About Me

Who Are We?

Rack Hungry has been and still is the brainchild of some passionate travelers and hiking experts in the United States. Our founder, David Ayers, has spent more time in the world and moving around across the US, and the automotive storage organization is now his second nature. He built Rack Hungry, along with the help of our lead editor and content writers, to provide beneficial advice for those who are interested in hiking, traveling, camping, and more. Our idea is to help people understand how they can make their road trips and camping adventures better and hassle-free. Over time, however, Rack Hungry has become a central destination for many things you want to know about staying on the road, including not limited to authentic product reviews and tips from veterans. We keep adding talented people into our pool to add innovative content that our readers deserve.

Our Mission

The core mission of Rack Hungry is to educate our readers about carrying their gear most efficiently. You do not have to be a lifestyle lover or camping enthusiast to find the ground from the website. Instead, we explain everything so that even most beginners can understand how to go about automotive storage. As a part of this endeavor, the team at Rack Hungry has come across various excellent and not-so-good products. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to find the popular automotive storage products and review them to see if they are real enough. By publishing these reviews and recommending the best products from each category, we can help people stay away from low-quality products and stay secure. We have also learned that lousy gear can collectively impact your camping or traveling experience. Therefore, at Rack Hungry, we are happy that we can provide you valuable advice that matters.

How Do We Review?

We understand that we can recommend only the best products to our readers at Rack Hungry. We also have to make our statements as unbiased as possible. It is why we have designed an internal process for all our product reviews. To begin with, we review products that we can get our hands on. It means that if you see a review on Rack Hungry, our team has spent weeks or months testing it during their hiking or travel adventures. At the same time, we provide equal value to other customer reviews and expert reviews from the world wide web. As much as we do not want to recommend a wrong product, we do not want to bash a product because we got a bad unit. It is also why our internal background check policy is super-useful. Instead of checking the product reviews, we go deep into the company’s background to see how it has performed in the industry. It allows us to provide a comprehensive understanding of the after-sale services and other benefits from the brand. We believe this review process has oriented Rack Hungry to become one of the most authentic spaces for content.

Our Team

David Ayers

David Ayers is the founder and a frequent contributor of Rack Hungry, which he made out of his passion for all things cars, traveling, hiking, and more. From the very beginning, David has not stayed inside. He always says that he would drive all day instead of spending hours in the house. By the time he was 30, David had made so many trips across the country, often for hiking and camping needs. So, automotive storage is something he had to learn about over time. This experience pushed David to create Rack Hungry, which offers essential tips, tricks, and tutorials on how you can move gear from different places and states in the US. As someone who has made tens of those trips, his ideas are super-practical and add much value, especially for those who have just begun. Even today, David Ayers spends most of his time on the road. When he is at our writing headquarters, though, David helps us with creating some superb guides, including but not limited to tutorials on how to move from one place to another with zero hassle. He is also our go-to guy when we come across super-high-end gear or want the best advice for budding campers.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith shares the same passion for traveling and hiking as our founder, and he is the co-founder and lead editor of Rack Hungry. As someone who has been with David during his camping tricks, Adam is quick to understand the motivation behind the website. He is also a man of words, meaning that he could create unique articles and intuitive guides on automotive storage and camping without the hassle. Thanks to more than a decade of experience in handling these things, Adam Smith is also our go-to guy when it comes to fine-tuning the content we publish on Rack Hungry. His valuable inputs help us ensure that the content we post on Rack Hungry stays authentic and beneficial to the common person. You can count on Adam’s tips if you are looking for the most space-effective and hassle-free way to store things in your car while on the way. Even if you have zero experience with cross-state traveling and storage, he will help you set things right.

Christina Brandon

Christina Brandon works as the lead researcher and content writer at Rack Hungry. We have understood that our team must have an emotional connection with travel and a passion for learning more. Therefore, we were more than happy to have Christina on the team, as she has spent years of her life hiking around the world and camping in different spaces. Thanks to her time during the cross-country travels, she has also learned the importance of proper storage and organization. Combining these skills and her expertise in copywriting, Christina makes some of the best content you can find on Rack Hungry. She also focuses on reviewing all the products we recommend through the website, almost always taking the products with her during one tour. Therefore, she could develop an original hands-on opinion and share how the product helped her during the camping event. In short, you can count on Christina’s words when she recommends something.