Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Review

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Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DB, Black/ Silver

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Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DB, Black/ Silver
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Bike racks have opened a whole world of possibilities to cycling lovers – however, getting a safe and well-fitting bike rack is very important. 

Sometimes online prices can look too good to be true – is this the case with the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack? 

In this article we’ve put together a thorough review of this bike rack, to help you decide whether you want to purchase or pass.

  • Holds 2 bikes 
  • Great price 
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Doesn’t work over the spare wheel 
  • No security features 
  • Complaints of bikes falling off 
  • Complaints of straps breaking 
  • Clips scratch car’s paint job 

The Measurements

The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack (ASD 2-Bike) is a 23 X 15 X 4-inch bike rack that can hold up to 2 bikes. The rack weighs 8 pounds and is made up of steel.  it comes in spray-painted black or silver options. 

This bike rack comes with a lifetime warranty from Allen Sports. This warranty covers manufacturers’ faults but does not cover general wear and tear, or damage caused by the user. 

The Fit (Car Types and Trunk) 

Two key things you need to know when purchasing a bike rack are whether it is designed to fit on your car model and whether it will fit over your spare tire (if you have one on your trunk). 

What types of cars does the ASD 2-Bike fit onto? 

The manufacturer claims that the ASD 2-Bike fits most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs via a single configuration design. The manufacturer recommends that you check your specific car model against the list on their website. 

Can you fit the ASD 2-Bike onto a trunk with a spare tire? 

Sadly, the ASD 2-Bike does not fit on a truck that has a spare tire fitted. Allen Sports does, however, offer a separate 2-bike rack designed to fit over a spare tire – that you can find here. 

Fitting this bike rack over a spare tire can be dangerous so please avoid doing so. 

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Review

The ASD 2-Bike has mixed reviews in general. Some of the issues can be fixed with a small amount of tweaking and tape. Other issues are a little more complicated.

These more complex issues are not universal, and some have claimed that these issues are not faults with the ASD 2-Bike but are in fact a result of user error.  

We’ve broken down all of these issues and the ASD 2-Bike’s frequently praised features down below. 

The Pros 

So, what are the good points of the ASD 2-Bike? Well, the rack is made by a well-loved company that has been market leaders for many decades.

The rack is really well priced. Users also find the rack really easy set-up and love that it comes with individual bike ties. 

Popular Manufacturer 

Allen Sports is a well-trusted brand that has been producing bike racks since 1971.

Allen Sports was started by a Havard-train physicist and prides itself on building quality bike racks. 

Easy Set-Up 

Allen sports prides itself on creating bike racks that are easy to set up and dismantle when needed. 

One of the major compliments paid to this bike rack from users is how easy it is to install, and how quickly it can be taken apart. Both of these tasks take less than a minute and are hassle-free. 

It is worth noting that if you have a spare tire on the back of your trunk that you will not be able to use this bike rack. 

Individual Bike Ties

Many 2-bike bike racks do not offer the option to fasten the bikes individually to the rack. Fastening the bikes individually is more secure and is less likely to result in bikes getting damaged during transit. 

The ASD 2-Bike comes with individual bike ties for each bike it can hold. Users love this feature, saying it makes them feel more at peace when driving their bikes around.  

The Cons 

Now we get to the issues with the ASD 2-Bike. So, what are these issues? Users have complained that this rack comes with no anti-theft features and that the clips on the rack scratch their paintwork.

The two more contested issues are that the ties on the rack are faulty and that the rack itself is also faulty.  

No Security Features 

One of the major flaws of the ASD 2-Bike is that it comes with no security features, the bikes can be easily untied and removed.

This may not be a downside whilst you’re driving, however, it makes life very difficult if you want to stop at any point and leave your car unattended.   

Solution – You’ll most likely be traveling with bike chains/locks anyway, use these to secure the bikes to the rack so you can leave your car alone without fear.

It has an easy fix, but many users feel that they should not have to fix the issue themselves. 

Clips that scratch 

Due to the design of this bike rack, once it is loaded up with bikes the clips rub against the body of the car. When the car is moving the bikes rub more vigorously against the trunk and can scratch away paintwork.

This does not happen on every model of car but it can cause expensive cosmetic damage if it does happen. 

Solution – an easy solution to this problem is to wrap some electrical tape (or any other type of tape you have handy) around the clips to create a buffer between them and the paintwork.

It has an easy fix, but many users feel that they should not have to fix the issue themselves. 

Faulty Straps 

This rack has two serious faults, the first of which is that multiple users have reported that the bike straps are faulty. These faulty straps have resulted in bikes falling off their cars whilst driving. 

People have reported the straps breaking in multiple places.  

Solution – many users who love this rack say that by correctly following the manufacturer’s instructions this issue can be avoided. 

However, there is no direct proof that this issue is derived from user error. Using bike chains/locks to secure the bikes would solve the security issue as well as this one. 

Faulty Rack 

Another issue some users have had with the ASD 2-Bike is that the frame of the rack itself has broken. A few users have been reporting the steel frame of the rack giving way whilst on the road, causing the bikes to fall off or to smack into the back of the car. 

Solution – in the same way as the straps, many users who love this rack say that by correctly following the manufacturer’s instructions this issue can be avoided. 

However, there is no direct proof that this issue is derived from user error. 

Our Thoughts 

The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack really is a prime example of ‘you get what you pay for’. 

Yes, this bike does come at an amazing price, but it does come with a few flaws. A few of these flaws are really easy to fix.

If you were paying more for the rack then you might be annoyed at these smaller flaws, however, at this price you can perhaps justify a little bit of DIY. 

For us, the issues with the lack of security are easily fixed with items most cyclists will already own.

Using a bike chain to attach the bikes to the rack and prevent thieves from making off with your bikes. Ideally, a bike rack would come with this level of security built-in but we can make allowances for the lost price. 

We feel the same about having to tape up the bike clips to prevent them from scratching the paintwork of the car. It is another thing we wouldn’t have to deal with in an ideal world, however, we’ll do it to save as much money as we do with the ASD 2-Bike. 

The reviews that do make us a little nervous, however, are the ones that mention faults with the straps and frame of the bike rack. 

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame itself, offering to fix or replace faults that haven’t been caused by user error. Many of the issues users have with the frames have been deemed as user errors by Allen Sports. 

Other users have claimed that the frame is incredibly easy to set up and is very robust. With our research, experience, and the overall reputation of the brand we’re inclined to believe that the issues with the frames can be solved by installing the rack correctly. 

The complaints about the straps snapping are something we are more concerned about. This could make us reconsider purchasing this rack – however, this issue could also be solved by using bike chains (if they are the right length). 

Our overall opinion is that if you are looking for a cheap trunk-mounted bike rack, and are prepared to put in a little work to adjust the rack this is a great option.

However, if you don’t want to spend your time fixing problems then you should consider investing in something more expensive.  

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