About Me

Hello everyone. My name is David Ayers: a father, a cyclist, paddler, golfer, trail runner, and parkour enthusiast (more like a fan).

I made Rack Hungry to teach you all about the different ways you can move your gear from place to place, and state to state, without it being a hassle.

I’ve taken dozens of trips throughout my life to various spots in the United States to go paddling and cycling. There are some truly amazing trails that you’d have to experience to fully understand, and they’re some of my fondest memories.

During those memories, I spent a lot of time with my cousins. We would all go out on mountain bikes for the weekend and rip up the dirt trails.

Have plenty of scars to show for it, too, since we were just a band of kids. We had plenty of first-aid kits back at the campsite with our parents, though.

In fact, those same cousins and I get together and recreate those old family memories all the time. They’re writers and editors on Rack Hungry, as a matter of fact. They help turn this online resource into the powerhouse that it is.

We live for long weekends on the trails, water, and powder in our own backyard. We know the difference between low-tier and high-end gear, and the difference that it makes when touring through the backcountry.

Our family has spent the last three decades in the western United States, and we’re not done yet.

Rack Hungry is the only resource for helping you get from A to B with all your outdoor excursions, from buying guides to helpful how-to’s and more. We understand you, because we’ve been at it for ages.