6 Bike Rack from Monkey Bars Review

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If you’re a frequent cyclist – whether you commute daily or simply cycle for pleasure on the weekends with your family – you’ll know how important it is to have sufficient storage space for your bike(s).

Whether you need to store several of your own bikes, or your entire family’s, a bike rack is the most space-efficient and convenient way to do this.

There are many different styles on the market, each offering different capacities and space-saving solutions, however, one of the most highly rated is the 6 bike rack from Monkey Bars.

We’ve reviewed this rack so that you get an in-depth look at it before committing to your purchase. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about this product, including whether or not it’s the right one for your needs. 

Monkey Bars Bike Storage Racks – Store Up to 6 Bikes – 200lb Weight Capacity (Desert Stone, 6 Bike)

6 Bike Rack from Monkey Bars Review
Monkey Bars Bike Storage Racks - Store Up to 6 Bikes - 200lb Weight Capacity (Desert Stone, 6 Bike)
9.4/10 Our Score

About the product 

  • Item Weight: 220 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches
  • Capacity : Holds 6 bikes 

Product overview

This bike rack from Monkey Bars stores up to 6 bikes and holds up to 300lbs.

It mounts to your wall, so you’ll save floor space and keep your bikes out of the way.

The rack weighs around 220lbs and is made of heavy-duty steel so it won’t crack or strain under the weight, plus components are powder-coated to protect the material from damage and corrosion.


The rack is simple to assemble and should take around 15 minutes to install, and all your hardware is included.

We’d also like to point out that this product has a lifetime warranty, which is a testament to its durability and quality-build and provides you with that extra peace of mind. 


About the Company  

Monkey Bars Storage Systems was founded in 2002, and its innovative concept of storage was conceptualized by its founder, Jared Newman.

Since this time, the company has begun providing a wide range of home and garage-based storage solutions, from hooks, tools, machine accessories, and flooring services too. The company has a strong presence throughout the U.S. and Canada and has around 80 dealers across the continent. 


What you get:

  • Two Shed Brackets
    Monkey Bar
    Six pieces of J- Hooks powder coated with 5/16” of round bar
    Four 2” wooden screws
    Four screw washers
    Instructions manual
    Lifetime warranty card (conditions apply)
  • Highly durable, industrial-quality steel design that can hold up to 300lbs 
  • Powder-coated design to increase durability and resilience 
  • Hooks are rubber-coated for a strong, scratch-free grip 
  • Hooks can slide up and down to accommodate different sized bikes 
  • Rack increases floor space by allowing you to mount bikes to your wall 
  • Easy installation takes under 15 minutes, and all the necessary hardware is included 
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind 
  • 6 rack offers great bang for your buck, compared with the 3 or 4 rack variations 
  • Not the most attractive design, however, it is highly functional and effective, which is the main thing when it comes to quality bike storage. 


  • Some buyers had some slight problems with the length of the screws, though the issue was resolved with the use of longer screws. Some people recommend purchasing screws/bolts of 3”/4” length as a backup to the ones that the rack comes with. 

Key features of the 6 bike rack from Monkey Bars 


Without a doubt, the highlight of this product is its durability. Finding a rack that is sturdy enough to hold 6 bikes, without being unnecessarily bulky and cumbersome can be pretty difficult, but the Monkey Bars 6 bike rack manages to do this.

The rack is made out of industrial-grade, heavy-duty steel and holds up to 200lbs worth of bikes, so you can rest assured that it won’t crack or strain under the weight.

It also comes with a 3rd bracket, which allows you to store up to 300lbs on this rack. The steel is also powder-coated to protect against damage and corrosion, which is particularly useful if you’ll be installing the rack in a space where it’s exposed to harsher temperatures.

The hooks are completely rubber-coated to allow them to provide better grip and scratch-free hold, while the updated design of the hooks reduces torque on the spokes and tires. 

Space-saving design 

The design of this bar storage system is perfect for professional or personal use. For example, it works well installed in your garage, office, or business, and allows up to 6 bikes to be safely and easily stored.

Whether you’re storing several of your bikes or your family’s bikes, this design offers spacious relief for large families or keen cyclists who would otherwise have half a dozen bikes cluttering up their home or garage.

We also really liked the fact that this bike rack is fixed to the wall, so not only can you effectively store your bikes close together without them damaging or scratching each other, but you can also hang them from the wall so you save floor space.

The hooks can also be easily moved on the bar to accommodate different sized bikes, which is a thoughtful design feature. Overall, with the help of this bike rack, you can effectively systematize and maximize your home or business’s storage capacity. 

Easy installation 

Don’t be put off by the fact that this rack fixes to the wall, it’s actually very simple to install and should take under 15 minutes according to Monkey Bars. The rack only requires 4 screws to fix the bar to the wall.

After the bar is installed, you simply place the Monkey Bar hooks through the bar brackets and hang your bicycles securely on these. All the hardware you need is included, as well as an instruction manual.

Some things to bear in mind are to ensure you leave sufficient space when hanging your rack, and allow for extra space around it so that it’s easy to take the bikes on and off. The instructions manual also recommends that you take great care to make sure you install the brackets into studs.

This is because the bar is going to hold a significant amount of weight on just two brackets, so you need to ensure they’re fully secure. The instruction manual recommends that you tap a test nail into the spot where you think you’ve found a stud.

Cost and warranty 

The Monkey Bars bike rack comes in a 3, 4, and 6 bike capacity, with the latter being the largest capacity offered. This is great value for money as the cost only increases by around ten dollars for each capacity, so the 6 bike rack provides you with the most bang for your buck.

Compared with 6 bike racks from other manufacturers, the price is also pretty standard, but the design quality and durability of the Monkey Bars rack sets it apart from its competitors.

The company also offers a lifetime warranty with this product, which not only increases your overall confidence but also provides you with peace of mind when investing in a rack like this. 

Things to bear in mind 

  • Be careful not to raise the bar too high up on the wall as otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to install and remove your bikes. 
  • Zip ties can be used to keep the hooks stable and in place for extra safety if you are worried about the fact that they’re not fixed in place. 

Final say 

Overall, this is a quality product: the 6 bike rack from Monkey Bars is sturdy, robust, and durable and can hold up to six bikes or 200 lbs in weight. It can also be modified to hold up to 300lbs if required.

This makes it especially suited to families or bike enthusiasts with several bikes, and the design ensures that you save floor space while ensuring your bikes are securely and safely hung on the wall, meaning you can more effectively organize your storage space in your home, garage or office. 

Installation is quick and easy, and the instruction manual comes with helpful tips to ensure you effectively install your bike rack.

We liked the fact that the highly-durable bar is powder-coated to reduce wear and tear, and that the hooks are rubber coated and updated to minimize scratches and reduce torque on the spokes and tires of your bikes. 

Overall, the price of this rack isn’t too different to other 6 bike racks on the market, however, we do think this rack stands out in terms of durability and the quality of the design, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty which is a great bonus, and gives you that extra peace of mind.

Overall, this 6-bike rack from Monkey Bars is of great quality, highly functional, and space-saving, and provides a good bang for your buck. 

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