can be used for RVs and SUVs bike rack
9. DAVANDI Bike Cover DAVANDI Bike Cover - Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Storage for 1 Or 2 Bikes - Heavy Duty Ripstop Material - Offers Constant Protection for All Types of Bicycles All Through The 4 Seasons Indoor storage but can be used for RVs and SUVs bike rack
10. Skinz Protective Gear Road Bike Fork Mount Protector Skinz Protective Gear Road Bike Fork Mount Protector Cars, RVs, and SUVs

Best Bike Rack Covers

#1. Let’s Go Aero BikeBagOne for Two Cover!

Needing to take more than one bike on a ride? Let’s Go Aero bike bags is your one for two bikes cover. This cover protects up to two of your bikes mounted on your dual bike rack from dirt, dust, rain, sun, and snow. This bike rack cover will also be perfect for your SUV, motorhome, or RV. 

Fabrication and design: Let’s Go Aero bike bags, while can be used as a cover for bikes while not in use at home, are specifically designed to fit LGA VRack bike racks. Your bike is protected from weather elements, grime, dirt, and bugs. With exterior layer made of 200D urethane-coated polyester, a PVC foamed center padding, and a 210D nylon interior fabric, your bike is certainly covered well.

Security features: The bike bag’s wide mouth where the bike goes into is securely closed with heavy-duty zippers covered with nylon and PVC. These ensure no water comes in to cause rusting. At the edges of the bags are holes with hook and loop fastener to tightly attach the cover to the rack. Driving at night won’t be a problem too. Your visibility is increased with the DOT approved red and white reflectors plus the LED light kit that it came with!

Product Dimensions: Let’s Go Aero BikeBag measures at 90″ long x 63″ tall x 13″ deep with full bag circumference of 180 inches.

Suitable for: Cars, RVs, and SUVs.

Package includes LED light kit that warns cars behind you of your stopping and turning activitiesCan be noisy with wind flaps if loaded with one bike
Front and bike straps and cam-buckle straps tighten the cover to minimize wind dragMay not fit perfectly with other bike racks
Fits most bikes regardless of size and style

#2. Hideout Bike Transport SystemEverything You Need!

With its package including the bike carriage, you won’t need to worry if the bike cover matches your bike rack! This two-bike transport system that the company refers to as the Bike Tree system reduces bike motion, guaranteeing safe haulage without damage.

Fabrication and design: This custom fit cover shies your bike away from outdoor elements with its water-resistant, insulated, and foamed fabric. The HOODie (the term for the cover) is made of polyester nylon and is water and weather-resistant. Its access is sturdy zippers at the bottom.

Security features: Package includes 2 cam-buckle straps that hold around the bag and carriage. It also has the BossHog that attaches easily with built-in plastic hoops that hook to the holes. These BossHogs are made with the same material bungee cords are made of and stretches tight to help minimize wind drag noise from loose areas.

Product Dimensions: Hideout Bike Transport System measures 66″ wide x 24″ long x 40″ tall with a cover circumference of 130 inches.

Suitable for: BossHog cargo rack (if not purchased with it), cars, RVs, and SUVs.

Bike Tree system includes everything you need so you won’t have to get additional ropes or bungee cordsMore expensive than most brand competitors
Comes with its own carriage

#3. Formosa Bike Cover for Bike RacksAbsolute Cover at a Reasonable Price

Formosa is well known for covers, so it is no surprise they have one to offer for bike transport. Its cheap price does not compromise the service it is expected of.

Fabrication and design: This easy to slip on and off has a special design to cover up to two bikes. The fabrics used are 300D polyester that offers any type of weather protection. Not only that, but it also protects against grime, tree saps, bird poop, and dust. There’s also no need to worry about sun damage since the materials are UV treated.

Security features: Aside from the storage bag that’s included, the edges of the cover are clear see-through PVC, to not get in the way of tail lights. These translucent ends let the stop and turn activities be visible to the driver behind.

Product Dimensions: Formosa Bike Cover for Bike Racks measures 80“Length x 36″ Width (Top) x 18″ width (Bottom) x 52″ Height with the circumference of 140 inches.

Suitable for: Bike rack of 1 to 2 bikes, RV racks, SUVs.

Night reflector piping the double zipper adds up to the security of the see-through edges for the tail lightsMaybe too large for compact and subcompact cars as it may obstruct tail lights and license plate
Easy to installSee-through part of the cover catches stains and is not very easy to remove
Can fit up to three bikes of standard size
Very cheap

#4. Velosock Full Bike Cover for Bike RacksTrendy and Functional

Personally, I think VeloSock is short for Velocity Socka – perfect synonym for a Bike Cover. This trendy and sophisticatedly designed sock give full coverage to your 2 wheelers for both indoor storage or transportation.

Fabrication and design: Made from high-quality fabric, Velosock Full Bike Cover protects your bicycles from dust, pebbles, dead bugs, sun, rain, and other weather elements. The materials used are elastic that it conforms well with the shape of the bike reducing flapping and wind dragging noise. The heavy-duty zippers are on the sides and the bottom and help to put it on and take it off in less than a minute.

Security features: The tight fit cover makes it ideal to be used for any bike racks as well as inside the trunk. It also comes with free pedal pads, so you won’t have to worry about your pedals causing scratches to your car’s finish.

Product Dimensions: Velosock Full Bike Cover’s tight fit design makes it easy for any size of bike to fit, no matter what size tire.

Suitable for: Car trunk racks.

Can be used for both indoors and during transportNot waterproof
Tight fit construction and stylish design
Fits almost all bikes

#5. Thule Bike Cover for BikersThe Brand You Can Rely On

Thule’s name in vehicle gears is highly recognized and reputable. Thule Bike Cover guarantees the protection of your bike during transport on a bike rack with safety and security.

Fabrication and design: Thule Bike Covers is made of extra strong Ripstop Polyester 210D with 3000mm PU coating which is very suitable for long distance with average speed drives. The elastic cords and steel hooks are present making this cover easy to install and fit.

Security features: The side of this cover has a huge transparent pocket where you can insert a warning sign or reflective strips that is up to 50 x 50cm.

Product Dimensions: Thule Bike Cover measures 84.25″ wide x 16.92″ long x 51.57″ tall and circumference of 153 inches.

Suitable for: Bike racks for RVs and SUVs.

Installation and fitting are easy with the help of elastic cords and steel hooksOnly really covers 2 standard size bikes.
Carry bag is included for proper storage
Durable and sturdy

#6. OVERCOVERED Heavy-Duty Bike CoverThe Strongest There Is

We highly recommend this product to bike aficionados. As the name suggests, it does not just cover your 2-wheelers, it over covers it.

Fabrication and design: This cover is undeniably heavy-duty considering it is made with dual laye, urethane-coated 600D waterproof fabric. Present are Velcro straps that secure cover of both rear and front wheels. Down below is a drawcord part to pull the cover for a snug fit.

Security features: Cover is equipped with brass eyelets for you to draw in your cable locks.

Product Dimensions: OVERCOVERED Heavy-Duty Bike Cover fits small, medium, and large bikes with its universal fit.

Suitable for: Bike racks for RVs and SUVs.

Very sturdy and durable thanks to its 600D fabricBig for smaller bike size, therefore, creating wind dragging and noise
Very easy to install and use.

#7. Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle StorageCheap n’ Good

Best paired with Swagman RV Approved Traveler XC2 with Bumper Adapter, Pro Bike Cover is reliable and convenient in covering your bike not just indoors but outdoors too. Designed to protect your bike from all types of weather conditions, this is one of the best covers you can take with you.

Fabrication and design: The Ripstop Oxford Fabric double-stitched and heat sealed assures that your bikes are protected from all types of weather – snow, rain, sun, as well as outdoor elements such as dust, dead bugs, and tree saps. The robust and weather proof fabric keeps the moisture away no matter how humid and condensed your bike is stored.

Security features: Pro Bike Tool Cover has its handle bars made of reflective strips, so it is easy to locate and at the same time visible in the dark. The elastic cords and buckle straps make sure the bike fits snugly and the wind doesn’t blow the cover away.

Product Dimensions: Pro Bike Cover sizes measure at; large 77 L x 39 H x 25.5 W inches, XL 82 L x 44 H x 30 W inches, and XXL 82 L x 44 H x 44 W inches.

Suitable for: Swagman RV Approved Traveler XC2 with Bumper Adapter.

Reinforced stitchingWater pooling eventually gets water inside
Durable and sturdy fabric

#8. Widras Bike Cover – The Cover You Want

Slowly getting their name into the world of covers, Widras has combined human emotions with craftmanship to produce cellphone, car, and bike accessories. One of them is the Widras Bike Cover. Since 2014, the designs they have for bike covers has been well recognized.

Fabrication and design: Widras bike covers are engineered and carefully manufactured from only the best quality materials. The Ripstop Oxford Fabric, 420D Nylon have been designed to last a lifetime. You can trust that this can provide the best protection for extreme weather conditions. The makers of Widras bike covers assure bike enthusiasts of safety with the strongest and safest materials there are.

Security features: Safety grips for the bike covers are sewn with reflector strips for higher visibility. Its elasticated fit and adjustable buckle straps help to hold it snug and fit reducing wind drag flaps and noise. You can also draw in your bungee cords through the lock-hole design for extra security.

Product Dimensions: Widras Bike Cover measures 79 L x 23 W X 43H inches and has a circumference of 140 inches.

Suitable for: Indoor storage but can be used for RVs and SUVs bike rack.

Made with 420D fabric material making it strong and durableSize may be too small for two bikes as it promised
Weather, water, dust, and sun proofSize impedes tail lights
Includes a bike rack as a bonus

#9. DAVANDI Bike Cover – Make Your Bike Noticed

Would you need the 5-year warranty Davandi offers if their product promises durability, effectivity, and security? This bike lets you breath easy as it protects your bike from sun, rain, wind, snow, dirt, and even hail.

Fabrication and design: Davandi Bike Cover is surely effective in giving protection to your bike with its rainproof, anti-UV with PU coating, durable fabric that covers the whole bike.

Security Features: Take your bike on a drive and never worry about other traffic participants not noticing you. The reflective silver lines running along the stitches of your cover helps your bike to be noticed even at the lowest light conditions. The fabrics are also too strong it can withstand the moving wind if covering bikes while transportation.

Product Dimensions: DAVANDI Bike Cover comes in two sizes that measures at; 81.5 L x 46 H X 30 W inches for Large and 82.5 L x 46 H x 30.5 W inches for Extra Large. Circumferences at 155 inches for Large and  160 inches and Extra Large.

Suitable for: Indoor storage but can be used for RVs and SUVs bike rack.

Heavy-duty and can stand through all four seasonsXL may still be too small for 2 standard sized bikes
5-year warrantyCover impedes tail lights if used on bike rack

#10. Skinz Protective Gear Road Bike Fork Mount Protector – Your bike’s skin

The company didn’t like the idea of the covers getting holes due to strong winds from long drives. So, they engineered a cover that covers only the vital parts of your bike.

Fabrication and design: Get a bike skin with Skinz. Protect your 2-wheelers from bugs and grime while being transported. Covers are USA made durable lycra from high-grade Italian lycra, ensuring best quality and performance. Each design is cut to fit any bikes as well as road bikes with aero bars.

Security Features: Waterproof and sturdy, you will be sure the vital parts of your bike are protected. As it covers only the parts that are mostly by the handlebars, there is no obstruction to the tail lights.

Product Dimensions: Stretchable fabric fits standard size wheels and handlebars.

Could be just what you need if you are going for that minimalistic lookTakes a while to put on since the bike’s front wheel should be removed first
No fabric gets in the way of the vehicle’s tail light (if put behind)Only covers the front of the bike
Could be too tight and pull in brake levers
Overpriced for something that doesn’t cover all

Why Should You Use a Bike Cover?

We don’t usually realize how an item can deteriorate when left in the open. Our expensive bikes are not of any exceptions. Dust can accumulate on your gears and chains leaving it dry and unseated. Humidity shows quicker signs of rusting. Too much heat can cause plastic and rubber parts to be brittle. Direct sunlight is also a huge factor of your bike’s paint fading colors or chapping. Condensation during cold weather also causes rust. All these elements are the very reasons bike covers are studied and thought of. While they can’t totally protect your bike from all these elements, they reduce the possibility significantly.

Buying Guide: What to Consider when Picking Your Bike Rack Cover?

Bike covers are separate accessories to keep your bike in good condition when not in use. Bike covers, as simple as they are, should have aspects that can make a huge difference to their effectiveness. You are not just simply covering your bike. You are covering it while you are on the road, embarking on an exciting adventure. 


The biggest consideration goes to the material used for the cover. It should be thick enough to protect your bike from harmful elements but at the same time doesn’t prevent airflow during transport. The materials ideal for cover should be a kind of polymer fabric, ideally with UPF rating. That way, you are sure your bike is protected from sun and rain exposure. See to it that the material used is water, puncture, and tear resistant.


Denier is the “D” you will see on materials specification. On closer inspection, the terms appear as “240D, ripcord material.” It might seem too technical to talk about it as it isn’t the most exciting topic in materials. Denier is the toughest test of a material’s strength and durability. The larger the denier number, the heavier the threads. Heavier threads tend to be sturdy and durable. With that said, an ideal denier number for a bike rack cover is 600D.


Your bike cover serves as the cloth of your bike. Thus, it shouldn’t be too big, but not to small either. It should be just right or big enough to fully cover the bike to the floor. Measure your bike prior to getting a cover. Most manufacturers suggest getting the size a couple inches longer to ensure it isn’t too short. The larger the cover, the more flexibility it gives you; as you may possibly cover not just one but a couple more pair of wheels.

Reflective Material

Bicycle covers on the move aren’t a common requirement for some bikers due to; the covers blocking the tail light and the covers are usually in dark shade making them very hard to see at night. Most suggest that you do not use a cover when in transit but, if you truly must then safety precautions must be in place. A strip of a reflector should be present either on the top or middle part of the body of the cover. Ideally in any part noticeable. This helps in making the cover visible even with its dark shade.

Lock Holes

Bikes hanging at the back of your car in a bike rack are eye candy. A five-minute stop at a gasoline station to give in to a bathroom break could be enough time to get your bike stolen. While we regard safety during driving, we also need to consider security while on halt. Make sure your bikes are protected against thieves. Have a cover that you can use your security cords with. Loopholes are best to hold them without interfering with the cover. Lock holes should also be made of sturdy materials. Nothing that gets rusted easily when exposed to sun, rain, and snow. As much as possible, try to find a cover with the stitched outlet and not the metal variety which could rust.


Consider getting a bike cover that is convenient to use. Choose those that has got its own drawstrings, middle buckle or eyelets for locking, elasticized hems for strong winds protection, and a thoughtful design that won’t take too much of your time getting access to your bike.

The important thing to consider, while there are a lot of brands that offer bike covers, is that what we are looking for is something to cover our bike during transport. This means dust proof won’t be enough. You should get something that is designed to protect your bike with all four weather conditions. Durable synthetic materials are sure to protect your 2-wheeler from scratches at the same time against outdoor harmful elements.


Bicycle covers are great accessories to extend the life of your bikes. They ensure your 2-wheelers are tucked away from harmful elements. We don’t want color bleaching due to sun exposure, nor our tires becoming brittle and dry. We want them to still be fully functional after being stored may it be indoors or during transport. And, they are not just bike covers, but an extension of your car to make sure your most valuable bike is safe.

Always remember, while it is important for you to protect your bike during transport, your safety is of greater magnitude. Make sure the transport cover you choose is that which can help you drive safe, no obstruction and with visual aids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

✅ Can I use any cover to transport my bike?

There are different types of bike covers serving their own purpose. There are those that you can only use indoors, storing outside for long terms, and storing for transport. Considerations are given to different storage needs. They are designed differently depending on how they are intended to be used. Materials may vary as well. Covers for transits are designed according to traffic safety rules too. They are supposed to have reflectors to increase visibility. They shouldn’t be too large, so they won’t impede the tail lights. And more importantly, they should be secure enough to stop wind bellowing. Heavy wind against any kind of materials may cause breaking down and tearing. We wouldn’t want your well-loved bike left uncovered behind your car, let alone the torn pieces of your bike cover flew straight to the cars behind you.

✅ Can I use it if my bike rack is in front?

You might worry about your bike cover blocking the air flow causing the radiator to overheat. However, if used during the colder season, there sure will be coldness with the constant air movement preventing the radiator to overheat. During summer time, the heat may be too much for the obstructed air flow to control.

✅ Should I get a seat cover even when I have a bike cover?

Seat covers are used to keep your saddle dry and protected from the sun and the rain. It extends the life of the saddle as it keeps it away from aging prematurely. Bike covers, on the other hand, are made of almost the same materials these seat covers have been made with. They are water, dust, and dirt resistant. Most of them have coatings that prevent UV rays from damaging it. Some are even stitched very well to avoid water from coming in. You may opt to do have a seat cover but, it could be redundant as seat covers and bike covers are one and the same. Except that, the bike cover shelters the whole bike, while the seat, well, only the seat.

✅ How do I clean my bike cover?

Most bike covers come with washing instructions which are very specific to the type of fabric it is made with. Generally, you should not machine wash or tumble dry. You may end up damaging either your cover or your machine. If you feel the need to clean your bike cover, it is better to use a sponge and lukewarm water, with light and mild detergent. There is no need to scrub. Just gently wipe it clean. Strong detergents are a big no-no too. These types may have strong chemicals that can potentially damage the UV and water-resistant coating.

✅ Where do you purchase bike rack covers?

Bike covers for storage purposes can be purchased at your local bike stores. Bike covers used for transport is a different story. They aren’t usually displayed on the shelves, as ideally, you should be driving safe without the impediment of your tail lights. But, as manufacturers have come up with a way to put safety features in accordance with traffic rules, these covers are now in the market. Like most things nowadays, you can find them in one click by Googling. Amazon will suggest a lot of brands for you. You may order from them or directly from the manufacturer’s website.

If you enjoyed this buyer’s guide, take a look at our other articles on bike racks for your jeep wrangler or motorcycle hitch carriers.

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