🥇Top 5 Best Bike Racks for Carbon Frames

Best Bike Racks for Carbon Frame

Carbon fiber has revolutionized bike frame designs by enabling engineers to build bicycle frames that are 3 times stronger and 4 times lighter than steel. Carbon fiber also allows bikes to be designed in complex shapes that weren’t as easy when fabricated with materials like aluminum and steel. That said, the cost to manufacture the … Read more

Top 6 Best Sun Visor Extenders | 2020 Reviews

best sun visor extender

Driving as the day breaks or when afternoon settles into dusk with the sun angling directly to your face can be problematic for drivers. The glare isn’t just irritating, it is potentially dangerous, too. The sun’s rays distract your driving and affect your view of the road. During such times, the best car sun visor … Read more

Thule AeroBlade vs. Yakima JetStream

thule aeroblade vs yakima jetstream

When you need to transport anything from point A to point B but don’t want to clutter up that extra space inside your car, a good roof rack system is what you need. It doesn’t just give you additional space, it allows you to carry larger items as well. But, what does a good roof … Read more

Best Ceiling Bike Racks for Any Bike

Best Ceiling Bike Racks

Bikes are the most efficient and healthy way to get from one place to another. But, they are the most awkward thing to store. You can let them stand inside the garage, but with its handlebars and pedals sticking out, there’s a huge possibility they’d get knocked over. That’s when ceiling bike racks come in … Read more

A Guide to Base Rack Systems (2020)

The popularity of outdoor activities has got everyone, young and old engaged. Whether it is kayaking, skiing, or biking up that trail, this interest brings excitement to folks who love the outdoors. Along came SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) that promised to provide your sport transporting needs. While SUVs (or other vehicles) can aid in hauling … Read more

Thule Force vs Yakima Skybox Comparison

thule force vs yakima skybox

Planning an outdoor trip can be fun. Especially if your vehicle allows you to bring everything you need to be outside for a day or two. Sure, your vehicle will have enough room to carry your stuff. You can have the backseat taken up, you can have non-fragile things on your feet, or you can … Read more

Thule vs Yakima Kayak Racks Review

thule vs yakima kayak rack

If you are a paddler, you will know how important it is to have a kayak roof rack. Kayaks are 10-ft long and even your pickup truck has no room enough to house during transport. Having the right kayak rack for your vehicle can make your kayaking trip easier and safer. No need to think … Read more

Thule vs Yakima Ski Racks Review

thule vs yakima ski rack

Ski Rack Comparison: Thule vs. Yakima Skis are hard to pack up. They are bulky, long and just simply can’t be made to fit into small spaces. Even harder for cars that are not big enough to carry skis. As much as we all love to hop in on a winter road trip with your … Read more